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(MSNBC)   NASA releasing information about 10th planet   ( divider line
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26935 clicks; posted to Main » on 15 Mar 2004 at 2:05 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-03-15 10:18:52 AM  
Scientologists are probably all over this. it could be the planet Xenu is trapped in..
2004-03-15 10:29:23 AM  
Great, now space conspiracy freaks over at ZetaTalk will have one more thing to hang their hat on.
2004-03-15 10:36:09 AM  
isn't Xenu still trapped here on Teegeeack, asp0?.

maybe this is Kolob, the Mormon god's planet.
2004-03-15 10:43:21 AM  
What's next? The Earth is round or something?
2004-03-15 10:44:59 AM  
The Earth's round!? I guess I can finally take that cruise now.
2004-03-15 10:50:59 AM  
Why name it Sedna when everybody already calls it Marduk?
2004-03-15 10:55:32 AM  
Because most of the names are feminine, he joked that there might even be amorous reasons behind those blank spots: You can see why some of the male discoverers might not want it to be known why they chose a particular name.

Uh huh. And you will never know why I named my planet Nancy.
2004-03-15 11:03:27 AM  
At last, I can update my mneumonic device...

My - mercury
very - venus
energetic - earth
mother - mars
just - jupiter
served - saturn
us - uranus
nine - neptune
pickles - pluto
SUCKA!! - sedna
2004-03-15 11:15:15 AM  
heeey yeah.
2004-03-15 11:33:27 AM  
Is it just me or is there a "10th planet" discovered every few years. Yet every time I check, there's still nine.

By now, there's gotta be 200 friggin "planets".
2004-03-15 01:06:52 PM  
Planet schmannet, Janet.
2004-03-15 01:10:45 PM  
Here's an image:
[image from too old to be available]
2004-03-15 01:44:47 PM  
It's a Euro plot to make the Solar System metric.
2004-03-15 02:07:51 PM  
These people are clearly nerds.
2004-03-15 02:08:39 PM  
2004-03-15 02:11:53 PM  
We've found Kolob - LDS door-bangers rejoice!
2004-03-15 02:13:04 PM  
this shiat's cool, they were talking about it on the radio last night, it's bigger than pluto.

i guess this poses a bit of a problem for all those new-age astrology nuts.

wish i had enough money to make a crappy sci-fi movie about conquering it
2004-03-15 02:14:38 PM  
My god, think of the scrotal shrinkage factor out there!
2004-03-15 02:14:40 PM registered by a prospector in 3...2...1...
2004-03-15 02:14:45 PM  
shiat, Pluto isn't even a planet - everything after Uranus is frozen balls. Yeah.
2004-03-15 02:15:10 PM  
Hey, mildlydisturbed, way to steal Albatross's line.

2004-03-15 02:15:35 PM  
Are you sure that these are NASA scientists and not NASA scientologists?
2004-03-15 02:16:32 PM  
To rephrase, using the correct name: to be registered by a prospector in 3....2...1... That, or some illiterate prospector will register Selda.
2004-03-15 02:17:23 PM  
this is utter crap... every other year there's a big bruhaha about the "newly discovered 10th planet!" and then we forget about it and move on. When the aliens from planet X finally arrive, let me know.

note to fark admins: we don't care about Sedna, Quaoar, or any other fake tenth planet. next time you consider green-lighting one of these stories, just grab a boobies link and send that our way.
jbc [TotalFark]
2004-03-15 02:17:26 PM  
I still say it needs to be called Quaoar 2: Electric Boogaloo.
2004-03-15 02:17:55 PM  
My - mercury
very - venus
erotic- earth
mother - mars
just - jupiter
sucked- saturn
uncle- uranus
ned's- neptune
penis- pluto
(and) scrotum - sedna
2004-03-15 02:18:28 PM  

It's a Euro plot to make the Solar System metric.

Too funny!
2004-03-15 02:18:48 PM  
2004-03-15 02:19:51 PM already taken, but it is for sale.
2004-03-15 02:20:00 PM  
I, for one, welcome our new Sednarian overlords.
2004-03-15 02:20:20 PM  
You know what would be cool? If there was a tenth planet, but not one of these little rocks that they debate about whether it should be a planet or not. No, I mean a HUGE planet, twice the size of Jupiter. Not twice the mass, either, twice the diameter. It would be enormous. And it wouldn't be gaseous either, but solid. Now, you say, we would've seen this before if it was there. Well, not if it's made entirely of coal. That's right, it's as black as the farking night. Really hard to see. But, you may argue, we could tell it was there 'cause it would block out the light from some stars or something like that. Well, that's where you're wrong, Astronomy Boy. You see, this planet moves really fast. In fact, it orbits the sun once every Earth year. And it's on the opposite side of the sun, which is why we can never see it. It does explain why Pluto gets thrown out of its orbit every six months, though. It explains comets, too. Why do you think Earth keeps getting hit by comets? It's because Kupier object keep getting hurled towards us by the tenth planet's massive gravity well.

2004-03-15 02:20:42 PM  
I wonder if there's still talk about downgrading Pluto, due to its lack of mass to qualify for a planet.
2004-03-15 02:21:04 PM  
Best Comment Award goes to... TheOther
2004-03-15 02:21:27 PM  
Alexis I welcome our new Gorean overlords. Ouch! Quit with the whips :)
2004-03-15 02:22:26 PM  
Bagu If we can do that, can we please downgrade Kate Moss from being a suopermodel for the same reason?
2004-03-15 02:23:50 PM  
I've been an astronomy buff since I was about 7 years old, and even I think this is a non-event.

Call me when they get a photo of the creatures on Sedna flipping off the Hubble or something.
2004-03-15 02:24:39 PM  
Selda is past Pluto, eh? Man, Link's really gotta travel far to save her this time.
2004-03-15 02:26:46 PM  
note to self: base cult around newly discovered 10th planet
2004-03-15 02:26:59 PM  
If the object you hypothesize were in the Kuiper belt, it would have to orbit such that the cube of its mean distance from the sun equals the square of its period, or the other way around. in other words, it would have to orbit every 250 or so Earth years.
2004-03-15 02:27:09 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

I'll bet they're not telling everything about Selda...
2004-03-15 02:28:11 PM  
Isn't there argument over whether or not Pluto should be considered a planet?
2004-03-15 02:29:08 PM  
Can we send all the liberals there, so they'll be as far away as possible?
2004-03-15 02:29:37 PM  
SuburbanCowboy: Yep. Also whether or not Goofy should be considered a dog.
2004-03-15 02:30:06 PM  
We like the Sedna...'cos it is goooood toooo us...
2004-03-15 02:32:05 PM  
Did anyone actually read the article? It's talking about Huya, not Sedna. And the article is dated 8/22/2003...
2004-03-15 02:32:36 PM  
Can we send all the conservatives there so they can fight wars, shoot guns and quote the bible away from the rest of us?
2004-03-15 02:32:43 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

I win! I get to name it!
2004-03-15 02:33:37 PM  

Can we send all the liberals there, so they'll be as far away as possible?

I can't say I favour this proposal. The conservatives would still find a way to stick their noses into our personal business, even from seventeen billion miles away.
2004-03-15 02:34:26 PM  
I wonder if there's still talk about downgrading Pluto, due to its lack of mass to qualify for a planet.

I've taken a few astronomy classes and none of my teachers consider Pluto a planet. They say its part of the Kuiper Belt. I believe most astronomers believe this now.

This is what nasa says:
Long considered to be the smallest, coldest, and most distant planet from the Sun, Pluto may also be the largest of a group of objects that orbit in a disk-like zone of beyond the orbit of Neptune called the Kuiper Belt.
2004-03-15 02:34:27 PM  

note to fark admins: we don't care about Sedna, Quaoar, or any other fake tenth planet. next time you consider green-lighting one of these stories, just grab a boobies link and send that our way.

note to digitalposer: I'm not an admin, but I don't care about your opinion on what makes an article worthy of the Fark main page. Next time you insist on coming into a thread to biatch about it, just move along instead. Wake me up when you have an approved link, by the way.
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