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(Some Guy)   The Taliban and Al-Queda's Top 10 excuses for being defeated in Afghanistan   ( divider line
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10007 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Dec 2001 at 1:34 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-12-20 01:41:44 AM  
not even remotely amusing
2001-12-20 01:46:12 AM  
! OT !
i just spent 2 hours re-vamping the flash intro to my site, and i was sooo drunk and excited about what i was coming up with, that i never saved, hit maximize window, program crashed,.. 2hours work gone. its gone. its all gone.

sorry for the OT, just had to let someone share my pain before i rip my h.d. out of the case and unleash hell with the hammer downstairs.
2001-12-20 01:47:47 AM  
Remarkably unfunny.
2001-12-20 01:49:10 AM  
and now that ive calmed down and read the article...i agree with Panzerschelp... not entertaining.. except for:

8) We did win. You only think we didn't because of American pig-dog propaganda.
oh, guess thats it... so much promise with so little delivery.
2001-12-20 01:50:12 AM  
Not funny.

2001-12-20 01:51:25 AM  
Bodegas: Send pictures when you're done ;)
2001-12-20 01:51:58 AM  
The 'chat w/ a submissive' on the sidebar was interesting...
2001-12-20 02:01:58 AM  
Slightly amusing.

Smithers, release the hounds.
2001-12-20 02:17:04 AM  
I think #8 was slightly amusing......

off to check the submissive in the sidebar....weeeeeeeee

that is all.
2001-12-20 02:17:19 AM  
that wasn't funny at all
2001-12-20 02:35:12 AM  
I will never get back the 1 and a half minutes it took me to read that farking crap. I can't believe this shiat gets posted but my "George Bush Center for Intelligence" link or my "Bin Laden and Dan Issel tapes fake" link didn't. Life is so unfair. I think I'll go have some more nog.
2001-12-20 03:01:13 AM  
To the MODS that deleted my posts to that snood guy. Thank You my posts were in bad drunken taste, and its good to know that your there cleaning up my drunken misjudgments.... now if only you could clean up my spelling :)
2001-12-20 03:04:47 AM  
What a waste of time...totally NOT funny.
2001-12-20 04:08:03 AM  

My cat is funnier than that, and my cat is dead.
2001-12-20 04:25:20 AM  
WOW!!!! that was so great!!! I wish it would ave been a top 20 list, 10 just wasnt enough!!! being sarcastic is fun
2001-12-20 05:15:57 AM  
That was A/annoying to read.
2001-12-20 05:30:45 AM  
My condolances, Harmonia
2001-12-20 06:45:18 AM  
why only the top 10 and not 20???

Because the man has his foot on my neck...

those were a waste to start the morning off with
2001-12-20 07:20:34 AM  
I actually found it amusing, the everquest one, made me chuckle.
2001-12-20 07:40:32 AM  
This world needs more people who proclaim things as unfunny. No really, thanks for the contribution.
2001-12-20 07:59:01 AM  
that was just stupid
2001-12-20 09:03:15 AM  
Worst. Link. Ever.
2001-12-20 10:00:08 AM  
That sucked like a super-powered sucking machine set to suck
2001-12-20 10:27:25 AM  
It is all in the delivery,
Letterman would have had them rolling inthe aisles.
2001-12-20 11:47:32 AM  
not funny, how did this get posted!?
2001-12-20 12:02:10 PM  
Ha, ha, ha! No wait...I mean zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
2001-12-20 03:57:03 PM  
#1: This Album!!!

[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-20 07:27:34 PM  
{Rorschach}Murm. BrassKnuckles not so much about "ha-ha" funny as about brutalizing those so deserving. Havn't been there in a while. Was a frequenter of site. Hope it's still good.{/Rorschach}
2001-12-20 07:34:06 PM  
I would like to read the article about the George Bush Center for Intelligence. It must be hilarious... oh my god FARK please post it!

George W., intelligence, ... can't stop laughing!
2001-12-20 10:18:13 PM  
The only good this about this link was the use of the word pig-dog. Almost as good as bacconated.
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