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(Some Q)   Chicago, IL Fark Party Sunday @ South Side Irish Parade (see comments for details) (where u gonna be?)   ( divider line
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1030 clicks; posted to Main » on 13 Mar 2004 at 3:53 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-03-13 03:59:23 AM  
lookin in the comments, dont see any details
2004-03-13 04:10:12 AM  
So the party is the parade, huh?

Maybe I shouldn't complain about the day, not being a planner and therefore not knowing the complications that went with the planning, but Sunday?

I'll see if I can make it. Are the details under "Party and Raffle" then?
2004-03-13 04:17:24 AM  
Unfortunately I can't make Sunday with such short notice. But on a happier note, I've exchanged a couple of emails with Drew and he gets to the Chicago area several times a year. When it gets a little warmer I'll try to schedule a Fark Party that'll fit in Drew's travel schedule!
2004-03-13 04:21:15 AM  

Hey, maybe the Hopleaf bar would be a good idea? It's way up north, around 5000+ Clark, but it has a huuuge selection of Belgian ales.

But hey, if you organize it, do what your heart tells ya.
2004-03-13 04:30:18 AM  
My gf and I love Hopleaf! She lived in Belgium for 2 years so she loves the selection... I wont be able to make it to the parade, but I love forward to a summer party!
2004-03-13 04:42:23 AM  
Sweet! Let's plan one on a Saturday sometime in June.
2004-03-13 05:13:01 AM  
We could have a Chicago party anytime during the summer but it would be extra cool to have one when Drew is in town.
2004-03-13 05:19:12 AM  
is there an L stop anywhere nearby?
2004-03-13 05:22:04 AM  
Bummer, I'll still be stuck in f__king Iraq.
2004-03-13 06:42:43 AM  
Somewhere Slayerswine is plotting his grand entrance.
2004-03-13 07:35:58 AM  
(where u gonna be?)

Not on the southside. That place is a $#!+hole. And the St. Patty's Parade is generally a cesspool of white trash. Call me elitist, but I'd much prefer the Hopleaf.

We had a Chicago Fark Party 2 years ago, good time. I hosted a house party one night. The next night, we went to the Abbey Pub and saw a bunch of great swing bands. Practically had the place to ourselves. Drew came out for the parties, and let me tell you, he's a great guy. A hearty drinker and a good conversationalist.

Last year (or maybe the year prior), a bunch of us went to Kentucky for Drew's b-day. We went to his "favorite bar" - a huge club that hosted a weekly (me'thinks) drag show. Let me tell you, I had such a great time. By the end of the show I couldn't even smile, it hurt so much. I always seem to have a great time whenever I'm around the guy.

See ya in hell, Drew!
2004-03-13 08:24:02 AM  
hopleaf sounds much better than the southside .
my bulletproof vest is at the cleaners.
saturday is a much better day
a one day hangover buffer before monday
2004-03-13 08:31:16 AM  
I'd have to agree on the hopleaf thing. I've never been there but I'd still rather go there than the parade on the south side....
2004-03-13 10:25:51 AM  
Here's another vote or two for hopleaf.
2004-03-13 10:50:26 AM  
2004-03-13 10:56:15 AM  
so are we in agreement that there is no fark party at the parade, but later there will be one at hopleaf?

/just clearing things up...
2004-03-13 11:07:30 AM  
Would go with more notice. Being an employee of Hoodlum Furniture, I'm having all kinds of extra work days sprung on me lately with little or no notice at all.

I know, I know, I should be grateful to be working anywhere these days ...
2004-03-13 11:10:47 AM  
Sorry, Trucker. Stay safe and make the next one.
2004-03-13 11:41:11 AM  
Whoa, I feel like I opened up a whole can o' worms!

Let's humor the parade thing a little bit--there was that link on the side for "Party and Raffle." Maybe that's worth a look-see.

I live on the south side, about a mile NW of Comiskey Park. I also prefer the north side, but I'm willing to see what the south side has to offer. There was that one other farker (his name escapes me) who wanted to host one at some bar which seemed promising. I dunno, though.

I'd also consider one of the Goose Island breweries, but the only problem is they only serve G.I. beer, so no Guinness or anything.

MisterSym--would you be willing to do that house party/Abbey pub thing again? Sounds like a lot of fun!

Irrelevant comment I want to make: is it just me, or does the CTA seem designed to keep people *of* the south side *in* the south side? Both the #8 bus and the orange line stop kinda early for late night drinking up north.
2004-03-13 12:02:21 PM  
Cool, I'm in. Never been to the Hopleaf before, but it sounds like my kind of place. Course, there's lots of cool bars in the city, so wherever it ends up is good with me!
2004-03-13 12:03:30 PM  
Actually I would be in if we meet up at the hopleaf. Just take the clark 22 bus to Foster...
2004-03-13 12:04:17 PM  
/loves the hopleaf
2004-03-13 12:09:06 PM  
I live within walking distance of the starting point of the SS Irish parade (103rd and Western), and I HATE it. Nothing but drunks staggering around, and you can't leave your parking space for more than three minutes without some shiathead (who doesn't live anywhere near there) taking it from you. It gets a little scary after the parade ends, because most everyone is at least moderately drunk and trying to drive at the same time. The whole parade makes the south side Irish look really trashy, but it's mainly people from other areas who cause all the trouble. I know a lot of the locals here avoid the parade entirely so they don't have to deal with all the crap that comes with it.

Organs - Yes, you are right about the CTA. There are supposedly plans to extend the Orange line to Ford City mall, and other plans to extend the Red line to Blue Island, but the north side politicians seem to be better at getting things done, and it looks like a Yellow line extension to Old Orchard mall is more likely to happen within the next five years, whereas the two south side extensions have no organized political backing.
2004-03-13 12:31:22 PM  
ByteBark--crap. Though, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised.

And to anyone who's confused, the party itself isn't the Hopleaf; I mentioned that as a possible location for a future party.

I think I have one problem with that: from what I've read, the place gets really busy. Is it possible to rent out the place or something, or can we manage?
2004-03-13 12:58:23 PM  
Nothing like waiting til the last minute to announce this one...
2004-03-13 01:07:46 PM  
Damage_Addict Hey, long time no speak! How have you been?
2004-03-13 01:28:17 PM  
Thanks Mutilato, I'll do my best. Do me a favor, have a cold one for me.

Remember O.I.F. stands for either:

1) Operation Iraqui Freedom
2) Oh, I'm F__ked
2004-03-13 01:50:01 PM  
I live a two blocks from the parade, behind where Joe Bailey's used to be, Cork and Kerry, the Dubliner, Stadium Club, Mrs. O'leary's are all bars right on the parade route, but those will be packed the minute they open, Bourbon Street would be a good place to go, it's freakin huge and has just about everything you could want.

Just, helpin out, I'm in Iowa for the duration.

2004-03-13 01:51:21 PM  
Heh, just looked at the details, and St. Rita is where I went to school.
2004-03-13 01:58:30 PM  
Damn, what's with the posts from Northside sissies that are afraid to come to the south side? I've lived here my whole life and I haven't been shot yet. No yuppies here either.

Hey Su!
2004-03-13 02:16:45 PM  
south side representa

8700 south cicero
2004-03-13 02:18:59 PM  
I'll be there, If any of you see me i'll be the drunk one.
2004-03-13 03:21:00 PM  
no show here, it's moms birthday. But maybe i'll see some of you freaks at the plane-arium any weekend in april. Smeltfishing rules! P.S. bring beer.
2004-03-13 03:24:45 PM  
This has got be a joke... You're just trying to lure the young Fark Republicans to the south side, right?
2004-03-13 04:13:32 PM  
so where and when ?
abby has been mentoned once
hopleaf like 8 or so times
and when sunday ?
i live opn the notrthside , very close to the abby but my wife says hopleaf is better
2004-03-13 05:17:05 PM  
Sorry folks my PC went crash and I had to get up to the Chi from Peoria.

Feel like whining about the South Side? Keep your Dashboard Confessional and tear-catchers on the North Side then!

For those REAL Chicagoans out there who know how to party. We'll be near 111th during the parade (don't bother trying to find each other, but maybe we'll bump into each other accidentally). Enjoy the parade and meet afterward:

Mitch's Pub
13815 Cicero Ave
Crestwood, IL 60445
Main Phone: 708-597-2415

Location is away from the parade route due to the aforementioned overcrowding of the bars on Western Ave. Miller Beer farkers are running a promo there so come out and drink up.

Drew: if you read this, let me know when you'll be in the Chi (or Peoria, heh) and we'll put something together downtown where Cubs and Sox fans can drink together.

Northside Farkers, if you get together, take pictures. I'll be posting once back to Peoria on Tuesday.
2004-03-13 05:26:49 PM  
OK North-Siders and South-Siders alike, there is a benefit for my friends that were killed by a drunk driver (
at Barleycorn on March 28th. I'll send up a fresh post soon with final information.
I know this isn't really a Fark party, just spreading the word.
2004-03-13 05:44:21 PM  
I am shooting beams of jealousy at all of you.
2004-03-13 07:30:32 PM  
I would be there, but I have a hockey game. Have fun!
2004-03-13 08:03:02 PM  
Hopleaf is REALLY expensive.

/organized recent office party there, still smarting from the bill
2004-03-13 08:06:18 PM  
Where When How?
2004-03-13 08:58:39 PM  
questforbelugameat whoa, duly noted.

Well, I'd like to check out the "Finley Tavern Dunnes." Supposedly, they have Tetley's on tap. North Park tap seems to have some charm, too.
2004-03-13 09:05:15 PM  
whoops, the Finley place does *not* have Tetley's. My mistake. They do have Boddington's, though.

I'll keep looking...
2004-03-13 09:18:03 PM  
How about this place?
2004-03-13 11:42:58 PM  
Hey, whenever you guys decide on a place, please post it. Spending the past few months in Iowa City (fun Fark party there back around the end of January) I've grown accustomed to hate driving long distances. Let me know, I'll be there, but only if you farkers finally decide on a location. P.S. What's six miles long and has an IQ of 40? The Chicago South Side Irish Parade. :-P
2004-03-14 02:09:12 AM  
Why is everyone so down on the South Side? There's some really great (and perfectly safe) neighborhoods down there - with Beverly being one of them. I, for one, am looking forward to the parade tomorrow. Tons better than the downtown parade. If y'all want to meet down there, set a place and time in the comments here.
2004-03-14 02:22:03 AM  
don't know how many people usually show up at these kinds of things, but you should keep in mind that the "bar" part of hopleaf is pretty small. the restaurant / patio part is bigger, but defintely seems like some kind of prior arrangements would be necessary. plus, yeah... it is pretty far north, even for some northsiders! that being said, the beer and food are incredible. At this point in my post, i'd just like to say "Danny's"
2004-03-14 02:25:01 AM  
although... maybe danny's is a bit too "northside-ish" for some people's tastes... Hey! how about everyone grabs clip on ties and sportcoats and we crash the signature lounge at the hancock =P
2004-03-14 05:01:30 AM  
Hey fellow Chi-towners,

Been waiting for a good Fark party for a while... Don't think I can make it tommorow (my friend's bachelor party tonite was more important than saving it up for St. Patty's). It's almost 4 and I'm drunk as hell right now, so I'll prolly miss most of the parties... Though I'll prolly have corned beef and a Guiness sometime tomorrow night.

Old Chicago Joke: If they can dye the river green one day, why can't they dye it blue the other 364? (btw, did you know that powder is orange before they dump it in? turns green when it hits the water)

South side vs. North side? They're both cool.. pros and cons for each. I'm a Northsider myself, and always will be. But I have a lot of Southside friends and lived down there a couple of times. Here's the real question: Who would win in a war? South-side, definitely.

I'm all for a good Chi-town Fark party, with some advanced notice :) I know a bunch of possible bars we could hit if we need recommendations.

Happy St. Patty's everyone
2004-03-14 05:13:02 AM  
Hopleaf looks cool, btw, and I think I know one of the guys in the photo.

Plus, it's close to Reza's (awesome food, but I actually liked the Greek place next to it more [I think it was called Andy's - they delivered all the way to Rogers Park])
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