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6966 clicks; posted to Main » on 18 Dec 2001 at 10:55 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-12-18 10:56:57 PM  
Wow... that IS annoying
2001-12-18 10:57:03 PM  
*inserts banjo music*
2001-12-18 11:00:16 PM  
Similar to fudnodmatico.
2001-12-18 11:00:47 PM  
wow this should go under the category of "SCARY"
2001-12-18 11:01:13 PM  
Wow, it's amazing how much less annoying the internet is when you don't install Flash. Not having a sound card probably helps too.
2001-12-18 11:01:32 PM  
Sorry, but without the X10 ads, it's just not annoying enough.
2001-12-18 11:05:54 PM  
Daddy, are those two men having sex?
2001-12-18 11:07:52 PM  
X136, not having a sound card definitely helps...

How the hell did these guys trade in their Confederate money?
2001-12-18 11:07:53 PM  
and of course... where does it come from???
FLORIDA i tell you, firsthand from someone who lives here... THIS PLACE IS FARKED UP
Guess what.. the 67 dead cats, where were they from?? Florida.
Damn i hate this place
2001-12-18 11:09:57 PM  
ZERO DOWN, ZERO INTREST,......ZERO!!!!!!! A bunch of LOSERS!
2001-12-18 11:11:27 PM  
Ugly? What ? all web sites should look like this. it rules.
2001-12-18 11:13:13 PM  
Jebus. That was agonizing. Why did go there? I would almost rather have a hot poker shoved up my ass, than go to that site again. Almost.
2001-12-18 11:17:04 PM  
I've been to that dealership. Believe me, in this area (central florida), it gets a LOT worse. Turn on channel 4 at 10:00 on Saturdays, you get the Family Auto Mart TV Show!
I hate that man and want him to die, but at the same time I wouldn't be the same without him.
2001-12-18 11:18:25 PM  

[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-18 11:21:19 PM  
Either they're hosted on a 28.8 dialup, or we're farkin 'em pretty good
2001-12-18 11:22:25 PM  
I'm on a dial up and it was so annoying I couldn't even let the page load up completely without trashing it. How the hell do these guys expect to sell cars...uh, never mind.
2001-12-18 11:24:00 PM  

I sent this page into somethingawful awful page of the day.. nothing.. I've actually seen these guys infomercial.. believe me its the worst thing on television
2001-12-18 11:24:38 PM  
Knux82: And don't forget the wack Fark review, also from Fla.
2001-12-18 11:28:06 PM  
I say we Photoshop 'em. Sounds like jolly good fun.
2001-12-18 11:29:23 PM  
Yeah right, I'm gonna click on that.....

(The ad I mean, not the wack Fark review)

2001-12-18 11:29:44 PM  
They have a fan club too. free to join. here
2001-12-18 11:32:32 PM  
Sad thing is i'm already a member of their fan club.. anyone that watches late night Orlando tv will know these guys.. heheh.. they're legends down there.
2001-12-18 11:41:54 PM  
That site reduced me to a puddle of slobbering goo. Gladiatorlatino was right, this does need "Scary".
2001-12-18 11:43:27 PM  
Some old guy in Italy got his cock chopped off whilst facking his vaccum cleaner and shiat like this gets posted?!?!?

Fark is dead to me man, dead.
2001-12-19 12:15:26 AM  
I kept waiting for the guy from 'Redneck Rampage' to yell "Holy Shee-it!!"
2001-12-19 12:17:26 AM  
Archibald: and you are dead to us. So leave already.
2001-12-19 01:16:06 AM  
2001-12-19 01:30:24 AM  
It is so scary to think that someone spent a fair amount of time getting that GOD-AWFUL fat face to follow your cursor. Someone put a lot of html (etc.) savvy into this insulting page. I pray for our children....
2001-12-19 05:18:42 AM  
there is a hell. I've seen it.
2001-12-19 07:14:08 AM  
It looks like that face on the side is saying "Muwahahahaha!"
2001-12-19 09:02:20 AM  
2001-12-19 09:40:33 AM  
I live in Orlando, and these guys are on TV more than George Bush & Geraldo combined. It's sad. But DAMN FUNNY
2001-12-19 10:10:19 AM  
Shaftman3 is right, these guys have their own infomercials that run 24-7. They started out in Melbourne, FL which I unfortunately call home, but they recently expanded to Orlando (enjoy!). I'd bet money you could walk up to anyone on the street and they'd know who they were. Maybe I'll get a video capture card for Xmas and I can post some of their commercials. They are the most low brow form of advertising in history, but I have heard of some twisted individuals who watch them like the rest of us watch Survivor.
2001-12-19 10:22:15 AM  
The head it moves....very disturbing, yet fun to play with.
2001-12-19 10:38:05 AM  
click... click... click the head...
2001-12-19 12:20:29 PM got farked before I could see it...
2001-12-19 12:49:45 PM  
I remeber their commercials from a couple of years ago. They were insane. Tons of bluescreen. Very entertaining viewing after a night t out drinking,
2001-12-19 01:02:52 PM  
oh what a surprise... they're from Melbourne
2001-12-19 03:32:42 PM  
Lanshrk: with a location in Florida.
2001-12-19 03:33:48 PM  
I amend that. Both locations in Florida.
(double checked that after thinking: Melbourne .oz doesn't make whackos like this...)
2001-12-19 04:18:32 PM  
I love Florida and wouldn't want to live anywhere else....
I am now going to get my blood alchohol level to .532,and fast!!!Wheee!
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