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(DDN)   Drunk rapist sleeps through attack while husband robo-maxes   ( divider line
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8435 clicks; posted to Main » on 18 Dec 2001 at 5:49 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-12-18 05:44:22 PM  
2001-12-18 05:44:30 PM  
2001-12-18 05:46:48 PM  
hey maxfunds ass-monkey, the links need to come much *faster* than this.... so that no one has time to post comments. nice going.
2001-12-18 05:46:55 PM  
in the basement of a woman
that could have been written better....
2001-12-18 05:47:54 PM  
She ran upstairs and her husband called 911.

I don't think that's what I would have done. If it had been me, that rapist would be currently listed as a missing person.
2001-12-18 05:48:08 PM  
Sounds like she followed him with no big struggle. She must have wanted some nookie that night since her husband was too tired...
2001-12-18 05:49:46 PM  
What the hell is wrong with her husband? I would have killed him. Screw calling the farking cops.
2001-12-18 05:50:04 PM  
Out for 30 hours?

What kind of cold medecine was that?
2001-12-18 05:50:17 PM  
"No DNA evidence"?
He must have been too drunk to finish.
2001-12-18 05:55:46 PM  
Was the rapist on the same medication as the husband??? I mean, he *just* falls asleep in the middle of a rape???
2001-12-18 06:02:08 PM  

Don't you even start...
2001-12-18 06:07:53 PM  
This sounds too odd to me. Damn Daytoners
2001-12-18 06:09:44 PM  
Robo-maxes. What, ebonics on FARK?
2001-12-18 06:17:09 PM  

That's a little to strange to believe. I mean, come on. This guy's so drunk he breaks into a house, goes into a bedroom, finds a couple asleep, takes the woman downstairs w/o apparent concern that hubby might wake up, and has the energy to "(rape) her several times", before he passes out. At which time the husband miraculously recovers from his 30 hour coma just in time to call 911. And oh yeah, there's no DNA evidence.

The prosecutors got a conviction on this? 10 bucks says the guy was represented by a Public Defender.

On Appeal he should use the Chewbacca defense
2001-12-18 06:18:27 PM  
She was sleeping next to her passed out Ok, how did he not wake up?

No semen samples? No DNA? This guy was just sleeping naked in their basement, and he got 38 years?

And I have never been too drunk to forget nookie. No way.
2001-12-18 06:22:46 PM  
rape and sex are about as different from each other as can be, don't confuse them and don't make stupid farking jokes about it.

Having said that this whole article is either full of crap or this is a way suspicious scenario, way too many 'inconclusive' variables.

All rapists should be made the biatch of a large man named Bubba for life. That would be very apt punishment.
2001-12-18 06:27:45 PM  
It does seem rather suspicious.
2001-12-18 06:28:58 PM  
Seriously.. it sounds like they were just pissed off about some drunk foreigner who found his way into their basement and decided to make up some bullshiat. Raped several times and no DNA evidence? Dragged her downstairs without waking up the husband but then passed out cold? Kidnapping charges for dragging her to her own basement and leaving her there?

2001-12-18 06:36:16 PM  
A man found asleep and snoring in the basement of a woman

Women have basements? Like the Alamo?
2001-12-18 06:38:52 PM  
What the hell kind of name is Casaviero Senu-oke? Must be some kind of furriner! Take his ass back to whatever furrin pre-verted country he come from! File this one under: farkin' bizzarre
2001-12-18 06:50:28 PM  
And he has unclaimed tax refunds according to Google when you do a name search on "Casaviero Senu-oke" to find out more.
2001-12-18 06:50:51 PM  
"''We have a woman whose life has been destroyed forever,'' the judge said during sentencing."

Ya know, I know several rape victims.. One by her cousin when she was 7, in fact. And all of them live relatively normal lives.
2001-12-18 07:10:28 PM  
Her husband apparently did not wake up because he was on cold medication and had been awake for 30 hours.

awake 30 hours, not asleep 30, farking morons with selective vision.
2001-12-18 07:44:27 PM  
I bet he doesn't sleep through the prison rapes that he'll be participating in!
2001-12-18 07:45:22 PM  
i'm so lonely
i wish someone would "rape" me...
no men/fat chicks
2001-12-18 07:57:11 PM  
Yet another fishy, ambiguous "rape" case in which a man takes the fall because of the legal system's knee jerk response to abuse. They didn't even prove that his cock was in her, how does that exceed testimonal or hearsay?

"A girl doesn't get raped by a make believe lover...Cuz it's hot!"
2001-12-18 09:13:41 PM  

Have you ever seen someone have flashbacks? Have you?

That's something I never want to have to see again... :(


You have no clue what rape is about, so just shut up about it, please. It's no joke.


God, I don't even know where to start... I should just stop here.
2001-12-18 10:47:16 PM  
I have to agree with Rei...rape isn't a thing to joke about.

However, this case is so full of holes that a Mack truck could drive through them.
1. No DNA evidence to connect the convicted individual to the alleged rape.
2. Alleged victim didn't make an ID of the man.
3. Hubby slept through alleged rape, but made 911 call.
4. Both hubby and wife didn't hear anything when alleged rapist broke into the house...or did they leave the front door opened.

This case sounds to me to be kind of (ahem...I hate to say it...) racist/prejudiced.
2001-12-18 11:35:49 PM  
1. No DNA evidence could be b/c drunk fark couldn't spew.
2. If you were being raped would you stop to draw a good picture of the guy so you could identify him later? Please -- what if it were dark?
3. My hubby would be making the call after I kicked his farking a$$ out of bed....
4. It was March 17 -- St. Patrick's Day -- I wouldn't hear someone breaking into my house.... Nope, I sleep really well on St. Patrick's day!

This case sounds farked... but racist/prejudiced? What the fark?
2001-12-18 11:39:54 PM  
Rei is the only person upset about my post?? Damn will try harder next time....
2001-12-18 11:42:45 PM  
Maybe the husband was letting his friend get laid & pretended to be asleep... LOL
2001-12-19 03:51:45 AM  
its funny I didnt see any of the p.c. police on this thread comment on the 'I hope he gets raped in prison' type posts...
2001-12-19 06:33:52 AM  
I hope he gets raped in prison.

(ha ha)
I think the husband's "cold medicine" was a couple gallons of Guinness and some Irish Whiskey over a 30 hour period.
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