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(CNN)   Lord of the Rings movie already being called cinematic masterpiece   ( divider line
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3347 clicks; posted to Main » on 18 Dec 2001 at 5:37 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-12-18 05:39:35 PM  
woops, had to go drop some mud.
2001-12-18 05:39:39 PM  

And it will be a great movie.
2001-12-18 05:40:30 PM  
THAT deserves an asinine tag
2001-12-18 05:40:52 PM  
2001-12-18 05:41:16 PM  
then the other 2 movies better be just as good
2001-12-18 05:41:21 PM  
Make mine a fifth.
2001-12-18 05:41:39 PM  
2001-12-18 05:42:25 PM  
Will let ya know tormorrow, got tickets for a 13:10 showing....Lord above I hope this is good :)
2001-12-18 05:43:07 PM  
2001-12-18 05:43:27 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-18 05:43:33 PM  
Three thousand years of beautiful tradition, from Moses to Sandy Koufax-- YOU'RE GODDAMN RIGHT I'M LIVING IN THE farkING PAST!
2001-12-18 05:48:04 PM  
Greenbeetle! I can't beleive it! I Big Labowski quote. And here I thought me and one other guy I know were the only people who knew that movie 8-]
2001-12-18 05:49:34 PM  
Oh, and the link to this thing is broken it seems. I click it and get a blank CNN page. No article. Is this a symptom of the "admin for a day"?
2001-12-18 05:50:03 PM  
Rebbic-its a good movie, I can quote it all day long :)
2001-12-18 05:51:05 PM  
Your revolution is over, Mr. Lebowski! Condolences! The bums lost!
2001-12-18 05:51:31 PM  
Seeing it thursday (hopefully), or friday at the latest, provided I can get tickets to a matinee. Just two more finals to get through...
2001-12-18 05:55:51 PM  
It might just be time for me to see a movie on the big screen again.
2001-12-18 05:56:50 PM  
I am seeing it tommorow.

So far it scores a 96% at Rotten Tomatoes.
2001-12-18 05:58:45 PM  
Sweet, I won two tickets to tomorrow night's showing. Haven't read the books except an illustrated copy of The Hobbit, I hope it's easy to enjoy without all the background...
2001-12-18 05:59:12 PM  
You think he'll mind?

Oh, that's Ulee. He's a nihilist.

Ah, that must be exhausting.
2001-12-18 06:00:22 PM  
I already saw it I must say it kicks ass on so many levels it's not even sane.
2001-12-18 06:00:43 PM  
I'm waiting to start reading the book and finish part-I so then I can go watch the movie...

Finals- The Horror, the horror... :(
2001-12-18 06:03:54 PM  
This is why LotR is going to BOMB at the box office.

1. Film makers are grossly overestimating the amount of geeks out there. Not as many people as they think have read these books. I only know one person who has. It's just that the people who have read them are very vocal about it and overpopulate the Internet.

2. Those said geeks who are the target market can never be satisfied. They will ALWAYS *ALWAYS* find something wrong and will biatch about it.
2001-12-18 06:07:43 PM  
12:01 showtime... kickass... So i have to be at work tomorrow, no big thing....
2001-12-18 06:10:21 PM  
I hope the book makes a mention on Liv Tyler.
2001-12-18 06:12:19 PM  
AFAIK, there's no rule saying that you have to read the books before going to watch this movie. I haven't read them , and I find myself as hyped about it as many of my friends who have read them.
2001-12-18 06:12:34 PM  
Hey JerseyTim, have you read any geek reviews yet? THEY LOVE IT. I've yet to read more than one review that's negative.

Ok, now go think up another stupid farking theory.
2001-12-18 06:12:53 PM  
Other Great JerseyTim Quotes:
Titanic: Nobody will see it. Everybody already knows the boat sinks.

E.T.: Nobody will see it. That little alien dude is farkin ugly.

StarWars: This is going to bomb. It's just a Western in Space.

Jaws: This will flop. It's just a monster movie in the water.
2001-12-18 06:13:56 PM  
2001-12-18 06:15:32 PM  
The Dude abides. I don't know about you, but I take comfort in that.
2001-12-18 06:25:14 PM  
2001-12-18 06:26:29 PM  
I only mention it 'cause some- times
there's a man--I won't say a hee-ro,
'cause what's a hee-ro?--but sometimes
there's a man. And I'm talkin' about the Dude here--
sometimes there's a man who, wal,
he's the man for his time'n place,
2001-12-18 06:28:09 PM  
lol, good stuff Clifclav.

More JerseyTim quotes:

Shakespeare in Love: Eh. I already saw Romeo and Juliet. What's new?

Gladiator: Foo. Who would want to watch Ben Hur with Russel Crowe?

Septemper 11: Someone hijacked some planes? No biggie, they're probably just flying to Cuba.
2001-12-18 06:33:48 PM  
Jeeze.. can someone PLEASE tell CNN NOT to mess up a movie by giving the ENDING without



Way to attempt to ruin the movie there guys..
2001-12-18 06:42:44 PM  
The Dude just wants his rug back.

It really tied the room together.
2001-12-18 06:42:58 PM  
You can't just board him...
He's a farking show dog with farking papers.
He'll get upset.
2001-12-18 06:45:06 PM  
This isn't Nam, Smokey, this is bowling. There are rules.
Am I the only one who gives a shiat about the rules?
2001-12-18 06:47:41 PM  
Hey, does anyone know where I can see the TV spots? The official site isn't so much working for me and ... and when the hell did shut down, anyway?
2001-12-18 07:07:50 PM  
Guess we should tell all book stores and libraries to label their copies to all books that were made into films as "contains spoilers" too. Woohoo, my first link got posted too!

2001-12-18 07:12:11 PM  
2001-12-18 07:13:09 PM  
PS, I didn't say whether or not the film will be good or bad. I think it'll be good.
2001-12-18 07:44:54 PM  
JerseyTim: That was more of a "dweeb" review than a geek review.

Ans as far as Tolkien you write, "Not as many people as they think have read these books. I only know one person who has."
I believe you might find Tolkien to be one of, if not *the*, most widely read authors in contemporary literature. Maybe the people you know just don't read "hard" books.
2001-12-18 07:50:41 PM  
Stinkypinky, either that or JerseyTim has really stupid friends. I got my money on that excuse.
2001-12-18 08:36:20 PM  
Notice the pic in that link, anyone else find it weird that Elijah Wood closely resembles Jacko.
2001-12-18 08:37:41 PM  
or what he would have looked like if he would have been white when he was younger.
2001-12-18 11:33:53 PM  
i'm just gonna go find a cash machine. !!

love that
2001-12-19 12:42:08 AM  
Is anyone else suprised that CNN, an AOLTIMEWARNER propaganda ^H^H^H^H news outlet would have such a glowing review of LOTR, produced by New Line Cinema, another tentacle of AOLTIMEWARNER?

*Putting on tinfoil hat now*
2001-12-19 03:43:55 AM  
I saw LOTR just now. I don't think many people will be too disappointed. Well, maybe the real die hard geeks who expect an literal representation of every page in the book, but who cares about them anyway.
2001-12-19 07:42:30 AM  
Does this mean Bakshi can STFU now? Asshole.
2001-12-19 09:34:23 AM  
That is not a geek review. That is a tasteless-loser-who-liked-the-mummy-and-likes-mindless-movies review. Give up. You lose.
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