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(NASA)   Nasa places a second huge disco ball in space   ( divider line
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4441 clicks; posted to Main » on 18 Dec 2001 at 12:52 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-12-18 12:44:11 PM  
obviously it's to be used for cock and ball torture. Thanks rabb
2001-12-18 12:44:12 PM  
A poster of the primary type!
2001-12-18 12:44:19 PM  
I am going to go take a nap
wake me if anything good is posted
2001-12-18 12:44:38 PM  
ThisIsNotAFugaziComment: exellent!

2001-12-18 12:45:04 PM  
I take that back... *hangs head in shame*
2001-12-18 12:45:23 PM  
oh my
2001-12-18 12:46:29 PM  
arrrr matey! tis my disco ball and you can't have it!

[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-18 12:46:31 PM  
it's good to see that people can still post things that....*looks around* nobody gives two craps about. carry on.
2001-12-18 12:47:37 PM  
Oh Oh Oh Oh.. stayin alive..

I'm disco stu and I like the blonde baconfarker.
2001-12-18 12:49:11 PM  
Why did the Starshine 2 disco ball go up AFTER the Starshine 3 disco ball?
2001-12-18 12:49:11 PM  
disco stu does not adverstise!
2001-12-18 12:49:52 PM  
I thought the title was going to be misleading, but they really did launch a disco ball in space!
2001-12-18 12:51:17 PM  
Ah! Let's see the Canadians top this one. We have the bragging rights for putting disco balls into space!
2001-12-18 12:51:29 PM  
Burn baby burn, disco inferno.......
I wonder if Dancing Fonzie will make an appearance ?
2001-12-18 12:54:26 PM  
I love this...
[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-18 12:55:48 PM  
ok im confused what exactally does starshine do?
2001-12-18 12:56:03 PM  
Doesn't anyone want to turn this into a dissertation about how the U.S. war on terrorism will be a failure?
2001-12-18 12:57:46 PM  
"ok im confused what exactally does starshine do?"

It's so that with a stereo and the appropriate 8 tracks, you too can have a disco anywhere on earth at night.
2001-12-18 12:57:46 PM  
LilMac: It provides a party-like atmosphere in the vacuum of space. Duh!
2001-12-18 12:58:32 PM  
Geez, WorldCitizen beat me by milliseconds!
2001-12-18 12:59:14 PM  
i think wars on terrorism are overrated
2001-12-18 01:00:45 PM  
"I've been working for the US Naval Research laboratory on Project Starshine.
"Quit snickering."
2001-12-18 01:02:40 PM  
Shiny, pretty outerspace ball.

And our kids are still last in the world in science. Hmmm
2001-12-18 01:02:47 PM  
dash it all someone beat me to a cock and ball reference.
2001-12-18 01:05:10 PM  
And *how* is this NOT a BIG waste of money?
2001-12-18 01:06:31 PM  
if we're introducing disco to the universe, doesn't that violate the Prime Directive?
2001-12-18 01:12:35 PM  
There is a 300 lb. Disco ball hanging over my head at work!
2001-12-18 01:13:00 PM  
I had discoball once. Trust me, you don't want it!
2001-12-18 01:13:07 PM  
mmmm, cock and ball torture...
2001-12-18 01:14:42 PM  
if we have to put a disco ball in space then the terrorists have already won.
2001-12-18 01:14:52 PM  
does anybody else think that the NASA guy looks like Dr. Evil's sidekick, Number Two?
[image from too old to be available]
[image from too old to be available]
maybe its just the eyepatch...
2001-12-18 01:15:16 PM  
Where better to dance to this album?
[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-18 01:16:20 PM  
2001-12-18 01:16:55 PM  
I'm jist gittin' the p-funk out to make tha mothership connection, y'all. Gotsta get funked up.
2001-12-18 01:17:31 PM  
Can you say "child exploitation"?
2001-12-18 01:18:33 PM  
I was about to ask that too Gaboo. I expect the Starshine 1 to go up next year.

You realize though, this disco ball is reflecting more sunlight back down onto Earth. NASA is causing global warming! Motherfrkkers!
2001-12-18 01:22:32 PM  
they actually took the time and money to put that into space so school kids would have something to look at

like there arent enough things outside of our planet to look at
2001-12-18 01:28:35 PM  

hate to get too serious here: you know how it is, if its not shiny and sparkly, kids are gonna give a shiat about it.
2001-12-18 01:31:15 PM  
Hey isn't that John Cleese!!!???
2001-12-18 01:32:57 PM  
Shake that groove thing, shake that groove thing, yeah yeah . . .

We now have the PERFECT excuse to blast John Travolta's arse into outer space and leave him there!!
2001-12-18 01:33:26 PM  
Damn you NASA!
2001-12-18 01:35:07 PM  
Sorry goofed:
[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-18 01:37:28 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
Disco never dies.
2001-12-18 01:40:57 PM  
"Unfortunately the experiment will not be ready to drop on Times Square in New York in time for the 2002 New Year's celebration," informed sources did not say.
2001-12-18 01:48:31 PM  
Good thing our space program takes itself seriously enough that it turns its projects into 2nd-grader activities between nap and recess.
2001-12-18 02:03:26 PM  
Gaboo my best guess as to why #2 was launched after #3 is that NASA missions are frequently delayed by many things (especially before they even get to the launchpad). If a mission is delayed too long it loses it's spot, since one delayed mission will/should not cause delays in every subsequent missions. The mission which deployed #2 was probably delayed, and a few missions went off as scheduled during that time, including the mission which deployed #3.

but then again im guessing, but that is the reason why the space shuttle missions arent entirely in numeric order (ie. STS-71 might have come before STS-70)
2001-12-18 02:04:33 PM  
I can't believe nobodyhere has made a comment about have having the little blonde girl pictured in the article polish something besides a mirror when she gets older.
2001-12-18 02:11:26 PM  
I think this program is really cool, and probably one of the most cost effective things NASA has done recently.
2001-12-18 02:15:58 PM  
What is the point of this? Is it to fill space with more junk that can cause harm to our more importmant satellites? We have more important ones up there, like GPS, DirecTV/DISH, military, commerical, etc.
2001-12-18 02:28:03 PM  
It's in low earth orbit and will deorbit quickly. It won't interfere with other satellites. And it's not just to make a pretty light show. It can be used to generate gravitational potential data which is used for orbit prediction.
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