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(Excite)   Director compares Eminem's acting ability to Marlon Brado and Montgomery Clift   ( divider line
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2001-12-18 01:22:40 AM  
Best tag use so far... today!
2001-12-18 01:22:45 AM  
Let's not forget Keanu Reeves. He's pretty talented, too.
2001-12-18 01:22:50 AM  
Well, compared to Kiim Basinger...
2001-12-18 01:23:51 AM  
A better way of looking at Eminem.
2001-12-18 01:24:53 AM  
Gyah!!! Carrot Top!!!
2001-12-18 01:25:02 AM  
eminem is a good actor and here's where i invest my money:
[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-18 01:25:03 AM  
I farking hate eminen, that goddamned white boy poser who beat the shiat out of women is supposed to impress me? fark him, he's the damn Britney Spears of rap and everyone knows it. farkin, Mary
2001-12-18 01:25:08 AM  
"The Eminem we're putting on screen is so not the Eminem the public thinks they know," said Hanson, who previously directed "L.A. Confidential" and "Wonder Boys."

Does he play a woman or something?
2001-12-18 01:26:18 AM  
Ten bucks says that movie's gonna fall flat of it's ass.
This one's gonna be so bad, it will create a public outcry not seen since "A Night At The Roxbury."
2001-12-18 01:26:45 AM  
If fark hadn't done a Carrot Top photoshop about a month or two ago, I'd say the ads on the page are BEGGING for one.
2001-12-18 01:28:21 AM  
3 Words:

[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-18 01:28:59 AM  
Creators of annoying animated gif ads take note : choose your ad copy carefully so that something like this doesn't happen when I hit esc...

[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-18 01:29:10 AM  
Director compares Eminem's acting ability to Marlon Brando and Montgomery Clift's.......gaping sphincters.

Oh, now it makes sense.
2001-12-18 01:29:18 AM  
he may be able to act; but he still has the inteligence of a 5th grader who likes to say "gay" because he thinks its cool. wait a sec.. he cant act, sing, or fuction. nevermind
2001-12-18 01:30:01 AM  
I had no clue Vanilla Ice made a movie. My hatred burns ever brighter.
2001-12-18 01:30:35 AM  
If we don't get a cock and ball torture link today, then the guy from has already won.
2001-12-18 01:32:00 AM  
I knew this was a bad idea. he's subjecting us to carrot top
[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-18 01:32:46 AM  
The Slim Shady Show dvd is funny.

seriously, it is.
2001-12-18 01:33:11 AM  
"The Eminem we're putting on screen is so not the Eminem the public thinks they know," said Hanson

Jeez, when the fark did 13 year old girls start directing movies?
2001-12-18 01:34:46 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-18 01:36:42 AM  
Haha, Bongofury, best truth in advertising I've seen in a while!
2001-12-18 01:37:39 AM  
Why is this tagged asinine? You're not the farking director, so you have no clue whether or not he has any acting ability. Jeez, I guess the director of two of the best movies of 97 and 00 has no farking clue what he's talking about, huh?

Oh, and BSCavalier, is that why almost the entire rap community called The Marshall Mathers LP one of the best albums of 00?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a total Eminem mark, but I think the guy deserves credit. Plus, I hate it when people think that the gay-bashing, wife-beating, thing is the real Eminem. It's an act, folks. Just like Kaufman's Tony Clifton. Just like Howard Stern's...Howard Stern. It's a show.
2001-12-18 01:38:58 AM  
I'm not a total Eminem mark, but I think the guy deserves credit for what exactly??
2001-12-18 01:39:01 AM  
Eminem told the director to say that or he'd cap his ass with his 9.
2001-12-18 01:39:19 AM  
...and Fb-, all an act.
2001-12-18 01:41:57 AM  
well, look at it this way, if someone had told you ten years ago that "Marky Mark" from the Funky Bunch actually had some acting chops, you would have laughed in their face. But lo and behold, it's true (to some degree). and Wonderboys was purty good, so who knows....
2001-12-18 01:42:20 AM  
Damn you BongofFury, I just submitted this as a photoshop:

[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-18 01:46:49 AM  
"then the guy from has already won."

i was waiting to use that... but now i can use it relentlessly without giving credit
2001-12-18 01:48:08 AM  
2001-12-18 02:26:42 AM  
Deus, you read my mind! Thankyou for writing that so I don't have to!
2001-12-18 02:50:19 AM  
Pushmi_pullyu: agreed
2001-12-18 03:07:08 AM  
I'm sure this is film is as powerful as Spleandor In The Grass like the director said, and that like Elia Kazan he ratted out all his commie friends to the feds.
2001-12-18 03:34:43 AM  
Heh, Eminem rules for the pure reaction he gets when his name is mentioned.
2001-12-18 03:42:28 AM  
eminem who?
2001-12-18 03:46:34 AM  
If you're bored goto the funniest fark topic ever!!
2001-12-18 03:47:03 AM  
Pushmi_pullyou, I also agree and would like to add that I wish you farkin' people would read the articles before you go spouting off your opinions. Including the poster of the article. The article never compared Eminem's acting ability to anybody else's. He just said that if a movie of Eminem's life was done right, it could compare to those two movies. Dipsh!ts.
2001-12-18 05:14:26 AM  
Eminiem? Didn't he do the backing vox for a Dido song?
2001-12-18 05:45:07 AM  
Feminem acting.......well yall wanna see a good movie. Big Money Hustlers for that real juggalos. Dark Lotus Crew blows him out of the water. Slim Anus isnt shiat.
2001-12-18 05:56:44 AM  
I dunno, he has to have some acting merit or he wouldnt have been able to fool the gullible into thinking hes "one badass mutha'" when he is in fact "pasty white asshole who thinks he can rap but cant". ahem.
2001-12-18 08:26:39 AM  
Isn't eminem a racist, homophobic, no talent, self-important dick head? Sorry, stupid question.
2001-12-18 08:29:12 AM  
Give the guy a chance... after all, who the hell would've thought back in the early '90s that one day Marky Mark would be a respected actor?
2001-12-18 08:33:18 AM  

I don't know, "See More Gibs", if someone with such a lame ass pun for a name has any right to be dissing a guy who managed to rap his way through the detroit underground, as a white guy, and *survive*, let alone put out something like five or six albums before he became pick of the week for thirteen year old girls looking for a bad boy with a funny side.

That he's managed to continue singing some pretty genuinely farked up stuff in *spite* of who he's being sold to shouldn't be ignored either. fark, man, go listen to Tori Amos cover '97 Bonnie and Clyde. That's some farked up shiat right there.

I actually wouldn't be surprised if the movie ain't half bad. Both his major videos kicked a fair amount of ass, after all.

2001-12-18 08:51:28 AM  
I think the movie will suck. Just knowing hollywood and how it has a track record for putting out shiatty movies starring flavs of the month. But I will say to all those who give no love to Eminem, you are ignorant in the subject. If you have ever listened to an album, not the shiatty single that always comes out first, but the whole album you would see how incorrect you are. The guy is probably one of the best storytellers in his business, you can actually see events unfold during his time on the mic. Very few musicians/singers/songwriters have the ability to bring a story to life so you can feel it, but rap music has had a couple of those people elevate to that level recently (Biggie, JayZ, Eminem, Busta Rhymes, and Outkast) Rap is the new punk, although thanks to MTV and radio a lot of bad shiat gets thrown in your face.
2001-12-18 09:25:45 AM  
Imabmf: "Rap is the new punk, although thanks to MTV and radio a lot of bad shiat gets thrown in your face."

How in the HELL is rap "the new punk"?
2001-12-18 09:48:12 AM  
all the best shiat is underground. It starts out by kids hanging out together just rappin, rhymin, doing it just for love. They channel teen agnst into multi-layered stories and just try to be louder faster than the next guy.
2001-12-18 10:10:56 AM  
i agree with dues. how many of you have actually seen him act? like the director said, his acting is nothing like his music personality so we have nothing to judge him on except for the director's word. the free press had this story in the paper yesterday but it was about 3 times longer and told a lot more, such as when they were casting, the producers werent sure if eminem could live up to the acting and he blew them away.

while i'm not a fan of his music/repping, i must say he is pretty damn charismatic and deserves a chance just like every other singer/rapper/entertainer who crossed over into film. of course, that leaves us about 50/50 of it being any decent, but i think the way the producer and director are speaking of his abilities, its looking not too bad.
2001-12-18 10:11:15 AM  
Rap and punk had a lot in common but I think both died except for the occasional palpitation.
2001-12-18 10:18:16 AM  
Imabmf: So just because "the best shiat is underground", that automatically makes it like punk? Funny, I don't see rappers throwing concerts on a boat during the Queen of England's anniversary celebration. I don't recall seeing an album being banned from the airwaves due to its content. I don't see how rap is challenging the system, using the examples you listed. Rap is about as punk as polka :)
2001-12-18 10:20:58 AM  
Of course Eminem can act. Look at the number of people in this thread who believe he's really the persona he portrays to sell albums.

Go read the Salon article about Eminem. He used to record 'nice' albums, until he discovered that his current act would sell more.
2001-12-18 10:27:22 AM  
Effugas or "Dan",
What are you talking about? What the hell is a "gib"?

Seriously though, the name is inteded to be ironic...
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