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(Rolling Stone)   Lead singer/guitarist of Big Country found dead in Hawaii on a mountainside. Say goodbye.   ( divider line
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2001-12-18 12:39:17 AM  
Who the hell is Big Country?
2001-12-18 12:39:45 AM  
Where the hell is Hawaii?
2001-12-18 12:40:05 AM  
ok, 80's refrence number 1. oh's gonna be a long 24 hours
2001-12-18 12:40:13 AM  
Scotland is not exactly what I would call a "Big Country"...
2001-12-18 12:40:17 AM  
wrestling is not fake
neither is running a web site
2001-12-18 12:40:24 AM  
Where the hell are the BOOBIES AND PHOTOSHOPS!
2001-12-18 12:40:30 AM  
yarr yesterday's news so far. let's hope this gets better.
2001-12-18 12:40:39 AM  
Hell hath no fury like a hawaiian mountainside.
2001-12-18 12:41:27 AM  
i never promised to grow flowers in the desert
2001-12-18 12:41:29 AM  
Ok, I know I am not alone in asking, "Who the hell is Big Country"?
2001-12-18 12:41:46 AM  
Photoshop this!
[image from too old to be available]
Oh yeah!
2001-12-18 12:41:55 AM  
Mulvy-wouldn't it be cool if he got tommorws news instead? but i'd like the boobies first!
2001-12-18 12:42:09 AM  
Big Country is a band that sang a song called "Big Country" that I believe was on an album, also titled Big Country
2001-12-18 12:42:21 AM  
this will be a record day of whining. record.
2001-12-18 12:43:15 AM  
Big Country's only big US hit was the eponymous "Big Country." They had a string of hits in Europe and the UK.

Let's hijack the thread and come up with songs featuring the name of the band. I'll start.

"Talk Talk"

Any evidence of cock and ball torture prior to death?
2001-12-18 12:43:25 AM  
He used to be kinda cute...

Yes, I am old enough to remember them...
2001-12-18 12:43:46 AM  
I've already submitted a photoshop entry, but it's still not up yet!

*sheds a tear for that Big Country guy*
2001-12-18 12:44:03 AM  
i remember the song melody but the only words i can seem to remember is " In a big country...daah daaah da da...." oddly enough.
2001-12-18 12:44:13 AM  
this will be a record day of whining. record.

Hard to disagree, looking at the first few comments threads.
2001-12-18 12:44:39 AM  
2001-12-18 12:46:14 AM  
2001-12-18 12:46:41 AM  
2001-12-18 12:47:16 AM  
Creation: Big country had one notable hit.. song was named: Big Country
2001-12-18 12:48:17 AM  
A better way of looking at Big Country.
2001-12-18 12:49:09 AM  
Thermos: How creative. I suppose. I can only guess at the lyrics.
2001-12-18 12:49:48 AM  
Big Country released a song called "Big Country"

is there an echo in here...
2001-12-18 12:50:08 AM  
it wasnt a bad song.
God I am old
2001-12-18 12:51:17 AM  
quick- eff that! i'm excited. maybe you are right that there will be a great need for cheese to go with all the whine... but i think this will be fun.
2001-12-18 12:51:28 AM  
Yeah, so it says that he died IN HIS HOTEL ROOM. Not too many hotels up mountains there.
2001-12-18 12:51:45 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
this big country?
2001-12-18 12:53:21 AM  
I never promised to grow flowers in the desert,
but I can live and breathe and see the sun in winterti-iiime
in a big country
dreams stay with you
like a lover's voice
'cross a mountainside
stay a-ali-ive

*cue bagpipes*


*more bp's*
2001-12-18 12:54:45 AM  
this link (ananova) says that he hung himself
2001-12-18 12:54:55 AM  
between Big Country, Slade and AC\DC, the first half of the 80s had a lot of bagpipes on the radio
2001-12-18 12:54:57 AM  
I wish I could get my ass to Hawaii.
I remember them. Early '80's band.
2001-12-18 12:56:51 AM  
Guess how he died...
2001-12-18 12:57:31 AM  
this is reminiscent of INXS
2001-12-18 12:58:13 AM  
Hung himself in a hotel room?

Not very original...
2001-12-18 12:58:39 AM  
2001-12-18 12:59:35 AM  
I think I remember the video for the song. Wasn't it of him singing the song in the woods in the winter? The video producers in the early 80's were such visionaries.
2001-12-18 12:59:42 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-18 01:00:25 AM  
Who the hell is Slade?
2001-12-18 01:00:30 AM  
most of the video was them riding around on 3 wheelers, etc...
2001-12-18 01:00:35 AM  
that was great stuff, driving up and down the moutain side on those three wheelers, In a big country........blah
2001-12-18 01:03:24 AM  
slade: run runaway
2001-12-18 01:12:50 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Big Country ... I love those guys!!!
2001-12-18 01:37:17 AM  
When the hell did Fark become all-photoshop-all-the-time to you people? Go away. Find your own porn.

I liked Big Country... even if they were in the "where are they now" file... bummer.
2001-12-18 01:47:02 AM  
2001-12-18 01:49:05 AM  
I agree, record day of whining, but some of them are funny. Personally so far, I am a big fan of "A better way of looking at XXXXX"-- I deem it a classic.

This seems like a day for classics actually, or at least a day for some cock and ball torture...
2001-12-18 01:50:34 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

2001-12-18 01:55:04 AM  
big country were a greta band, actually. and i'm sorta sad he's dead.. by the way.. no bagpipes in "in a big country" that was all guitar..
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