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(Yahoo)   Dish Network threatens to drop CBS and many Viacom channels from lineup   ( divider line
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22039 clicks; posted to Main » on 06 Mar 2004 at 10:27 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-03-06 06:07:09 PM  
Oh no! Now how will I get to watch.. um.. er.. what does CBS show again?
2004-03-06 06:10:14 PM  
Boo freakin' hoo. Networks are worthless, except for the occasional fox show. Comedy Central and History are all you need for worthwhile television viewing. Maybe some Discovery on the side for Monster Garage and American Chopper.
2004-03-06 06:16:21 PM  
I was watching Comedy Central last night, and they had a warning about this play on the bottom of the screen. Naturally, I didn't care, since I have cable, but that's pretty stupid nonetheless.
2004-03-06 06:17:14 PM  
I already assured Dish Network that I would be cancelling my service with them if all those channels get dropped.
2004-03-06 06:18:48 PM  
Dish is covering the scroll on the bottom of VH-1 today. I guess their call center is getting crushed.
2004-03-06 06:19:59 PM  
Yup, no more Daily Show for satalite people.

Isn't cbs owned by viacom, a french company? Could this be in retaliation for those fries at the White House?
2004-03-06 06:33:24 PM  
Time to bring the antenna out of the garage and put it back on the roof, so I can watch CBS without paying for it, like we did 20 years ago. (Also, in most major markets, CBS also broadcasts HDTV over the air)
2004-03-06 06:47:57 PM  
Viacom is french? That's a new one on me. Interesting spin on the original story, could easily have been "CBS won't cave to Echostar demands" It's a two way street.
2004-03-06 06:57:39 PM  
As long as they don't drop Animal Planet.
Pet Star = teh funnay!
2004-03-06 07:32:55 PM  
Sure sorry for those people who have dish network. I got rid of it 6 months ago and don't miss it. Worst service I ever had, ever. Saw the list of what's getting dropped, it's pretty extensive.


Guess the dish owners will just have to keep on sitting around on their computers signing up people who disagree with them on Fark to single's pages.

So stop it, asshole.
2004-03-06 07:59:25 PM  
Spacemarinekilla Comedy Central is a Viacom property. I guess if you got Dish, you don't get the new Family Guy episodes.
2004-03-06 08:33:13 PM  
Yeep. I totally missed that "many Viacom" part. Ah well, I don't have a dish anyway. I retract my earlier statement though, I feel sorry for you dish folks.
2004-03-06 08:52:02 PM  
These are the stations that would go away:

BET - Comedy Central - MTV - MTV2
Nick Games & Sports
Nickelodeon/Nick at Night (East and West)
NOGGIN - VH1 - VH1 Classic

If not for Comedy Central, I wouldn't give a shiat.
I just switched to the Dish last month when my cable, Comcast, unbelievably became even crappier than they were before.
Of course I did not know about the Viacom issue before but my only other option is DirectTV...but I hate Murdoch too much to consider it.
If I could pick and choose the channels, it would sooooooo much cheaper for me. My bill would go down by at least a third by dumping ESPN and other sports channels. E, Spike and PAX would get the boot as well.
2004-03-06 09:54:43 PM  
I have a cable/cable modem deal goin - only 45 bucks a month for a shiatload of channels and DSL - it makes me happy.
2004-03-06 10:31:26 PM  
I can think of a whole bunch they should drop as well.

I would list them but it would be easier to list the ones they should keep.

Cable sux
2004-03-06 10:32:20 PM  
CBS, weren't they some kinda tv network back in the 80's?
2004-03-06 10:32:44 PM  
my understanding is that viacom wants to hike the price of their channels. I guess its some kind of contract renegotiation and echostar\dish network isn't going to bow down. All the people calling in to demand they keep those channals don't know the story, obviously. I did a little research and found the info earlier today.
2004-03-06 10:36:06 PM  
Hmm, yeah I saw this on several channels last night/today. Spike being one of them.
2004-03-06 10:37:16 PM  
CBS--they were the ones with "Matlock," right?
2004-03-06 10:39:39 PM  
mizike Animal Planet is owned by Disney. They own all the Discovery Channel spinoffs as well.
2004-03-06 10:39:59 PM  
I just don't see how this rates as "stupid" in any way, shape or form.

The crux of this issue is that Dish wants to give HDTV to all of it's customers, and CBS wants only certain markets to have it.

That's terribly unfair.

Furthermore, before you could get the locals, I had the 4 major networks from the east and west coast feeds. I didn't watch them once we got normal feeds from the area.

Even beyond that, this goes to the classic peter_hook rant:

Why can't they look at Canada? Viacom maintains that it would be "the end of the world as we know it" if someone from Podunk Missouri watched an HDTV broadcast from NYC.

Well, guess what fools: If you get StarChoice, or Bell ExpressVu, one of their SELLING POINTS is that you can watch ANY LOCAL NETWORK from anywhere in Canada.

So while it's the end of the world if people from San Diego got a Los Angeles feed, Canadians are allowed to watch local broadcasts from any Canadian market in any time zone...PLUS they can the US network feeds as well.

Networks are not going out of business in Canada. So why would it hurt in the US?

It wouldn't. Viacom is trying to extort Echostar so they can have some sort of bargaining power over them. Pure and simple.

That's I hope that's what the submitter was referring to.
2004-03-06 10:40:36 PM  
EchoStar Chief Executive Charlie Ergen told reporters this week Viacom had asked for a 40-percent rate increase over an undisclosed multi-year period. But one of his own lawyers admitted in a San Francisco court Viacom was asking for an average 7-percent rate increase.

Analysts said Viacom has demanded rate increases closer to a mid-single digit percentage rate. A source familiar with the negotiations said Viacom has now offered a 5-percent annual rate increase for its cable channels. From Forbes
2004-03-06 10:41:01 PM  
Those channels are all crap. They problem is that each of them is really great 0.04% of the time. I hate CBS, but sometimes they have sports. I hate MTV, but they have some (okay two) good shows. Of course NICK and BET and VH1, etc., can all go away. If we could move the sports of CBS to ESPN, then I would PAY to see CBS off the air.

And then move MarketWatch to CNBC, and eliminate CBS altogether.
2004-03-06 10:44:07 PM  
Looks like Viacom has the upper hand in this one. If Dish decides not to carry those channels, then they won't be able to compete in the marketplace. Without MTV, VH1, Comedy Central and the others, customers will be switching in droves. Viacom has found a way to get the other outlets to pony up the dough. Dish will have to give in and pay what Viacom wants. They really don't have a choice.
2004-03-06 10:44:09 PM  
I'd be happy if they would just eliminate any program with a laugh track.
2004-03-06 10:46:31 PM  
I hope they stop carrying them. MTV is pure brain-rotting filth, plain and simple. For that reason alone I hope Dish drops CBS. Maybe then some of these marble-brained morons will get a clue and grow a brain.
2004-03-06 10:46:58 PM  
CBS has one of the highest rated shows: CSI
2004-03-06 10:47:27 PM  

Hmm, yeah I saw this on several channels last night/today. Spike being one of them.

OMG! I won't be able to watch reruns of Star Trek 6 times a day, or 5 straight hours of the same 10 episodes of that Japanese game show. What am I gonna do?
2004-03-06 10:48:41 PM  

*ahem* cable modem != DSL
2004-03-06 10:49:31 PM  

Vivendi is the company you are thinking of. They own Universal.
2004-03-06 10:49:47 PM  
How about a pay as you go system? Pay for the channels you want, but not the crap you don't want. That would alleviate many of the problems we have now.

Wondering how long the broadcast networks would be in business if this were true.
2004-03-06 10:50:50 PM  
"I have a cable/cable modem deal goin - only 45 bucks a month for a shiatload of channels and DSL - it makes me happy."

DSL comes thru the cable now ? Woo, no more sharing my connection with you bandwith hogs and your p2p apps.

P.S. but if you do want to use a p2p app, be so kind as to offer up you whole harddrive for download. Nothing better then rooting around on a misconfigured app.

2004-03-06 10:53:27 PM  
who pays for.....oh never mind

/goes back to drinking beer
2004-03-06 10:54:39 PM  
Wouldn't it be great if each channel would have to compete on its own merits instead of riding the coattails of its sublings.
2004-03-06 10:55:24 PM  
Is E! owned by Viacom? we need more episodes of Ashton Kutcher's "awesome!!" self ducking the paparazzi sharks at the Ivy on "Celebrities Uncensored"...

|slinks away to watch the climax of "He Banged! He Banged! The E! True Hollywood Story: William Hung"
2004-03-06 10:55:43 PM  
2004-03-06 07:59:25 PM TheOther

Spacemarinekilla Comedy Central is a Viacom property. I guess if you got Dish, you don't get the new Family Guy episodes.

What's this about new Family Guy episodes on Comedy Central?
2004-03-06 11:01:43 PM  
*ahem* cable modem != DSL

DSL comes thru the cable now ? Woo, no more sharing my connection with you bandwith hogs and your p2p apps.

Damn you people are pedantic and very anal. It's the same difference. Kind of like I need a kleenex, or i'll go xerox something, or go google for it. DSL == broadband access. Get over it, no one cares enough to split hairs, quit trying to show off your remarkable understanding of the internet.
2004-03-06 11:03:12 PM  
if anything janet jackson's boobies helps ratings
2004-03-06 11:03:49 PM  
Yes, Family Guy is coming back next year, on Cartoon Network and/or Fox. It's a common misconception, but Family Guy was never on Comedy Central, it's on Cartoon Network. Comedy Central usually runs reruns of The Critic and Dilbert when Cartoon Network runs Family Guy.
2004-03-06 11:03:51 PM  
If this happens in March and I can't watch the NCAA tournament on CBS without buying an antenna, I'll be pissed.
2004-03-06 11:04:35 PM  
peter_hook: Yes, that is what I was trying to point out when I submitted.

/woot! 1st submission accepted :)
2004-03-06 11:04:54 PM  
Today, TODAY I just got Dish Network, primarily because they carry Globo, the Brasillian station, but we decided to pick up the other 60 channels b/c of Comedy Central etc. I'm Rich James biatch. So my wife and I are watching the tube and there is the Scroll on the bottom of the screen. fark! I Fark all farking day long, and I get the message today after the fact.

Fact is Dish Network will fold. End of Story. I may not have some channels for a few more weeks, but I didn't have it for years prior. But still...
2004-03-06 11:04:59 PM  
The Scroll that has been mentioned has started moving around the screen...dumb farkers
2004-03-06 11:06:10 PM  
The ironic thing about Comedy Central is that very little of what is on that channel is funny.
2004-03-06 11:07:25 PM ruined star trek!
2004-03-06 11:08:14 PM  
no more janet jacksongate?
2004-03-06 11:09:08 PM  

That's called a-la-carte programming, and is is not going to happen any time soon. Media giants like Viacom want ALL of their stations played, and will threaten to cancel all rights if their demands are not met. Ever wonder why your rates keep going up and more and more useless shiat channels appear on the program guide? This is how that happens.

This may be the start of providers standing up and saying no more. If Dish holds strong the advertisers could force Viacom to strike a deal. Losing a few million viewers could take a dent out of what you can demand for advertising space.
2004-03-06 11:09:43 PM  
TV? TV sucks. I'd rather read, draw, burp, yawn, and play video games or walk outside and breathe in fresh air than watch cable anymore.

As far as news go, I've been getting it from here so where else should I get it from?

2004-03-06 11:09:45 PM  

No more Comedy Central? No more MTV/MTV2, etc.?

I'm getting DirecTV if they do not reach an agreement with Viacom.
2004-03-06 11:14:15 PM  
Good thing I have cable, I would not be able to live without my Degrassi.
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