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(Sydney Morning Herald)   Star Treks Patrick Stewart launched an outspoken attack on Hollywood's culture of violence calling it "extremely irresponsible," singles out "Kill Bill" as "deeply offensive," adding "There are FOUR lights."   ( divider line
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2004-03-06 11:21:48 AM  
The headline is as long as the article.
Kill Bill is awesome.
The End.
2004-03-06 11:28:02 AM  
Set you phasers to "dumb."
2004-03-06 11:48:56 AM  
I dunno, I think he may have a point. When did "gritty reality" become necessary for a movie to be "compelling?"
2004-03-06 11:49:50 AM  
Bah, everybody knows there are five lights. Give up this four lights nonsense.
2004-03-06 11:52:51 AM  
He's a Shakespearean actor, so of course he's always right.
2004-03-06 12:27:56 PM  
I think Patrick Stewart's point is valid when you have a person who only enjoys one type of movie. When I wanted violence, I went to see 'Kill Bill' (which wasn't that good for anything else), when I wanted to see something else, I saw 'Triplets of Belleville', 'Bubba HoTep'and 'Bridget Jones' Diary'. These are all four distinctly different types of movies that are enjoyable on their own merits.

Enjoying variety is the spice of life.


I think around the time that it became necessary to show Sipowitz's ass on NYPD Blue.

I think more actors today could benefit with less plastic surgery and little more classical training.
2004-03-06 12:29:06 PM  
Wow I used to think Stewart was pretty cool, when the hell did he lose his mind?
2004-03-06 12:38:19 PM  
SMH - I agree with ya. Seems to me the Shakespearean actors (or at least actors with significant stage experience) always come across as being more intelligent and all-round better actors than strictly film actors.
2004-03-06 01:04:01 PM  

2004-03-06 01:13:06 PM  
I'm offended by his bad William Shatner impersonation.
2004-03-06 01:31:43 PM  
it's a MOVIE - pretending to chop someone's arm off with a samurai sword is somehow worse than pretending to fire high-explosives at a spaceship full of hundreds (thousands?) of people?

i hate how being a star is somehow synonymous with being able to force your opinion down peoples' throats as "right"

/respect lost ;_;
2004-03-06 02:35:43 PM  
There isn't a whole lot to go on with that article. What was the context of the comments? Was it in an interview where he was being badgered by a reporter with leading questions? Was he speaking at an industry function? Did he go down to Times Square with a bullhorn and shout it out to anyone who'd listen? Was he advocating some form of censorship? If he was expressing how he's troubled by too much violence in films, he wouldn't be the first, but how did he frame his remarks? Too little info, and I don't consider his opinion being forced down my throat.
2004-03-06 04:15:57 PM  
relax guys, he's only admonishing violence *against women.* looks like someone was spoiled by replicators that actually listened and didn't burn your toast.
/i keed, i keed. *goes off to watch space adventures*
2004-03-06 05:23:42 PM  

Set you phasers to "dumb."

Did you mean it to sound that stupid or is your phaser already set?
2004-03-06 05:24:58 PM  
Wonder what he thought about "The Passion."
2004-03-06 05:25:40 PM  
I'm offended by his bad William Shatner impersonation.

I'm just offended by Shatner in general. What a BAD, BAD, BAD actor who really thinks he's a genius.
2004-03-06 05:25:55 PM  
I don't fully agree with him even though Kill Bill sucked.

The lead was female and handled herself well. Even Laura croft and the new movie with Ashley Judd.
There's lots of female leads who get equal crap thrown at them as men do.
Isn't equal rights what we're trying to get to?
2004-03-06 05:26:19 PM  
Am I the only one not getting the lights comment?
2004-03-06 05:26:25 PM  
Hmmm... I wonder if he's going to get fired for this like TMQ.

Is he even working?
2004-03-06 05:27:12 PM  
20 What a BAD, BAD, BAD actor who really thinks he's a genius.

He doesn't though, that's what's funny. I've met him (yes, I'm a geek and you KNOW where I met him).
He knows he's not the greatest and bases his career on that.
2004-03-06 05:28:07 PM  
great ref
2004-03-06 05:28:42 PM  
The four lights thing is a reference to an episode based on 1984.
2004-03-06 05:28:54 PM  
FOUR lights?

What does that mean?
2004-03-06 05:29:23 PM  
Make it so, number one...

2004-03-06 05:30:55 PM  
He does have something to say about our culture of violence. It's a little strange when you can show someone being shot on prime-time tv, but can't show something that you were born in...(or very close to it, in Janet Jackson's case)

/wishes the US had more European traits
2004-03-06 05:31:23 PM  
I think America is absolutely ridiculous when it comes to moral standards. Americans have absolutely no problem with violence, but when it comes to sex, people start to panic. Since when does killing someone warrant less outroar than love?
2004-03-06 05:31:55 PM  
2004-03-06 05:32:06 PM  
reference to star trek episode where the bad guys were showing him four lights, and torturing him untill he would say there were five. Exelent episode, from wehat ive heard
2004-03-06 05:32:23 PM  
What a BAD, BAD, BAD actor who really thinks he's a genius.

Actually, he just has an incredibly dry sense of humor. Like, so dry most people take him seriously when he's making jokes. If you listen to his interviews, half the time he's pulling stuff completely out of his ass, apparently just to see if the interviewer\viewer catches on. (or to see if they buy his ludicrous stories because they believe he's as much an asshole as is rumored)
2004-03-06 05:32:46 PM  
nice headline.. well really only the last part was good
2004-03-06 05:33:06 PM  
Does he mean violence in general or just against women?
2004-03-06 05:33:23 PM  
BTW, here's a much better article on what happened with Stewart:​6/WOMEN0 6/International/Idx
2004-03-06 05:33:47 PM  
Silence, Sejanus.
2004-03-06 05:34:07 PM  
Comparing "shooting a photon torpedo from a starship to another starship" to "Slitting throats, gushing blood, 13 year olds killing everyone" just kinda shows you dont grasp the point he's trying to make.
2004-03-06 05:34:49 PM  
Kind of strange coming from someone who repeated uttered the phrase: "FIRE AT WILL!" 40 or 50 times. After all what had Will done to deserve that?
2004-03-06 05:34:52 PM  
her belly will be full, but her spirit will be empty

/only other line I remember from that episode

/also, nerd
2004-03-06 05:35:01 PM  
The "four lights" is in reference to the episode "Chain of Command: Part Two." Picard was being tortured, deprived of food, and treated to horrible acting courtesy of David Warner. He would be fed and set free if he admitted there were "five lights" instead of the four there were. I don't know how effective a breaking technique this is, but I'd sure like to try.
Though I'd have to say if I were looking for a sign of Hollywood violence, I would point to "Gigli." You can't tell me that didn't cause homicidal backlash.
2004-03-06 05:35:15 PM  
Ah, a Shakespearean actor biatching about violence. Wonder if he as actually read any of the Bard's plays? In lots of them everyone dies, sometimes by being eaten by the other characters.
2004-03-06 05:35:16 PM  
I don't get the whole "Kill Bill" controversy. We all cheer and are enthralled when we see Bruce Willis get the crap beaten out of him in the Die Hard movies, yet when it's Uma on the recieving end it's somehow offensive. I think Kill Bill should be praised for advancing the femenist cause, I mean, here's a woman going out and kicking ass, getting pretty farked up in the process, but kicking ass. I was just happy to see a woman bloodied up outside of the context of a Lifetime original movie about an abusive relationship. Previous action movies with heroines like the Charlie's Angels movies or the Tomb Raider movies always shied away from showing any signs of violence on their heroines.

/just my $0.02
2004-03-06 05:35:57 PM  
Is violence sometimes excessive in movies? Certainly. Was there a whole lot of violence in Kill Bill? Certainly (one of the most violent movies I've ever seen).

From the article its impossible to tell if Stewart is being irrational and going against all violence in movies, or being reasonable and saying that its kind of gotten out of control lately. Anybody attacking him is just being silly because you cant tell at all what he said about it from the 4 sentences in the article.
2004-03-06 05:36:21 PM  
What about X-Men and X-Men United? I notice he didn't signal those out.
2004-03-06 05:36:28 PM  
I guess he wont be in any Terentino movies
2004-03-06 05:36:57 PM  
kill bill is pulp action. over the top blood squirting violence, that's the genre. he did a great job with it. vol2 is gonna be even better.
2004-03-06 05:37:48 PM  
He has an opinion and a camera. So what....

I find it interesting how Hollywood, such a bastion of ultra-liberal thinking, can continue to crank out movies that are full of violence. And guns too. The same people that think guns are the ones killing people are toting them on the big screen.

It's a typical double standard of both sides to say one thing and do another.
2004-03-06 05:38:46 PM  
They arent that liberal, AKIA.
2004-03-06 05:39:41 PM  
Oh the guy who plays a military starship captain who has killed thousands of enemies wants to curb violence in movies that are properly rated and do not hide their content? Yeah, that makes sense.
2004-03-06 05:39:54 PM  

Thanks for a link to an actual article, rather than just some inane blurb taken out of context.
Note to submitter: get off your ass.
2004-03-06 05:39:55 PM  
I dunno, I think he may have a point. When did "gritty reality" become necessary for a movie to be "compelling?"

The violence in Kill Bill is probably the least realistic in an R-rated flick in years (except for perhaps the knife-fight between Black Mamba & Copperhead)

It's so ridiculously campy, I can't see how he could find it "deeply offensive."
2004-03-06 05:40:03 PM  
So P.S. turns out to be yet another know-it-all conservative who thinks Hollywood is turning us all into vulgar, violent morans.

2004-03-06 05:42:31 PM  
where are the amusing star trek related photoshops?

for shame farkers
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