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(CNN)   Duke unanimous #1 for 3rd straight week; still suck   ( divider line
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1785 clicks; posted to Main » on 17 Dec 2001 at 3:02 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-12-17 03:04:51 PM  
that flashing winner banner sux.
2001-12-17 03:06:27 PM  
In a related story, Duke donates $5 billion & sexual favors owed to the AP writers association.
2001-12-17 03:07:32 PM  
At least it's not flashing "loser".
2001-12-17 03:07:36 PM  
hrm fark should change its name to sweaty jocky sports news
2001-12-17 03:09:23 PM  
Or "Whiney biatches commenting on stuff"
2001-12-17 03:09:56 PM  
sweaty jocky sporty cock and ball torture news
2001-12-17 03:11:32 PM  
I really, really can't stand the University of New Jersey at Durham, I hope Maryland wipes them off the court.
2001-12-17 03:13:24 PM  
UK's going to beat the holy hell out of Duke tomorrow
2001-12-17 03:14:45 PM  
And if they happen to lose to Duke, THEN can Duke be number one?
2001-12-17 03:16:03 PM  
too early to think about college me in March, till then, post more boobies...or silly Cyberpunk plugs for his failed website, they're more entertaining....
2001-12-17 03:21:30 PM  
I wouldn't really mind if KY loses to Duke tomorrow, because it will probably be hard to beat them twice (in the playoffs!)
2001-12-17 03:25:44 PM  
Hate to say this DREW...

But UK is Florida's biatch.

2001-12-17 03:25:56 PM  
Pokes number 6!! Hey Hotdog, how's it hangin?
2001-12-17 03:27:48 PM  
Jpk173- hitting 'Stop' in your browser halts animated gifs. ;)

Yeah they're really sucking it up at 9-0. But ya gotta root for MD. Yeah, Terps!!
2001-12-17 03:27:53 PM  
Florida is pretty good. I like Donovan. UK will probably snipe him away from FL once Tubby goes elsewhere
2001-12-17 03:28:04 PM  
I don't like Duke, but I hate Kuntucky.

I don't like North Carolina, but my friend loves them, they play twice this year at least.

I will be rooting for Duke 3 times this year.

Maybe 4 if Duke runs into Taliban University during the tourney.
2001-12-17 03:29:27 PM  
In other news, snow is cold.
2001-12-17 03:30:28 PM  

No Way!! Please provide a link to prove this!!
2001-12-17 03:32:04 PM  
Hmm... I don't hear any Missouri fans anymore... might have something to do with the fact that we routed them (for the second time) in their own state.
2001-12-17 03:32:11 PM  
Farkeater -

low and slow.......week before christmas, everyone's out of the office cept us hard woikin
2001-12-17 03:35:55 PM  

Another thing I hate to tell ya, is that Donnovan is one of the highest paid college coaches. At Florida, they have more money than they know what to do with, and trust me... with a coach as good as Donnovan is, he won't be leaving UF for a LONG time.
2001-12-17 03:37:51 PM  
2001-12-17 03:44:12 PM  
I have just listened to Duran Duran's 'Ordinary World' mp3 for the 27th time straight in a row. This is going to be a loooong week at work........
2001-12-17 03:48:33 PM  
StDaedalus...2 routings? When was the first???

11/21/01 Missouri 78
Iowa 77

Granted, not a route, but still a win...
2001-12-17 03:52:56 PM  
Duke haters might be happy to hear that Christian Laettner broke his leg and won't be annoying NBA fans for a month or so.
2001-12-17 03:53:36 PM  
I was lucky enough to get into a web documents class all week. I already know this stuff so I am surfing and being bored.
2001-12-17 03:53:37 PM  
Drew, what are you going to do when Louisville comes to town and upsets the Cats? (Being a rabid Cards fan, I really don't believe they have a prayer, but what IF?) Plus, will you boo Pitino like all the other redneck UK fans say they will?
2001-12-17 03:54:06 PM  
UK has unlimitted money when it comes to basketball coaches. Well apparently they don't have 80 million or they wouldn't have lost Pitino. But they have a lot
2001-12-17 03:54:37 PM  
Nah I like Pitino, he's ok. I won't cheer for Louisville in that game but I'm for em in all others
2001-12-17 03:56:29 PM  
"Florida moved up one place to No. 4, the highest ranking in school history. "

Hehe. Yeah. Florida rules. Hey, they've made it all the way up to #4. For the first time EVER. {snicker}

Oh, and just for Rab: Cock and ball torture.

And Pitino's a sellout biatch. He deserves to be booed. Look at the last couple of places he's been, and ask fans of that team if they'd take him back.
2001-12-17 03:56:39 PM  
Iowa baby, Iowa...where the cock and ball torutre runs like the...well, something that runs a lot

2001-12-17 03:57:48 PM  
"I was lucky enough to get into a web documents class all week. I already know this stuff so I am surfing and being bored."

...and getting paid for it to boot! Is this a great country or what?
2001-12-17 03:59:38 PM  
2001-12-17 04:00:07 PM  
... #1 of the Future.
2001-12-17 04:00:56 PM  
UK vrs. Duke. What is a good Hog fan to do? I'll root for sUcK because when Arkansas beats them it will look especially good. Plus I suppose I havea responsibility to root for an SEC school over an ACC school.

And Drew: How can you cheer for Pitino? He's the enemy! Come on man, have some pride. If Nolan went to Kentucky I'd boo his ass straight out of BWA when they came to play.
2001-12-17 04:02:14 PM  
And, there are girls in this class. Java or Perl, no chicks.
2001-12-17 04:06:08 PM  
mmmmmm......webpagechicks and c&b torture.....might be onto something here..........
2001-12-17 04:08:01 PM  
let midgettossa clear up a few things for you poor bastards...

1. If not for Kentucky Hoops Billy Donovan would be wiping boogers on Big Macs for a living. (much respect to Pitino's prodigy and a quality SEC program though)

2. Kentucky shall indeed claim vengeance against the lowly and vile Duke Bung Weevils. This shall come to pass.

3. Kentucky could have afforded to bring Pitino back if they really wanted to. Kentucky's basketball program has as deep of pockets as any.

4. I, for one, will not boo Pitino when he returns. He brought myself and fans like me far too much joy and excitement to disrespect the man. I will thoroughly enjoy one of college basketball's greatest rivalries.

5. Christian Laetnner is, was, and forever shall be an infected pustule on the inside of a swine's rectum.

6. Tubby will make Duke and all Duke fans his ugly little biatches.

2001-12-17 04:11:09 PM  
Boston College is goin all the way this year! ;-)

Duke is going down.
2001-12-17 04:11:19 PM  
Midgettossa: I agree with one thing, C. Laetnner is a friggin biatch

2001-12-17 04:13:33 PM  
all I know is my Hawkeyes (yes I own them) will either lose to Duke or KY AGAIN in the tourney and I will be one step closer to suicide

2001-12-17 04:13:36 PM  
fark: what was the score of that usc trojans vs. kentucky mildcats game in last year's tourney? i totally forgot. oh yeah, now i remember, the trojans kicked those 2 tooth havin', cornbread eatin', mad dog drinkin' hicks out of the sweet 16. but tayshawn prince is god (not).
2001-12-17 04:14:51 PM  
hey dividedsky, didn't SC piss on BC as well last year? yup.
2001-12-17 04:19:00 PM  
LOL. KU is a speedbump this year. Not enough talent.

Next year they might be able to play.

They are not serious competition.
2001-12-17 04:23:04 PM  

They may have money too, but trust me...we have state of the art everything at UF. The football program brings in millions of cash, plus basketball, and the booster club is one of the largest in the country. Beat that.

(i know i sound like a little biatch, but at least I am not Fb or a Duke fan)
2001-12-17 04:23:16 PM  
Kentucky vs Duke

Live, 9pm in New Jersey.
2001-12-17 04:49:09 PM  
Stop whining about history and who's been good longer. Who's good now? Tarheels suck. Kentucky is good. Florida is better. And according to the ESPN poll, UF is #3.

Go Gators!
2001-12-17 04:59:28 PM  
Al Macguire: "Kentucky was there before you, they were there during you, and they'll be there after you're gone"

gatorsshiiiat. some little punk ass biatch always wants to try and break bad with the wildcats, like arkansas in the early 90's. they had their day and then UK biatch slapped right back in place. same will happen with florida. guaranteed.
2001-12-17 05:37:20 PM  
Snort: Are you stupid or just ignorant? Let's assume the latter and I'll educate you. Drew Gooden is 6'10", runs the floor like a deer and has hands as soft as butterscotch pudding. Collison is about the same only and inch taller, but he works harder to make up for it. Heinrich can shoot the lights out, defend anybody AND can more than hold his own in the middle. Boschee's range starts at the locker room and he a nasty little pickpocket on D. And as for Miles -- OK, he's a freshman, but he can score with any senior in the NCAA. No fear whatsoever. Maybe the bench is suspect, because after frosh lane monstrosity Wayne Simien, Keith Langford and Michael Lee and Bryant Nash (any of whom could start on any other team in the Big 12), all we have is 6'10 Jeff Carey and some walk ons.
2001-12-17 05:42:48 PM  
The Fighting Illini only #9 ?
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