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14381 clicks; posted to Main » on 06 Mar 2004 at 6:38 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-03-06 03:38:32 PM  
The man, a bachelor

Oh, I think that coulda gone without saying.

now hopes to find a wife

Since he just advertised his goods on full display in the center of town, he could be on his way.
2004-03-06 03:55:46 PM  
Was he a cab driver?
2004-03-06 04:36:44 PM  
See? Colonialism isn't all bad.
2004-03-06 06:46:43 PM  
now hopes to find a wife
Yes, scrubbing your stuff might help with that.

Not that I know or anything.
2004-03-06 06:47:50 PM  
Aahhh I remember when they finally scrubbed my layer of filth off...
2004-03-06 06:50:10 PM  
That's gotta be some kind of record
2004-03-06 06:52:13 PM  
was an EQ player by chance?
perhaps an overly pierced idiot kid?
did he drive a Saturn?
2004-03-06 06:53:28 PM  
Why not make this guy a reality tv bachelor. Now THAT would be good TV..
2004-03-06 06:54:04 PM  
kinda makes me think of how badly people used to smell back in the good ol' days of king arthur and such.......only having one bath per year......
the first person to time travel back there should probably take some glade spray or something......
2004-03-06 06:55:19 PM  
He was scoured in sand. Sounds like they wanted him to realize that it would be less painful if he did it himself from now on.
2004-03-06 06:56:51 PM  
SBM, seeks F, any age. If you like a man who's strong, I smell romance. No ropes, sand baths, or public displays of correction.
2004-03-06 06:57:01 PM  
Hey, that's the name of my band!

"Live from the Tokyo Dome: It's SMELLY KENYAN!" (cheers and panty throwing)

/I wish...
2004-03-06 06:57:08 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-03-06 06:57:35 PM  
There was somone on my dorm floor that didnt have the best of hygine. Also went to 24 hour anime marathons, and came back reeking of sweaty man sex.

Anyway, his roommate had enough and through his stinky ass in a public fountain.

Can I say ass on fark?
2004-03-06 06:58:09 PM  
Holy huge headline!
2004-03-06 06:58:14 PM  
threw, not through. Damn Im dumb.
2004-03-06 06:58:35 PM  
Kenyan doesn't bath for ten years, France surrenders.
2004-03-06 06:58:43 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

I need you to take a shower. Your parents are coming tomorrow and I don't want to get in trouble. You haven't showered once all summer. You're covered in dirt. Take a shower.

/sweater fondling
2004-03-06 06:59:59 PM  
Blankman... is that Neal from the young ones?
2004-03-06 07:00:55 PM  
I for one welcome our new unwashed smelly Kenyan overlords.
2004-03-06 07:01:09 PM  
Kenyan Neighbors......for all your 2000 parts!
2004-03-06 07:01:34 PM  
that's hilarious. i used to live in kenya for many, many years. miss those kinda antics...
2004-03-06 07:04:18 PM  
A smelly intervention.
2004-03-06 07:05:55 PM  

Blankman... is that Neal from the young ones?

Yeah, I was gonna write some stupid caption too about filthy hippies, but I couldn't think of any good Neil-isms offhand.
2004-03-06 07:10:27 PM  
We had a guy like this in My squadron when I was in the service he actually got written up for not bathing.
2004-03-06 07:10:50 PM  
I wish my neighbours were that nice.
2004-03-06 07:11:32 PM  
Meh. We did the same thing to funky farks when I was in the army. We'd use SOS pads, scrub brushes and Comet.
2004-03-06 07:12:37 PM  
I think that guy was my roommate last year.
2004-03-06 07:13:05 PM  
The man, a bachelor, has promised to wash once a day and now hopes to find a wife

And it should be so easy to find a wife now that you are know as the smelly Kenyan who had to be held down and scrubbed by his neighbors.
2004-03-06 07:14:30 PM  
I'll bet his mom told him to bathe, "else you'll end up on the news being called a 'Smelly Kenyan'".
2004-03-06 07:14:52 PM  
i worked with this guy who was a satanist. he never took showers because he said they were "a cleansing act of god".
so instead he took a small sponge and dabbed himself.
this guy reaked all the time.
he shaved at work one day with a dixie cup of cold water and a disposable razor.

2004-03-06 07:22:15 PM  
Sounds like the people in the Gaming Club at my university. "Soap" is a four-letter word to some of those people.

The girls are worse than the guys.

I'd drag them out and force-bathe them, but they all outweigh me at least 3:1 and people of that shape should not be seen naked. Ever.
2004-03-06 07:25:48 PM  
Can we do this to France?

2004-03-06 07:33:19 PM  
2004-03-06 07:38:35 PM  
2004-03-06 07:39:00 PM  
What ever happened with that german guy who hadent bathed in like 16 years? the one the police found in a vacant apartment laying in his own filth..........anyone remember????
2004-03-06 07:41:17 PM  
re: What ever happened with that german guy who hadent bathed in like 16 years?

check the family album.

2004-03-06 07:48:53 PM  
I need you to take a shower. Your parents are coming tomorrow and I don't want to get in trouble. You haven't showered once all summer. You're covered in dirt. Take a shower.


/tastes like a burger
2004-03-06 07:56:38 PM  
When my Dad was in the Army back in the 50s they had a guy in basic training that wouldn't shower. So one night the rest of the platoon grabbed him out of his bunk and threw him into the showers. While he was sprayed with a hose, some of the bigger guys scrubbed him with push brooms. Everytime he would try to get up, they would knock him down with the brooms again. He was pretty beat up when they were done, but he was clean. Dad said they only had to do it the one time.
2004-03-06 07:58:04 PM  
If you are too smelly for Kenya, you are too smelly.
2004-03-06 07:59:59 PM  
My husband works in the automotive business, in every shop he has worked at, there's been at least one fella who reeked. I just don't understand how people can be so one wants to smell your nasty ass (same with you people who swim in perfume), is it all that challenging to bathe?

Mmm...I love the thought of stinky auto tech sitting in my car for a test's a good reason to have seat least they can be fumigated.
2004-03-06 08:05:05 PM  

2004-03-06 07:38:35 PM PlatypusRevolution

Let's go to Kenya!

That flash was horrible. You need to be punished.
2004-03-06 08:05:47 PM  
Rancid Crabtree, anyone?
2004-03-06 08:11:03 PM  
Cougarjeff: My Dad was in the Army during WW2,and there were plenty of guys back then who only had a passing acquaintance with soap and water. He has told the same story as you did. No one got the treatment more than once.

Naenia: I work in a factory,and we have one guy in our dept. who has had to be counseled by his foreman for his extreme odor-no one is willing to work near him. I suspect his barely-controlled mental illness has something to do with it. The funny thing is,he is an excellent worker.
2004-03-06 08:15:28 PM  
Hey guys, he just posted his picture on his dating profile!

[image from too old to be available]
2004-03-06 08:19:22 PM  
I know a dude named Retch Sweeny, RobDenBleyker, does that count?

/As obscure as references can get. . .
2004-03-06 08:28:56 PM  
If you are too smelly for Kenya, you are too smelly.

yay for racism, xenophobia, arrogance, & ignorance all rolled into one! i think your post pretty much defines most of fark and americans. have you ever been to kenya by the way?
oh well, what is the point in arguing against ignorance
2004-03-06 08:29:00 PM  
Kenyan? Isn't he one of the queer eye guys? The hair guy.

Who knew!
2004-03-06 08:29:37 PM  
Was it perhaps NakedAvengerZero, brave defender of muslim animals to the point that it has become one?
2004-03-06 08:30:54 PM  

yeah, me too. that flash was great. brings back many good memories. kenya was great.
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