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1049775 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 Mar 2004 at 7:42 PM (11 years ago)   |  Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-03-04 08:41:08 PM  
farked again
2004-03-04 08:41:20 PM  
For the love of jeebus, do NOT scroll to the bottom of that page! I'm serious!
2004-03-04 08:41:34 PM  
They look like 2 greasy hotdogs.
2004-03-04 08:42:36 PM  
Gotterdammerung well I've got the trust fund anyway. Suppose I can buy the other.
2004-03-04 08:42:37 PM  
NSFW links should have NSFW on them. That being said, if you get fired for clicking on a boobies link that is NSFW, but also unmarked, look on the bright side. You were going to get fired eventually anyway because you're a total dumbass.
2004-03-04 08:42:49 PM  

/shoving a hot fire poker into my eyes
2004-03-04 08:43:50 PM  
Oh snap. I think someone made a "Gone in 60 Seconds" reference in here.
2004-03-04 08:44:11 PM  
Wow... first domo kun gave me my boobies back, then he gave me tubgirl. I feel satisfied and violated. And very very sick
2004-03-04 08:44:26 PM  
the pic at the bottom loaded first.....I'm emotionally scarred now..Thanks a shiatload mods!! But the greasy chicks looked good though.
2004-03-04 08:45:19 PM  
CNFSN, if you want to learn some HMTL check out foamingpipesnake's bio, he has a short lesson at the bottom of the page.
2004-03-04 08:45:30 PM  
"Farkers have clicked on the above link 19764 times"

We killed it, everyone!
2004-03-04 08:45:47 PM  
Definitely the greasiest pic ever...
2004-03-04 08:46:10 PM  
the picture at the bottom of the page has the genitals blurred out. well, thank you for that. i wouldn't want to see anything children shouldn't see
2004-03-04 08:46:16 PM  
I been hypmotized!
2004-03-04 08:48:26 PM  
The tubgirl thing is really hilarious. Imagine that somebody, someplace actually digs that. Living close to Germany as I do I would bet he's not that far from here....
2004-03-04 08:52:39 PM  
fark. i should've read the comments before i scrolled.

excuse me, i have to gouge out my eyes now.
2004-03-04 08:53:08 PM  
Wow you mother farkers have annihilated my server! w00t
2004-03-04 08:53:09 PM  
Nice pic on the bottom. I'm still laughing. I can now say I've reached the end of the internet. Always wondered what it looked like...
2004-03-04 08:53:14 PM  

macker - that's Luba and she's Petter Hegre's wife, there's nothing preteen about that woman. I'd be surprised if she's even a still a teen.

I thought I read somewhere that she was, but I wasn't sure.

Welp, I've gotta be going, so, until tomorrow, take care all you Farkers. Oh, and let me leave you with this, since this Boobies post was a little short on the quantity, and the scat shot at the bottom of the page (that I, thankfully, didn't see) counts as negative boobies points:

Hopefully she looks a little older to you here, CNFSN and macker. (Not even remotely safe for work)
2004-03-04 08:53:18 PM  
The pic on the bottom is the infamous "tubgirl." She's been around for a while, forever scarring her image into our fragile retinas.

I have a "friend" who loves to send me links to that kinda shiat (no pun intended) and stuff like pictures of a bunch of 65+ men having an orgy. (shudders) What a friend...

/plotting revenge on scary picture people
2004-03-04 08:57:27 PM  
2004-03-04 08:53:18 PM 1lessthanUsual

I have a "friend" who loves to send me links to that kinda shiat (no pun intended) and stuff like pictures of a bunch of 65+ men having an orgy. (shudders) What a friend...

Yeah, I hate when people do that.
2004-03-04 08:57:58 PM  
Thanks Alexis, that definately helped numb the pain.

That chick is freakin' gorgeous but the fact that she's married to the guy taking the pictures kinda feels like he's taunting me. Stupid highschool bullies and their cameras >:(
2004-03-04 09:01:27 PM  
Z_Karma, PortWineBoy, Lord Darkblade and anyone else:

Aria / Tera pics
2004-03-04 09:07:09 PM  
i was gonna be sarcastic and post a picture of lava but damn...

that is hella hot yo.

I'd hit it, if i didn't slip off.
2004-03-04 09:07:21 PM  
Well now...there's a fine example of a sandwich in need of meat....

2004-03-04 09:08:05 PM  
This sucks...Now I'm horny!
2004-03-04 09:09:44 PM  
oooh....Guy like....

2004-03-04 09:10:53 PM  
Meh, this just doesn't compare to an empty toilet paper tube.
2004-03-04 09:12:14 PM  
Thanks Binary1!
2004-03-04 09:12:26 PM  
Canoe full of moose meat?

/some farker said that in a boobies like 6 months ago
2004-03-04 09:13:25 PM  
tubgirl.... farks revenge, hah. shame on you
2004-03-04 09:16:23 PM  
The only pic left on that link appears to be the very disgusting one at the bottom of the thread. Fark needs to pull this picture down IMHO.

/some stuff is un-fark-like, this qualifies as such
2004-03-04 09:20:23 PM  
I have the same affliction of laziness, CNFSN. Not a good combination with drinking I might add! There is one thing that I am not lazy at though...
2004-03-04 09:20:37 PM  
One word:
(maybe two)
2004-03-04 09:21:58 PM  
Re: The "Scroll Down" Picture

Jesus Christ. That's the first online photo I've ever seen that's made me want to vomit almost immediately. I think a lot of it was the extreme contrast with the linked picture.
2004-03-04 09:22:14 PM  

2004-03-04 09:22:21 PM  
i knew March was going to be a good month.
2004-03-04 09:25:23 PM  
Beware the Ides of March.
2004-03-04 09:25:29 PM  

i too would like to stab myself in my eyes right now

2004-03-04 09:26:21 PM  
Help! Help!

My penis and my hand are attacking each other!
2004-03-04 09:26:22 PM  
How the hell did that make FARK? I thought the mods were here for a reason. That's the most disgusing thing I've ever seen. Wake up mods! Scroll to the bottom of the page. Now my eyes are no longer in my head.
2004-03-04 09:27:07 PM  
to repeat:


/shoving a hot fire poker into my eyes

don't forget to flush your cache
2004-03-04 09:27:59 PM  
May God, or whatever being(s) you believe in, bless you!

2004-03-04 09:29:12 PM  
Originally there was a nice pic there... now there is just a fountain of stuff... Glad I have a very poor memory or that would haunt me for a long time.
2004-03-04 09:31:07 PM  
yeah that sh*t face thang was a bit over the top
2004-03-04 09:31:55 PM  
*21:27...Wow Hiyme, that is one fine picture of two beautiful ladies.

*21:28...Fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap. (deep breath) fap fap fap fap. Dang, I don't think this picture will do it for me anymore. Lets see what else is on the page.

*21:30...I'll just scroll down. JEEBUS FARKING GIBSON! I don't think I'll ever be able to achieve an erection. Ever again. Someone please send me some Cialis. I've got a date tomorrow, and that picture has done more to scar my libido than prison rape scenes and priest paedophillia combined! Those sneaky bastars!
2004-03-04 09:32:16 PM  
Why the hell did I give up fapping for lent? Damn I reeeeeaaaly need to kill some kittens.
2004-03-04 09:33:03 PM  
I don't drink as much as I used to, still very far away from being an alcoholic. Besides that, there are plenty of things I do that make baby jebus cry!
2004-03-04 09:33:39 PM  
I geuss no one bothered to look at the rest of the page!Talk about some nasty shiat.I mean that literaly guys plain nasty and really gross.Cant believe you all didnt see what I wish i never had!
IF i find out who posted that im gonna poke out their eyes like i wish someone would mine
2004-03-04 09:35:48 PM  
CyberJeff I usually use the excuse that I was trying to relieve a charliehorse, but to each their own!
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