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1049914 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 Mar 2004 at 7:42 PM (11 years ago)   |  Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-03-04 08:18:35 PM  

Speak for yourself buddy. That's on my to do list.

Pay the rent...
Threesome with Hegre Models...
Pick up drycleaning...
2004-03-04 08:18:44 PM  

"Dr. Suess' Green Eggs and Ham style.. would I could I in the house, would I could I on the couch... you get the idea."
2004-03-04 08:19:05 PM  

Boobies are those things girls have. I also heard they've got vaginas in 'em!
Bizarre! :)
2004-03-04 08:20:11 PM  
That girl on the left in the KISS picture looks like claire forlani.
2004-03-04 08:20:19 PM  
Nice, however that is one nicely unsecure server...

\\ NSFW //

Directory Listing:

// NSFW \\

Lots of pics, a few of Aria Giovanni (in the Aria folder surprisingly!) and lots of others.

However some of the pictures in the root directory (no /pron)are weird, its like someone has just uploaded their image directories onto the net...

What ever happened to the Aria/Tera pics BTW?
2004-03-04 08:20:52 PM  
I had the KISS poster on my wall for an entire semester. You can learn a lot about people by the way they react to it.
2004-03-04 08:20:53 PM  
Gotterdammerung I was speaking for myself but I'll buy your groceries, pick up your drycleaning and pay your rent for a year if you can arrange the other bit for me.
2004-03-04 08:20:56 PM  
I second TurkeyHead's motion.

Some Farkers should do a "Men of Fark" if the Farkettes do a "Women of Fark" spread.
2004-03-04 08:21:30 PM  
I would like to procreate with these creatures, yummi on toast.

2004-03-04 08:21:55 PM  
good frigging god. Where can I get that to put over my mantle?
2004-03-04 08:21:57 PM  
What happened to the Aria & Tara thread?

Anyone have a mirror for those pics?

2004-03-04 08:22:48 PM  

The Kiss is, IMHO, much hotter than that. The oil just looks scary, and I've seen much better boobies than that in my mirror.

The Kiss is... I wouldn't call it hot. Beautiful, definitely, maybe even sacrosanct. Hot, though? This is hot (NSFW, obviously).
2004-03-04 08:23:03 PM  
I want to know when my ex-girlfriends posed for this photo.
2004-03-04 08:23:14 PM  

Don't get down on yourself man. You've got a big dick and a trust fund right? That's all you need. That and a little courage.

/Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain...
2004-03-04 08:23:32 PM  
I dunno. I hear oil clogs your arteries.
2004-03-04 08:23:48 PM  
2004-03-04 08:24:27 PM  
You know, it's kind of refreshing, this whole thread of "oh my god, where can I find naked picture of women on the Internet?"

Takes me back to the days of bicycling miles to see my friend's magazines in the 70s.
2004-03-04 08:24:41 PM  

Hot! I like your style. I think we have the same taste in women.
2004-03-04 08:25:38 PM  
Hottest. . .chromosome. . .EVER
2004-03-04 08:26:13 PM  
The REAL hottest pic ever, well, one of many. Spike is F.I.N.E. I dont know how to add the pic here so go to....
2004-03-04 08:26:31 PM  
What is this "The Kiss" picture?
2004-03-04 08:28:12 PM  
Wish they would roll over so I could check out their turd cutters....
2004-03-04 08:28:12 PM  
stupid headline. Submitter was probably typing with one hand.
2004-03-04 08:28:18 PM  
Yeah the one is hot, but the other woman is a mutant she has a big toe that is shorter than the toes next to it.
-Shallow Hal

2004-03-04 08:28:22 PM  
I don't understand how a Farker can see [image from too old to be available] and "Hottest" within pixels of each other ... and yet their first thought isn't "NSFW".

Don't tell me that pitching a tent is faster than the thought "NSFW" blitzing across a few synapses!
2004-03-04 08:28:39 PM  
I'll show my teabag!
2004-03-04 08:29:01 PM  
Alexis I like the pic of your pre-teen daughter. what's her name?
2004-03-04 08:29:35 PM  
hmm .. tubgirl ..
2004-03-04 08:29:55 PM  

Thanks for catching the reference, but the name is elypse you might remember me from such driver's ed films as "Alice's Adventures Through the Windshield Glass."
2004-03-04 08:30:22 PM  

Click a boobies link at work, take the risk, even when labeled properly.

Using a bit of common sense is usually required OTJ.

Coming up on the news, Common Sense has been found to be missing today. The search starts at 11.
2004-03-04 08:30:32 PM  
A BOOBIES or WIENERS link is inherently NSFW to anyone with 2 or more working brain cells. The very words themselves have an inescapable connotation of racy, adult material. Would you click on a link that said "hot, wet biatches" and expect it to be safe for work??

If you click on a "Boobies" link, and then have the gall to complain that it wasn't safe for work, would you please do the human race a favor and go wander around in traffic? Do you really need common sense spoon fed to you in a web site's bylaws?
2004-03-04 08:30:33 PM  
Am I the only one who got a disgusting scat shot? That was farking sick.
2004-03-04 08:30:39 PM  
Hey lay off Alexis, you know what they say. If there's grass on the field...

...Well never mind
2004-03-04 08:33:34 PM  
how come no one has commented yet on that *disturbed quiver* picture at the bottom of that page...

all i have to say is: RUINED
2004-03-04 08:33:43 PM  
So yeah, we have 21" monitors here at work. And since there was no NSFW tab, clicked. Pulling the, "what is that" phrase/look is about as a good as I can do when my female Editor is sitting right there.

Although the .5 second look i got was really hot
2004-03-04 08:34:22 PM  
For those wanting to have dueling "Men of Fark", "Women of Fark" should probably check out a thread in my bio.

If only the Farkettes started a thread as such.

And once again, friggin' Alexis. You truly are perfect. I've never gushed about a Farkette before, and I usually make of fun Farkers that do. Video games, TNG, good taste in naked women...I just figured out that you're really a dude. Dammit.
2004-03-04 08:35:34 PM  

Alexis I like the pic of your pre-teen daughter. what's her name?

Her name is Luba, and I don't know her exact age but, like all of Hegre's models, she's over eighteen. No, I'm not gonna be posting underage porn to Fark. =\
2004-03-04 08:35:44 PM  
Oh my God, whatever you do DON'T farking scroll to the bottom of the page. If you do, you will be very sorry. That's just nasty...

Booooooo Scat Booooooo....

2004-03-04 08:36:24 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-03-04 08:36:48 PM  

That's my girl. Show that backbone. And anything else that strikes your fancy ;)
2004-03-04 08:37:33 PM  
Haha..ethernet76 hope you're kidding..otherwise..

[image from too old to be available]

2004-03-04 08:38:07 PM  
Speaking of that Kiss poster... i never knew what to do with my left arm either... always ends up all numb and tingly.
2004-03-04 08:38:12 PM  
whats wrong with tubgirl? I'd hit it.

/not really
2004-03-04 08:38:53 PM  
OK - I have a Hegre account but can't find this series. I was warned about blindness. Anyone know who and when these two are?
2004-03-04 08:38:58 PM  
No you're not, bonedaddy. I almost threw up. I believe it was entitled farker's revenge or something like that. Don't scroll down, folks. I'm 10000000% serious about that.
2004-03-04 08:39:02 PM  
Oh boy, i cant wait till i get home. Damn work and their rules.
2004-03-04 08:40:01 PM  
Interesting. For some strange reason no one commented on the misspelled caption. Hmm...
2004-03-04 08:40:08 PM  
I thought, "hottest? how?". Then I saw it, it ranks up there pretty high .
2004-03-04 08:40:21 PM  
2004-03-04 08:38:07 PM Spanish Inquisition

Speaking of that Kiss poster... i never knew what to do with my left arm either... always ends up all numb and tingly.

You going for "the stranger" effect?
2004-03-04 08:40:26 PM  
macker - that's Luba and she's Petter Hegre's wife, there's nothing preteen about that woman. I'd be surprised if she's even a still a teen.
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