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(Irish Examiner)   Irish biggest drinkers in the world, says survey   ( divider line
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2286 clicks; posted to Main » on 17 Dec 2001 at 8:34 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-12-17 08:40:53 AM  
if you'd live in ireland, you'd know why.
2001-12-17 08:45:35 AM  
I think we Scots give them a run for their money.
2001-12-17 08:45:58 AM  
They drink over 12 litres of pure alcohol?!
Woah, they are heavy drinkers.

The best thing is though, that the irish just don`t care, and are better for it.
Put most yanks in Ireland(or almost anywere in Europe), and they`ll insist we are all alcoholics who need "help". Usually involving Jesus.
2001-12-17 08:51:59 AM  
No shiat ,, that is not anything we did not already know..
2001-12-17 08:53:30 AM  
They say that in the rest of the world, everything's serious, but none of it hopeless, in Ireland everything's hopeless but none of it serious.

I'll drink to that.
2001-12-17 08:55:06 AM  
I have some Irish blood in me, but no Danish; yet I must say that the Danes, in my experience, are the biggest drinkers around.
2001-12-17 09:05:12 AM  
read the article fewl - the poor old danes can only manage a measly ninth place. room for improvement.
2001-12-17 09:19:25 AM  
I figured the Germans would come out on top. We can now see what a nation can accomplish when its citizens pull together!!
2001-12-17 09:22:26 AM  
I reckon the Irish will probably drink about 12 litres of pure alcohol per person next June. Something to do with the world cup I think............
2001-12-17 09:38:00 AM  
Seans-show: Per person per day if we get out of our group and draw England for the next round :>
2001-12-17 09:39:00 AM  
Huh. I would have bet on the Polish.
2001-12-17 09:53:21 AM  
Best use of obvious tag ever.
2001-12-17 10:24:44 AM  
The article only lists a few European countries. This constitutes 'the world'? I'd be willing to bet a 60 oz bottle of wood alcohol that the Russians can drink the Irish under the table and still get up and order more. Plus, you won't have to listen to a Russian babble on with sentimental rhetoric when they're pissed.

Before you start flaming me, know this: I'm Irish. Yes, I come from a nation of drunks (at least that's my excuse) but even I'll admit we're mere pikers when compared to the Roo-skys.
2001-12-17 10:51:50 AM  
When I was in Ireland I towered over them. In fact in one pub I went into, a guy got out off his stool and demanded I sit there because, "You're making us all feel so short!"
2001-12-17 11:22:39 AM  
I have to say, I'm a little disappointed in us Americans. Come on people, let's start applying ourselves and get out there and DRINK!
2001-12-17 11:38:53 AM  

2001-12-17 11:44:47 AM  
If not for wiskey, the Irish would rule the world.

God bless em.
2001-12-17 11:52:59 AM  
in that case i must be the only person in ireland who doesn't drink, yay me.
2001-12-17 12:08:35 PM  
I work in Tech support in Ireland. I take full responsibility for forcing that average up a good bit.
2001-12-17 12:08:51 PM  
I'd drink heavily too, if I lived in an area with so much conflict...
2001-12-17 12:21:17 PM  
Quantum Presbyterian: You're thinking of Northern Ireland. Ireland is pretty peaceful.
2001-12-17 12:23:51 PM  
I don't know about Ireland but being sober past 9pm in scotland is like being trapped in a bad zombie movie.
2001-12-17 12:29:27 PM  
Irish biggest potato eaters and wife beaters in the world.
2001-12-17 12:53:17 PM  
its funny the levels of ignorance you see when a post like this is put up by the likes of frigidpony, quantumn presbyterian, by the likes of frigidpony, quantumn presbyterian, Frenkyboy and quick1 to name but a few, if any of them had lived in this country for any period of time they would realise just how dumb the statements theyve made were
2001-12-17 01:03:33 PM  
I'm proud to say I'm a 1/2 Scottish, 1/2 Irish (yes, half on each side, traced all the way back to Ellis) skin. If you need any more help bringing up the average, I'd be happy to sacrifice my liver.
2001-12-17 01:17:56 PM  
I love any kind of alcohol from Ireland. The Irish part of my family was probably the last to immigrate, so I guess it's the closest. I'm guessin' that's were I get me green eyes from. Incidentally, I'm an English-Irish-German-Native American, as far as I know.
2001-12-17 02:30:07 PM  
Aussies and Kiwis have some catching up to do by the looks of things.
2001-12-17 04:36:44 PM  
im tryin to push up the english average with the help of the famouse grouse.
2001-12-17 06:02:50 PM  
Yea we Irish are a grand old Wet back Alcholics... We s#$k at everything else. Drinking the Irish hold a PHD. Yea I'm a useless Drunken Irish Turd...
2001-12-17 06:27:44 PM  
"100 countries surveyed, top 5 answers on the board: Name a country with the biggest drunks. Ireland? SURVEY SAYS...!"
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