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(Yahoo)   NY Islanders pledge free tickets during their next playoff run   ( divider line
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4870 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 Mar 2004 at 2:44 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-03-03 11:59:06 PM  
like they'll ever make the playoffs again
2004-03-04 02:48:47 AM  
Not that I care anything about hockey, but I think this is a pretty cool idea.
2004-03-04 02:52:25 AM  
2004-03-04 02:55:02 AM  
nice headline mr stupid
2004-03-04 02:55:27 AM  
"for" their next play off run. Or perhaps "to", but I would really like to donate a word to this headline
2004-03-04 02:55:59 AM  
and people still wont come.

didnt RTFA, dont have to.
2004-03-04 02:56:09 AM  
I never was the quickest draw in the west...
2004-03-04 02:56:41 AM  
Islanders blow and now with this free ticket thing they're not making the playoffs this season
2004-03-04 02:58:59 AM  
anyone else find the guy referencing what they ate while making this decision weird?

2004-03-04 03:01:13 AM  
Prepositions are your friend!
2004-03-04 03:04:05 AM  
Elektronic- I did, too.

But I guess it goes without saying that being in the presence of odd textured things smelling vaguely of raw fish gets the ole Wang working.

/proud to be the first to get the Wang dig in
2004-03-04 03:09:04 AM  
i didn't rtfa, but it won't matter because the NHL won't be around much longer.
2004-03-04 03:09:49 AM  
The Penguins should offer free tickets if the team wins more than 10 games next season.
2004-03-04 03:16:07 AM  

Oh, those NY hockey fans are so pathetic and funny at the same time...

/go flyers. die toronto
2004-03-04 03:16:34 AM  
Wings suck
Avalanche suck
Stars suck
Oh, and the Leafs suck the big one.
2004-03-04 03:20:28 AM  
The people of Edmonton wish to apologize for ruining the Islanders Dynasty

2004-03-04 03:23:31 AM  
I read somewhere that the season opener for the Arena Football League had higher T.V. ratings than the N.H.L. All-Star game. Man is the league in trouble.
2004-03-04 03:40:37 AM  
Yeah, buy tickets in advance, for games that may not take place. I'm in.

btw, boo NY, go everyone else. Montreal especially.
2004-03-04 03:44:55 AM  
There is a simple rule in can root for any team as long as it isn't the Rangers.

go watch as they fark next season up
2004-03-04 03:45:54 AM  
NHL and our federal gov't have so much in common... huge deficit... no money.... and ain't worth a dam!!

the last one is just my opinion...

i'm still tryin to figure out how the NHL being so far in the negative as far as money goes ... how can they afford to pay their players?? where is this money coming from?? are they just not paying their bill collectors and passing it on to the tax payers of each town they are homed in? it happened here in tampa with the lightning.. and with the buccaneers. they just pass their tax debts and property taxes on to the local taxpayers too. where can i get a deal like that??
2004-03-04 04:05:34 AM  
Few NHL teams are in a financial position to make this kind of deal, and that list doesnt include the Islanders. Pretty cool though anyway that a shiatty team would do that for forcing their fans to watch that kind of product.
GO AVS. Wings suck.
2004-03-04 04:05:39 AM  
new york = new canada
2004-03-04 04:16:16 AM  
How can you tell it's Spring?

The Leafs are out.
2004-03-04 04:19:45 AM  
2004-03-04 04:43:14 AM  
Any team in the NHL could make that exact same promise for next year, because there isn't going to be a next year. And with the NHLPA telling its players to prepare for a two year lockout, I honestly think that this will be the end of the NHL as we know it.
Which is a shame, I went to a Blues/Lightning game when I was in STL and it was great to watch. I love hockey, I just hate all the greedy bastards who are wrecking it today.
2004-03-04 04:49:10 AM  
There's no such thing as a free lunch. Or free playoff tickets.

/go Sens
2004-03-04 04:52:47 AM  
I for one welcome our new WHL overlords :)
/Winnipeg Jets will take it this year.
2004-03-04 04:54:54 AM  
farkin fark.. Typo.. WHA overlords
/off to a rough start
2004-03-04 05:17:57 AM  
(i like html knowledge)
2004-03-04 07:39:52 AM  
Was an Islanders fan years ago - now?


Baseball starts soon.

/Go Yankees.
2004-03-04 07:40:36 AM  
And if they ever win The Stanley Cyup again Trottier, Goering and Bossey will dance naked at center ice to the Thong Song.
2004-03-04 08:14:53 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Get used to this!
2004-03-04 08:23:12 AM  
With next season up in the air who's gonna buy tickets for it?
If the Ranger's are unloading people it can't be a good sign!!
2004-03-04 08:25:10 AM  
People just aren't realizing that the Islanders are, and always will be, the better NY hockey team

Oh, and there are the Devils too.
2004-03-04 08:36:00 AM  
Didn't the Nashville Predators try something like this a year or 2 ago? I don't think this is so unprecedented...
2004-03-04 08:51:26 AM  
Kudos to the Islanders!

Too bad they probably won't make it past the first round...

Wings rule, Avs SUCK!
2004-03-04 08:51:54 AM  
In a unique plan unveiled Tuesday, the Islanders announced that anyone who buys a full season-ticket package for the 2004-05 campaign by March 21 will receive their seats for each home game in the first two playoff rounds at no additional charge.

It's not that cool. They are doing this because no one is renewing their season tickets for next year (because there isn't going to be a season, and good luck getting that refund any time soon).

whap!: what the Predators did was raise ticket prices but promised season ticket holders they would refund the difference if they Preds didn't make the playoffs.

i'm still tryin to figure out how the NHL being so far in the negative as far as money goes ... how can they afford to pay their players?? where is this money coming from??

Mostly the owners lose the money out of their own pockets. Some of them are cool enough to realize that sports teams are toys, not investments, and take care of their team and their fans anyway. Then you get cheap bastards like Bill Wirtz or Jeremy Jacobs that think "holy shiat! we're losing money! quick, dump all our star players and get me their non-union Mexican equivalents."
2004-03-04 08:52:37 AM  
This deal sounds cool on paper, but season ticket prices are insanely overpriced. I'll just buy my playoff tickets when they go on sale...let's go Islanders!
2004-03-04 09:02:37 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

2004-03-04 09:04:29 AM  
Sorry Beatle_Matt: After I wiped the coffee of my screen, I felt a wonderful little tinge of nostalgia on seeing your nickname. I recalled that the Beatles were still together the last time the Leafs won.

Where'd ya get that toy? Out of a case of Blue? (sorry I don't drink that mass produced crap so I don't recall who does that promo).

I felt really bad for my Leaf fan friends when I saw they gave up two high draft picks for a Leetch who'll play 30 or 40 games in a Leafs uniform before retiring. The final piece? There ain't enough glue.

Now that Robert Lang deal, there's a catch.

Go Wings!
2004-03-04 09:22:25 AM  
It's going to be a really good playoff race this year-I don't think there will be any really weak teams among the final 16. Even the SE division is representing with Tampa Bay kicking ass.

Obviously, it's going to rely on injuries and goaltending. A team like Calgary or Nashville can ride a hot goalie much like Anaheim did Giguere last year.

The other factor to remember is that friggin' monkey spinning the wheel on TSN. Don't go against the monkey!
2004-03-04 09:25:35 AM  
Unfortunately, as many people have already said, there will be no NHL hockey next year, and after the lock-out, only so many teams will survive. I am not sure if the Islanders are one of them. I predict that Florida, Phoenix, Chicago, Carolina (how quickly they fall), Atlanta (ugh!), Pittsburgh, Columbus, and Nashville will be contracted. This would be great since there is alot of talent on these teams that will be dispered, however it would be upsetting for me, since I live in and like Atlanta. If the talent is concentrated on lesser number of teams, than the games will become more about scoring than about defense. It is hard to contain three lines of scoring threats than only one.
2004-03-04 09:29:58 AM  
The Leafs have a history of drafting poorly anyways - giving up picks, plus a guy like Kondratiev who might play maybe another season or two in the NHL, is more than worth it to obtain a guy like Leetch.

Yeah, Leetch might play 30 or 40 more games before retirement... but those games, if you count playoff games, will be all this season. And the last one will be a win.

[image from too old to be available]
2004-03-04 09:37:53 AM  

Whoa, that Leaf is pretty intimidating!

Kidding aside, if my Wings don't win I'd really be okay with a Leaf win (though I'd have to move to Botswana for a few months afterward). I admire Leaf fans who are so loyal given the history of mismanagement in T.O.

You're right those Leaf picks could be meaningless. That's sad, though. The Wings pick up guys like Datsyuk and Zetterberg in later rounds so their first-rounder for Lang hurts less.

/would love a Wings-Leafs final.
2004-03-04 09:45:28 AM  
A Wings-Leafs final would be great for the game...the attention that would get through the Northeast would be unprecedented.

Contraction is going to suck, but probably necessary given the state of the game. I would hope that the Islanders survive, though.
2004-03-04 09:48:03 AM  
Being a die hard Islander fan, this is great. In fact, I renewed my tickets right after the announcement. They have some great young talent like Trent Hunter and Rick DiPietro. All stars like Yashin, Peca and Aucoin and great fighters like Cairns and Godard. You Maple Leafs fans should remember the beating Cairns gave Shayne Corson in the playoffs two years ago. The Rangers? Old, overpaid and hard to watch. The Devils? They couldn't sell out the arena for Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals.

2004-03-04 09:49:53 AM  
Ahh, the Leafs..........Duke of the NHL.
2004-03-04 09:54:37 AM  
I'm in favour of contraction myself. We've seen these franchises come and go... remember the California Golden Seals, or the Atlanta Flames (sorry Thrashers fans).

Salaries are going to have to come down, period. I supported the players cash-grabs wholeheartedly at first because owners ripped them off for years. But reality is kinda pesky too.

20 teams would be ideal. Four 5-team divisions. The level of talent would be amazing. No need for teams to use the trap.

I'm betting on a deal that will save next season. Cooler heads will prevail. There's too much at stake.
2004-03-04 09:55:21 AM  
>>>>Contraction is going to suck, but probably necessary given the state of the game. I would hope that the Islanders survive, though.<<<<

You think that the Islanders would be one of the teams contracted? After Charles Wang buying the team in 2000, over 12,000 of the tickets sold are full season and close to striking a deal with Nassau County for a new building, I doubt it. If I were a Pittsurgh fan , I'd be worried.
2004-03-04 09:57:12 AM  

People just aren't realizing that the Islanders are, and always will be, the better NY hockey team

Hmm. Interesting assertion given the Asslanders went 0-6 against the most frustratingly underachieving team in the league. All I can say is: 1983!

[image from too old to be available]

Let's go Rangers!!!

Islander fans suck!
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