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2001-12-17 12:20:23 AM  
wow! Dave's is 5th
2001-12-17 12:21:58 AM  
i like the "Holy shiat"
thats probably the best description of it.
2001-12-17 12:23:19 AM  
How can something be hotter than pure capsaicin. I mean, look at it, it's got a bottle within a bottle for your protection!
2001-12-17 12:24:48 AM  
Lordy lordy some of that stuff is 'spensive...
2001-12-17 12:25:39 AM  
Hm, never heard of that Chet stuff. And what is a Scoville unit?
2001-12-17 12:26:39 AM  
not in this lifetime. tobasco makes me cry.
2001-12-17 12:26:39 AM  
What? No mention of Scorned Woman Hot Sauce? Their slogan is "Hell hath no fury like a Scorned Woman". That's gotta be worth something.
2001-12-17 12:31:14 AM  
I've got a bottle of Dave's Ultimate Insanity sitting in the fridge. Not quite as hot as the Private Reserve (which come in a coffin-shaped box, heh), but hot enough to give you a good 30-min. sweat. Dave's sauces are great, just use them sparingly or your ass will hurt for a week.
2001-12-17 12:33:18 AM  
Man, there was a day....

What I love about these sauces are the names. Hilarious. One of my customers has a hot sauce collection in his kitchen and he has probably, 300+ bottles of this crap displayed. He says that he attends hot sauce conventions & cook-offs and some of the guys there actually sip it like wine and can tell what peppers, how much vinegar, etc.

Remember: What goes in, must eventually come out. Ouch.
2001-12-17 12:37:14 AM  
the P.S.A. here would be for a soft toilet papaer
2001-12-17 12:38:02 AM  
Bukkake is a hot sauce as well, did not make the list.
2001-12-17 12:38:18 AM  
Quick Tip: If you ever ingest too much of a sauce that's WAY too hot, eat some bread with honey on it. Almost instant complete relief.
2001-12-17 12:38:21 AM  
Taste this sauce and experience the sensation that you would get by hitting your thumb with a hammer.

Now THAT'S advertisement.
2001-12-17 12:40:39 AM  
I am willing to put up my friends grandfathers hot sauce.

You can't enter his home without having your eyes burn and your lymphnodes cramp when you enter the house.

He even sent a women to the hospital once when she ate to much.

Also. He doesn't like me much and calls me a little bastard.
2001-12-17 12:41:54 AM  
Kenh- a scoville unit is how much more water you need to neutralize soemthing hot. like if a hotsauce has a scoville rating of ten, you would need ten times as much water to neurtalize it.
2001-12-17 12:43:34 AM  
One word. Milk

If you are eating anything with hot sauce. Drink milk or eat bread.

Water I find makes it worse.
2001-12-17 12:43:51 AM  
w00t... after being here for god only knows how long, I get my first submission :) Big Tuna: the Scorned Woman Hot Sauce is actually on their list of best sellers...

My personal favorite is the Endorphin Rush though :)
2001-12-17 12:44:45 AM  
Sweet, got my favorite one, Endorphin Rush.
2001-12-17 12:45:12 AM  
Neutralize it down to what, though? To an unnoticable consistency similar in taste to water itself? Totally unnoticable?
2001-12-17 12:46:15 AM  
My favorite hot sauce is scorned woman.... not too hot, and fantastic taste....

Mmmm I love it
2001-12-17 12:47:09 AM  
Water, in fact, does make it worse. Bread works, but you're not supposed to swallow it. Same with milk.

Swish it around, and spit it out.

For fast effective relief... <-- Name That Movie!
2001-12-17 12:50:42 AM  
Kenh: Until it's not burning anymore at all. Good luck if you get any of these in your eyes, though...
2001-12-17 12:50:54 AM  
I'm a little scared of the #1 hot sauce, Smack my ass and call me Sally, Chets gone Mad or whatever it is called. It has a legal disclaimer!!! I guess it wouldn't be good to try that one.
2001-12-17 12:51:32 AM  
I like Daves a lot. Its really good in soups.
The first time I had It I poured it on some fries not knowing how hot it was. Needless to say I saw into the 4th dimension.
2001-12-17 12:51:57 AM  
an explanation of Scoville Units the reason Water does nothing is because it doesn't mix with the oils in the sauces, so you end up just moving the oils around to a different part of your tongue. Milk and bread both soak up the oils.

end of lesson :)
2001-12-17 12:52:06 AM  

[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-17 12:52:24 AM  
I wonder if any of these contain the merciless peppers of Quetzlzacatenango! I hear its grown deep in the jungle primeval by the inmates of a Guatemalan insane asylum.
2001-12-17 12:59:59 AM  
For comparison:

Peperoncini - around 300 SU

Taco Bell Fire Sauce - around 300 SU

Tabasco - 3500 SU

Chets Gone Mad - 1500000 million SU

"Wilbur Scoville invented the heat gauge in 1912. His method was to ask a five-person tasting panel to see how much sugar water it took to eliminate the hotness of a pepper. On this scale, it would require 1,981 gallons of sweetened water to neutralize a teaspoon of Da' Bomb." - Free Republic

2001-12-17 01:00:36 AM  
I did not see Fb's Semen listed anywhere, but hey, he's a jerk anyway!~
2001-12-17 01:01:53 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Buckshot.. " HAY Harry ole buddy ole pal....."
2001-12-17 01:01:54 AM  
My worst nightmare is back!!

About a year ago I tried "Smack My Ass" (the #1 sauce). It was at a restauraunt on shelves with about 250 other bottles. I thought it looked funny so I tried it. I thought the "disclaimer" (printed on the bottle) was a joke. It's no joke! I love HOT sauces; I usually scarf up stuff that makes other people cry. Not this stuff! When everyone else was asking me, "So, is it hot?" I couldn't even answer. It took a couple of hours before my mouth (especially the lips) felt normal again. That night I had the worst case of acid reflux in world history. I ate half a loaf of bread before I could go back to bed.

I forgot the name of the sauce until I saw this link. I'm having flashbacks...

If you can stand HOT sauces, you should try it, just to say you did. But JUST ONE DROP is enough. I didn't much like the flavor either; too dark.
2001-12-17 01:09:22 AM  
Ring of Fire!!!
2001-12-17 01:11:46 AM  
WALKEN, how do you know what fb-'s semen tastes like?
2001-12-17 01:13:41 AM  
Walken: You left yourself wide open brother. Wide open.

(And please, please don't respond "Your mother told me.")
2001-12-17 01:14:54 AM  
Smack My Ass and Call Me Sally ... Chets Gone Mad
1.75 oz. $37.75
Available through mail order

10 oz. $0.79
Available at your nearest grocer

Tapatio- it's what me and the mexicans at work eat. Mmmmmm.
2001-12-17 01:17:05 AM  
Not a big fan of pepper ass.
Awaiting Uncle Creamy's ultimate opinion.
2001-12-17 01:17:23 AM  
You're probably better off drinking hydrofluoric acid.
2001-12-17 01:18:43 AM  
Pure Cap will kick even the most hardened hot sauce junkie's ass. One DROP (from the conveniently provided dropper) in a big-ass bowl of soup will spank you good. And the smell from just opening the bottle in an average sized room is enough to cause many people discomfort.

It's great. Not so much a "taste" as a "feeling."

The place that sold my bottle makes you sign a medical release when you buy it. Gimmicky, but cool.
2001-12-17 01:49:49 AM  
"12-17-01 12:47:09 AM Buckshot
For fast effective relief..."

Dumb and Dumber, right before Lloyd puts the laxative in Harry's drink.

What do I win?
2001-12-17 02:00:59 AM  
i don't know much about hot sauce, but if a habanero pepper has 150,000 scoville units, how do you make a hot sauce that's 10 times hotter?
2001-12-17 02:09:13 AM  
Easy, you take the essence of the habanero pepper, capsaicin, and use only that. Then you don't get any of the fruity bits of the pepper to throw the numbers off.
2001-12-17 02:18:48 AM  
This is a silly question, but what does the PSA tag mean?
2001-12-17 02:35:34 AM  
Public Service Announcement : Do not bub Scotch Bonnets on your genitals
2001-12-17 02:36:07 AM  
I'm a longtime Dave fan, but it appears that it has been surpassed. Chets Gone Mad has 1.5 million Scovilles of heat! My ass hurts just thinking about it.
2001-12-17 02:42:06 AM  
Here's my hot pepper horror story: Around two years ago I went to a Vietnamese restaurant with a friend and I ordered a bowl of beef noodle soup. When they brought the food in, there was a hot chili in the soup, which I didn't really want in there, so I picked it out and put it aside. I finished my soup first, and while waiting for my friend to finish his, I picked up the chili and started playing around with it. I sliced it open with my fingernails, took the seeds out and played with them. Once my friend was finished, i felt the urge to take a wizz and got up to go to the washroom. Here is where the fun starts... around 5 minutes after we left the restaurant, I started feeling a burning sensation in my, err, wang, and I couldn't figure out why! 10 minutes had passed, and the burning was intensifying, and I was getting pretty worried! I kept on trying to figure out why this was happenning, did I spontaneously catch VD? was there something in that soup? We were on our way to a friends house, who was having a party that night. A half hour had passed, and I was on the verge of panic, it hurt so much. Finally, a couple of hours later the pain started to subside. We were sitting around at the party having a few beers when I told them about my ordeal earlier, and the serious pain I was in, not knowing why. My friend who had seen me play with the chili, figured it out right away. Nevertheless, I was the butt of their jokes for a long time.
2001-12-17 02:57:54 AM  
RancidPlasma: Hilarious man.
2001-12-17 03:11:33 AM  
right on...real mexicans don't eat the expensive shiat because that's what it tatses like, shiat. THe value of chile is not to make you shiat fire but to enhance the flavor of food. I think these "designer" hot sauces are created out of a machismo thing.
"Eat a hot sauce that is blah-blah-blah on the Scoville meter, that makes me a manly man with a big penis!

"Oh yeah well I drive hot nails through my tounge so my penis is even bigger!"

"Oh yeah..."

and so on... I guess my point is eat if it tatses good, not becuase it amked a bad ass.

by the way try Bufalo Brand Chipotle sauce $1.50 at the store and tastes great.
2001-12-17 03:12:11 AM  
In regards to Tiezane's post:

down towards the bottom of that page, there's the "other compounds" section: Evidently on of the chemicals found in peppers is known as NOANAL.

sorry.. hehehe
2001-12-17 04:53:08 AM  
700 times hotter than tabasco?! Ouch!
Oh hang on, nearly 40 bucks!
Screw that, i`ll stick with just spraying mace on my food.

Mmmmmmmmmmm, incapacitating.
2001-12-17 04:57:11 AM  
RancidPlasma: Similar thing happened at a resturant where my sister used to work.

They made hot sauce daily from habeneros... Some guy that worked there was making it and had to use the bathroom.. Same thing...

They sent 'im home for the day... I think the comment was, "Go home and soak it in some milk!"
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