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2004-03-02 01:48:44 PM  
just in case anyone is wondering. This is not the original Yellow Ranger Trini. The girl who played her was Thuy Trang who passed away in Sept. of 01. IMDB Link
2004-03-02 03:01:32 PM  
I never saw this girl before Not Another Teen Movie. I remember the original Asian power ranger, didn't know she died though.

That being said, this girl is hot. I hope she doesn't pull another Shannon Elizabeth and get all "I'm too talented for nudity anymore".
2004-03-02 04:52:32 PM  

And they are natural boobies, because one is bigger than the other... and I doubt someone would show a boob job that bad.
2004-03-02 04:53:38 PM  
Yellow Ranger or it really worth posting? Not that great.
2004-03-02 05:41:51 PM  
2004-03-02 05:42:52 PM  
Go go power boobies?
2004-03-02 05:43:09 PM  
I thought she was the pink one. Named Kimberly or something
2004-03-02 05:43:14 PM  
The original Power Rangers were the Dynamen.

[image from too old to be available]
2004-03-02 05:43:18 PM  
"I like your backpack"

Janie's gotta a gun

that movie was hilarious
2004-03-02 05:43:41 PM  

And they are natural boobies, because one is bigger than the other... and I doubt someone would show a boob job that bad.

Heh. Remember that newswoman who was fired for stripping at a wet t-shirt contest? No, no one would show off their bad boob job. Never.
2004-03-02 05:43:45 PM  
Those are some ugly boobies.
2004-03-02 05:43:46 PM  
That's sad about the original yellow ranger. She was hot! Not like this one...

2004-03-02 05:44:19 PM  
2004-03-02 05:45:31 PM  
Wow, and nobody has even said anything about it being a Newsfilter post.
2004-03-02 05:47:05 PM  
wow datdamofo - shes pretty goddamn awful lookin.
2004-03-02 05:47:32 PM  
so many deaths....

Michael J. "Shakes" Fox

Malcolm J. "Bakes" Warner

The Guy Who Played Skippy

You Are Not Alone, Brothers
2004-03-02 05:48:24 PM  
the pink one was the hottest. ohhyeah
2004-03-02 05:48:27 PM  
What the heck is with those eyebrows? She looks like she's getting goosed by a pickle or something.
2004-03-02 05:48:30 PM  
Wake me when you have topless pics of the Pink Power Ranger
2004-03-02 05:48:42 PM  
She's got the kind of smile that says: "I just got done purging a McDonalds Value Meal!"

micke is out
2004-03-02 05:48:50 PM  
When the hell was she the yellow ranger?

And the first one... I remember hearing years ago (Like... 1994) That she had been in a car accident and was killed... Did she get in one back then? Did she only die recently due to that acccident?
2004-03-02 05:49:19 PM  
Crappy Newsfilter links! They're as bad as AskMen articles.
2004-03-02 05:52:07 PM  
I'm just glad someone else saw Dynamen.
2004-03-02 05:52:37 PM  
They? Sure? Do like? to use? Question Marks?
2004-03-02 05:52:58 PM  
Not that hot, but she can power my ranger anytime she wants.

2004-03-02 05:54:39 PM  
But the real strength of the movie is plot, plot and characterization. There's a *reason* she's topless
in school.

/Well, two reasons.
2004-03-02 05:56:24 PM  
2004-03-02 05:56:26 PM  
Who gives a fark about power rangers, lets see more of zuzu2477 !!!!
2004-03-02 05:58:21 PM  
Post naked pics of the original pink ranger k thnx.
2004-03-02 05:58:24 PM  
So why is she naked in school? Is she an exchange student from Nudistan?
2004-03-02 05:59:36 PM  
I think the question should be, why aren't more (legal-aged) ladies naked in school?
2004-03-02 06:00:10 PM  
Her charecter is a send up of Nadia in American Pie
2004-03-02 06:01:50 PM  
Can we get some non-white boobies foe a change. I am not a racist ,but it would be nice to have a little variety .
2004-03-02 06:03:22 PM  
Oh and her characters name in this movie is Areola.

/Yes i know I misspelled character the last time
2004-03-02 06:03:59 PM  
Maybe I am the only one who noticed...but didn't the color choices seem a little sexist/rascist to any one else? The only black guy in the show was the black ranger, the only asian was the yellow ranger and the only other woman was pink.
2004-03-02 06:04:01 PM  
I cant spell
2004-03-02 06:04:15 PM  
what ever happened to the askmen boobie posts?
i was excited at the thought that the site had been shutdown but it is unfortunatley still there.
2004-03-02 06:05:47 PM  
here her some international boobage or at least some black boobies

2004-03-02 06:09:18 PM  

ummm those guys are not dead yet....
2004-03-02 06:11:39 PM  
WTF - they didn't have matching cupsizes when she got her implants? check out the first pic!
2004-03-02 06:12:21 PM  
My wife works with a kid who loves Power Rangers and jumps around trying to stab everyone with a knife. He's alot of fun.

/turn off your TV
2004-03-02 06:13:03 PM  
If you like Boobie then Fark this Survey

2004-03-02 06:13:19 PM  
Hey you almost spelled my nick right, good job! Keep tryin, you'll get it! And you're right, this girl isn't that good looking. I said I thought the original was hot.
2004-03-02 06:13:29 PM  
she can be the star of my show anytime
2004-03-02 06:13:41 PM  
Let's try it again
2004-03-02 06:13:49 PM  
i'd hit of course... but only if an exorcist were present - she looks demented!

2004-03-02 06:14:31 PM it wrong I thought of

[image from too old to be available]
2004-03-02 06:14:42 PM  
2004-03-02 06:15:44 PM  
I been hypmotized!
2004-03-02 06:15:47 PM  
Above link NSFW, sorry.
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