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(Some Guy)   What happened to the guy that posted the 1984 help wanted ad for MS   ( divider line
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10315 clicks; posted to Main » on 15 Dec 2001 at 6:31 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-12-15 06:36:21 PM  
2001-12-15 06:37:10 PM  
"Letwin took indefinite leave from the company in 1993 to, as he said at the time, 'kick back with my wife.'"

-What a disappointment... I was hoping that he had become disgruntled and tried to sabotage MS or something... oh well...
2001-12-15 06:38:23 PM  
A BBC documentary made in 1995 featured Wallace as someone whose vision and achievements as a software pioneer were aided by the use of psychedelic drugs.

Well, that explains Windows...
2001-12-15 06:44:36 PM  
Damn, $5 million for developing a BASIC compiler?

I wish I was born 20 years earlier...
2001-12-15 06:51:05 PM  
I don't see Joann Rahal's name on that list of "First 11 Employees". I'm guessing that this is a farce of a documentary on what happened to Joann Rahal. Next, you're going to be telling me that Joann Rahal doesn't exist. And shortly thereafter, when proof of her existence arrives, you'll be blaming the entire shooter conspiracy on her. No, the governments not to blame at all. Whattya mean the entire CIA was on vacation in Paris when he was assassinated? Yeah, a bunch of BS from Big Brother.

You ask me, I didn't believe that whole "Single OS" theory anyway....sounded like pure crap.
2001-12-15 07:02:44 PM  
This link farking sucks and doesn't work.
2001-12-15 07:16:03 PM  
Jerkychew: What the hell more could he possibly do to Microsoft? Make Windows crash even more? ;)
2001-12-15 07:32:04 PM  
That wacky Paul Allen, I didn't know he bought TSN. Isn't this a conflict of interest? They compete with the MSN whores at ESPN.
2001-12-15 07:37:24 PM  
The work that you do here at Microsoft MATTERS. Your work
won't be canceled due to some political/financial upheaval,
nor just used in-house; your work will be used by millions
of people.

"Through the 1980s, Letwin was put in charge of ... development for the now-defunct OS/2 operating system."

Yeah, good call Gordo.
2001-12-15 07:38:11 PM  
"Through the 1980s, Letwin was put in charge of a variety of projects, including development for the now-defunct OS/2 operating system. Gates called Letwin as good a programmer as himself."

So....basically, he knows how to steal stuff from Apple?
2001-12-15 08:41:23 PM  
Well, thats five minutes of my life I will never get back!!

Why did I read the whole thing??(dumbass)
2001-12-15 09:01:40 PM  
I already said it earlier people, Gordon Letwin is my farking uncle. If you think I'm lying, I could care less, but oh well.

And for those of you who think I'm telling the truth, even though he is worth an estimated $20 million, I haven't gotten shiat money from him.
2001-12-15 09:04:05 PM  
shiat money?

Are those anything like ass pennies?
2001-12-15 09:31:21 PM  
Once again, the headline has little to do with the story.
I want to know what happened to Joann Rahal and 1) Is she rich and 2) If so, is she available?
2001-12-15 09:49:58 PM  
After reading Wintermute's snappy retort, I realized I made an error. For those of you who understand the english language and realize that we make typos as humans, you know I meant to type shiat, not shiat.
2001-12-15 10:07:24 PM  
NewBuhhhrito: You did it again! Don't fret ain't typos. It's jus' the filter. shiat's luck, it is. You need to learn to conquer the filter. Remember: always be smarter than the equipment yer working with.
2001-12-15 10:09:23 PM  
attractive and successful African-American
2001-12-15 10:22:11 PM  
12-15-01 06:44:36 PM Jimtess
Damn, $5 million for developing a BASIC compiler?

I wish I was born 20 years earlier...

Me too. I did that for a class assignment a few semesters ago.
2001-12-15 10:37:19 PM  
Tables were all farked up. I hope the web designer is embarassed.
2001-12-15 11:11:49 PM  
Um, Joann Rahal didnt write the article in question, she was merely listed as the person to contact if you wanted a job. Look at who posted the item, Gordon Letwin. He's been kickin back with his wife and $20 million for 8 years or so.
2001-12-15 11:25:45 PM  
Funny, under "important dates in MS history" it mentions nothing of stealing software from Apple or pinching smaller companies ruthlessly out of the market.
2001-12-15 11:52:49 PM  
Right you are Acetonic, sorry , my bad, but just where is Joann? :)
2001-12-16 12:03:41 AM  
NewBuhhhrito: It's called a profanity filter.

Use "scheisse" next time.
2001-12-16 12:40:34 AM  
Or "merde"
2001-12-16 01:30:06 AM  
2001-12-16 07:31:42 AM  
a. OS/2 is IBM, not Apple, SuperJoe, and Microsoft stole the concept of "windows" from Apple. So any rate, there were no "original ideas" just a bunch of smaller ideas coming together. When you get a chance, watch "Pirates of Silicon Valley"

b. To whoever submitted this article, thankyou, lots of great stuff in there, especially since it barely mentions Steve Ballmer.
2001-12-16 10:28:53 AM  
Blowfish, Apple stole the idea of a GUI with a mouse from not that it justifies windows or anything, but it was piracy from pirates.
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