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(Scientific American)   Yale University map that depicts the New World predates the landing of Columbus   ( divider line
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2004-03-01 07:46:21 PM  
European presence in the new world also predates Columbus. And theories about the possible diameter of the Earth and the idea that there might be a land mass between Europe and Asia were floating around as well.
2004-03-01 10:49:42 PM  
Alf found the Americas.
2004-03-01 10:50:19 PM  
Here be dagrons.

yes, i said dagrons.
2004-03-01 10:50:29 PM  
Umm, yeah, it's called the Vikings...
2004-03-01 10:50:31 PM  
Isn't that map a forgery that some Catholic monk made in the 1930s in an effort to embarass the Nazis?
2004-03-01 10:51:17 PM  

2004-03-01 10:51:41 PM  
Great, now I'm a viking!
2004-03-01 10:52:43 PM  
I heard somewhere that the chinese discovered America, or was that Africa

aw, who gives a fark
were here aren't we?

/didn't rtfa
2004-03-01 10:52:50 PM  
Is this news to anyone?
2004-03-01 10:53:50 PM  
*Takes off Viking hat*
So am I a viking or not? Cause I really was starting to like the horns on this baby
2004-03-01 10:54:09 PM  

You are referring to:

Her theory is that Fischer created the map in the 1930s to tease the Nazis, playing on their claims of early Norse dominion of the Americas and on their loathing of Roman Catholic Church authority

As you can see, it was simply teasing that Fisher was trying to do, you know, like:Nyah nyah, Hitler can't catch me!

Sheesh, embarassing the Nazis...that would have been grounds for a titty twister.

/teasing? WTF?
2004-03-01 10:54:25 PM  
I thought all those pesky North and South American Natives discovered the Americans. At least that's what they think, but they're crazy.
2004-03-01 10:54:38 PM  
WOW IM SHOCKED. This has changed my life forever.
2004-03-01 10:54:44 PM  
Big whoop - not like this helps anyone cure cancer.

/would sell it on eBay w/ a starting price of $0.01
2004-03-01 10:54:51 PM  
Does the map say where the WMDs are?
2004-03-01 10:56:08 PM  
What's Real / What's Not:

1- Columbus: Not real. Basically an urban myth.

2- UFOs: Real. Government knows all about 'em.

3- Loch Ness Monster: Not real, urban myth, Tourist draw for Scotland.

4- WTC Disaster: Had nothing to do with Arabs or 'terrorists'.

5- Illuminati Conspiracy: Real. They put out lots of disinfo on the net to muddy up their actual agenda however.

See? Everything you thought was real is just crapola.
2004-03-01 10:56:31 PM  
It was the hologram that said "Printed in China" that really cast a doubt.
2004-03-01 10:56:59 PM  
I'd believe it more if all the Starbucks weren't marked.
2004-03-01 10:57:19 PM  
And this is what I do for a living. Medieval History: it's always irrelevant.
2004-03-01 10:57:19 PM  
I thought it was pretty much considered fact that the Vikings and Phoenicians had discovered North and South America. The only one still up for debate was China.

2004-03-01 10:58:19 PM  
I thought Amerigo Vespucci got here first.
2004-03-01 10:58:40 PM  
Here you go spindly:

In fact, I have a copy and am reading it, by bits.
(It's a bit dry, frankly.)
2004-03-01 10:59:47 PM  
I thought it might be a different map this time; no, same map as the last 3 or 4 times this story's come up.

I say it's real. Anyone man enough to disagree?

Hmm? Huh?
2004-03-01 11:02:26 PM  
Either Bush, Clinton, Reagan, Kerry or his arch-enemy Kerry are to blame.
2004-03-01 11:02:40 PM  
I wonder where the Skull and Bones guys stole it?
2004-03-01 11:02:55 PM  
I fully expect this story to be on Paranormal with an explanation involving UFOs and Atlantis.

Anyway, at the time most educated people already knew that the world was round and the diameter had already been accurately calculated by Archimedes thousands of years before. Stories about a new continent predated Columbus' discovery by many, many years.

/waiting for people to say "Columbus didn't discover it, the Indians and Vikings and Chinamen did!!11"
2004-03-01 11:03:33 PM  
Didn't know Yale was that old...
2004-03-01 11:04:05 PM  
i disagree
2004-03-01 11:05:59 PM  

My dad got a Ph.D. in medieval history from the University of Chicago. He then proceeded to take over the family blacksmith shop. Point of the, well, follow your bliss, I guess. My dad was in academia for about a year and hated it, so he came home. But the world can always use more academics (I'm being quite serious), so best of luck to you.
2004-03-01 11:11:18 PM  
I hate it when my girlfriend folds the map wrong. i put it in the glove box and it's all neat right. Then i ask for directions and BLAM!, no more room in the glovebox
2004-03-01 11:11:42 PM  
Everybody knows that the Welsh Prince Madoc ap Meurig discovered- and colonized- America in the 500's AD.

/nice way to cap off St. David's Day
2004-03-01 11:13:06 PM  
thanx Nanookanano, i thought i remembered something like that. I actually think they have a copy of that in the house of parliament in South Africa, but i don't know why...
2004-03-01 11:18:03 PM  
Great, now I'm a viking!

Don't say that too loudly, if you live in Minnesota.

/especially if you live in Wisconsin.
2004-03-01 11:18:44 PM  
Fools. I discovered America.
2004-03-01 11:18:56 PM  
My mom belongs to a archaeological group that works on precolumbian sites, they are all over the place.
2004-03-01 11:20:22 PM  
Go here for a better source

If you're not counting the numerous migrations by Siberians (to become Inuit, other nothern Native Americans) and the numerous migrations by Polynesians (to become Toltec, Aztec, Mayan, etc), then the Chinese were first to "discover" North America, then the Vikings, then the Chinese again in 1421 (see above) then Columbus. There is evidence that both Columbus and Magellan had Chinese maps to aid their voyages.
2004-03-01 11:21:27 PM  
Could that picture be any farking smaller?
[image from too old to be available]
2004-03-01 11:26:40 PM  
Mark Kurlansky wrote a book about cod (the fish) that says the Basque got here first. They'd come over to fish the Grand Bank, come ashore to salt the catch, and then sail home. Never told anyone because they didn't want to give away their fishing grounds.

/you be the judge . . .
2004-03-01 11:27:14 PM  
is this the map the second goonies movie will be based around?
2004-03-01 11:27:42 PM  
I think we can all agree that Europeans would have known about the Americas since the 10th century BC; when the Atlanteans created the Mayan Pyramids before going on to create the Egyptian Pyramids, Stonehenge, Greek Philosophy, Maxim and the Nuclear Power Plant.
2004-03-01 11:30:53 PM  
That's what happened to it. I guess I left it in Geneva when I was time traveling. Dang!
2004-03-01 11:32:02 PM  
I'd pay to see that.

Jack Black could gain another hundred pounds and play chunk

that would rule
2004-03-01 11:32:05 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

There, it's larger :)
2004-03-01 11:36:06 PM  
Hrm, the left part of the map kinda looks like Ackbar if you squint. Maybe it was an old school photoshop?
2004-03-01 11:41:11 PM  
[image from too old to be available] ?

Oh, I see. Somethin' be a misc here!

/Aarrr! Its a pirates life fer me!
2004-03-01 11:43:06 PM  
God Bless Vinland
Land that I love.
Stand beside her, and guide her
Thru the night with a light from above.
From the mountains, to the prairies,
To the oceans, white with foam
God bless Vinland, My home sweet home
God bless Vinland, My home sweet home!

Play ball!
2004-03-01 11:43:08 PM  
A thousand years of Icelandic history notwithstanding, erm, I guess this is "news." I thought the descriptions of Vinland and Skraelings were sketchy. This really clarifies things... >cough<
2004-03-01 11:44:59 PM  
That map sucks. I could draw a better map and I've never even sailed the friggin Atlantic. Look at it: Where's New Jersey? Are those islands or cookie crumbs? And where's Alaska? The east coast is all mucked up. Greenland's too small.

The clown who drew it didn't know squat.
2004-03-01 11:46:39 PM  
The New World predated Christ, unless you can explain coca and tobacco found in Egyptian tombs some other way. I'm sure South American pyramids are a coincidence too..
2004-03-01 11:52:04 PM  
yawn.. isn't this map brought up an article at least once every two months?
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