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(WTOP)   Today's case of running over someone and carrying their body for eight miles on the hood of his SUV brought to you by Washington, D.C.   ( divider line
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10911 clicks; posted to Main » on 01 Mar 2004 at 2:24 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-03-01 04:13:08 PM  
Its obvious this couldn't have happened if it wasn't for an SUV.
It has to be the vehicles fault, what kind of SUV was it?
2004-03-01 04:13:32 PM  
"Did you hear something?"

"No, man, turn up the radio, I love this song."
2004-03-01 04:13:48 PM  
I was going to submit this article, but then it wouldn't have gotten approved. Friday I had a brilliant article with equally brilliant headline: "I'm gonna have me some fun.. have me some fun on the ski hill." In reference to Bill Duke in Predator:
Sergeant Mac Eliot: Long Tall Sally, she built sweet, she got everything, that Uncle John need. Aw baby, I'm gonna have me some fun, I'm gonna have me some fun, I'm gonna have me some fun.
2004-03-01 04:47:46 PM  
great, i live in Lorton, VA. this doesn't surprise me since most of the ppl around here are dumbasses.

+1 point for DC traffic.
2004-03-01 05:51:56 PM  
Virginia is NOT DC. One difference being that Virginia has the death penalty. (Hence the reason Ashcroft wanted the DC snipers tried in Virginia)
2004-03-01 05:59:44 PM  
In Las Cruces, NM:
The man told police he didn't know that the woman had become entangled in the truck's seat belt after he pushed her out of his cab following an argument.

Police found 39-year-old Faye Smith on Wednesday dumped along a highway. She had dragged nine miles through city streets, leaving a trail of blood and clothing....

Hey, I'm in Las Cruces, but the last killing I recall is the 14-year-old shot to death Friday night. No suspects. god, I love Las Cruces.
2004-03-01 06:01:33 PM  
Virginia is also home to the most inconsiderate, idiot drivers I've ever seen. People will be stopping on the highway for weeks to try to see the blood trail.

On another note, after reading the Washington Post article Magnificent_Bastard posted: not only did the drunk bastard hit the victim, he hit his car. There's no way to hit a car and not notice.
2004-03-01 06:04:04 PM  
But seriously, folks, Peter Jackson is really unkempt.

Damn, that dude needs a comb. Or a razor. Or a paper bag.
2004-03-01 06:34:33 PM  
In another article I read they said the man was also charged with driving under the influence. Might have had something to do with him not noticing.
2004-03-01 07:14:31 PM  
Ha! I got the CNN one in with a perhaps slightly funny, uncliched headline. Now I will just take this personally and go on lurking....
2004-03-01 07:23:50 PM  
Damn. Not the hood, not in DC. Moron.
2004-03-02 09:29:58 AM  
Lock the bastard, destroy the key and forget him, but first a breast implant, Bubba will love it.
2004-03-02 09:50:17 AM  
Virginia is also home to the most inconsiderate, idiot drivers I've ever seen.
What about New Jersey and Maryland? [shudder]

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