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(SacBee)   Girl buys old basketball as dog's chew toy for $1. Dad notices basketball signed by Lew Alcindor in 1968   ( divider line
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29404 clicks; posted to Main » on 27 Feb 2004 at 10:57 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-02-27 11:25:02 AM  
Start time: Feb-21-04 22:12:51 PST
Ended: Feb-26-04 06:38:29 PST
History: 0 bids

The seller ended this listing early because of an error in the minimum bid or Reserve amount.

2004-02-27 11:25:16 AM  
Basketball still worth only $1.
2004-02-27 11:25:42 AM  

That's nothing. I have a piece of the original Earth signed by God.
2004-02-27 11:28:33 AM  
Is anybody gonna contact PETA for the dog?
2004-02-27 11:29:29 AM  
I'll give 'em two bucks for it!
2004-02-27 11:30:03 AM  
I have an infection signed by Alexander Fleming.
2004-02-27 11:30:53 AM  
Lew Alcindor in high school in NYC taken by Richard Avedon...

Damn! I bet today's NBA would suspend someone for wearing shorts like that.
2004-02-27 11:32:16 AM  
I have a door signed by Jim Morrison.
2004-02-27 11:32:45 AM  
I have a piece of rib memorabilia , it says, "to Eve love Adam".
2004-02-27 11:32:58 AM  
I also have a window signed by Bill Gates.
2004-02-27 11:34:50 AM  
I have a cold sore signed by Amy Fisher.
2004-02-27 11:35:41 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

2004-02-27 11:35:42 AM  

How does a dog chew on a basketball? Unless it's deflated, I guess. But that's just stupid. In fact, this girl is stupid. So is her dad. and Lew Alcindor.

My parents had german shephards that would eat basketballs.

One good chomp and the ball was flat... tooth holes.
2004-02-27 11:36:26 AM  
My mom always used to tell the story about how Wilt Chamberlin hit on her when she was in college. She stopped telling it after I gave her a # 10,001 Mom mug.
2004-02-27 11:37:05 AM  
I've got nothing, signed by Drew.
2004-02-27 11:38:57 AM  
"John Hancock"..He said cock.hehehe
2004-02-27 11:40:32 AM  
I know this guy--a friend of the family--who's a Catholic Brother (as in like a priest, but not). Anyway, he always brags that he once beat Kareem Abdul Jabaar in one-on-one. He'll then tell you, laughing, that Kareem was named Lew Alcindor at the time, and that he was 13 (the brother was a teacher at the school Lew went to in NYC).

I've always found that story amusing.
2004-02-27 11:43:10 AM  
The Sports Guy will buy it so he can blow it up.

(Surprised that joke was still out there.)
2004-02-27 11:44:33 AM  
Holy shiat, that came out of my very own Pollock Pines!

Best thing to come out of that town since I did.
2004-02-27 11:44:49 AM  
Go Power Memorial!
2004-02-27 11:45:22 AM  
Does duke still suck?

(you KNEW it had t be said somethere in this thread)

PS- nice job on the "Officer Lou".
2004-02-27 11:47:45 AM  
Selling my picture of Kareem Abdul Jabbar, signed "Dr J" by Lew Alcindor on ebay
2004-02-27 11:48:28 AM  
I have some AIDS signed by Elton John
2004-02-27 11:51:17 AM  
I've got some semen, it was actually a collaboration of Ron Jeremy and Peter North. It is signed "Thanks for the memories "1998" Whitefire's Gangbang 400" -by Ron and Peter with Certificate if Authenticity from Vivid Video and DNA experts.
2004-02-27 11:52:36 AM  
"The seller ended this listing early because of an error in the minimum bid or Reserve amount."

Translation - someone offered him an amount that he accepted and didn't want to pay the ending price fee.
2004-02-27 11:54:18 AM  
I have some genital herpes signed by Christina Aguilera.
2004-02-27 11:54:44 AM  
I have some violent shaking signed by Michael J Fox
2004-02-27 11:57:39 AM  
It appears that there was an error on the Letter of Authentication.

If someone was really serious about getting this as a collectors item, they'd probably want to make sure it had a good LOA before bidding, so, maybe it will do better in round 2.
2004-02-27 11:58:15 AM  
I have a canoe signed by Hitler.
2004-02-27 11:59:02 AM  
I know a guy who has a flight instruction manual signed by Mohammed Atta, "Thanks for the lessons '2001' Mohammed Atta".

/For the Secret Service and FBI - I KEED, I KEED.
//For the rest of you, save a seat in the handbasket.
2004-02-27 11:59:18 AM  
In anycase, he'd probably be better off selling it at a live sports auction. Interesting stuff like this, unless you have some sort of media drive behind promoting the item is up for bids, kinda gets "lost" amoungst all the Ebay stuff. When you have a 100 or so sports memorabilia nuts that will outbid eachother live, that works much better.
2004-02-27 12:01:02 PM  
Reminds me of that episode of Fresh Prince of Bel Air where Ashley washes Will's baseball because someone wrote on it.

2004-02-27 12:01:05 PM  
I have some snizzle, signed by nizzle.
2004-02-27 12:01:11 PM  
I've got some HIV, signed by Magic Johnson.

What a fitting name, the man's had HIV forever.

Ludwig, that's a classic photo of Kareem. The promise of youthful talent...
2004-02-27 12:03:01 PM  
i've always said they should have a family ties reunion where alpha young republican alex p keaton never becomes rich, but still has michael j. fox's shaking disease. the father says "looks like the only thing trickling down from you right now is your saliva!" i'm sorry, there hasn't been a political thread yet today, i need to get my mean on...
2004-02-27 12:03:21 PM  
kareem didn't sign much stuff, cause he was always stoned from smoking tooooo many blunts
2004-02-27 12:03:25 PM  
"Your dog got game, beeyotch!"
2004-02-27 12:03:43 PM  
2004-02-27 11:04:20 AM Froot Loop

Good Call on changing names.
With a name like Lew, I doubt he would have been as menacing.


I saw it the other way. He WAS VERY INTIMIDATING in college, and I thought the new name made him sound kinda pussified. (My Dad always pronounced it as Jabber.)

Wilt the Stilt vs. Bill Russell. Best. Tallman. Rivalry. Evar.
2004-02-27 12:07:35 PM  
Ebay sucks, yet people seem to think that it's the final word on what something is worth. I wish Ebay would fall into the ocean and be done with it.

/former seller who got sick of their bullshiat
2004-02-27 12:07:40 PM  
I know you! You're Kareem Abdul Jabbar! You play basketball for the Los Angeles Lakers!
2004-02-27 12:08:10 PM  
My dad and he were on the basketball team at the same time in college. Of course, my dad was a senior and Lew was a freshman. And my dad was a slow, short, white guy. But still.
2004-02-27 12:08:35 PM  
Kareem is know as being one of the biggest jerks in all of sports, and that's saying a lot.
2004-02-27 12:10:40 PM  
I have a horse shoe signed by Christoper Reeves!

/straight to hell
2004-02-27 12:11:07 PM  
Wasnt Kareem on an episode of full house?
2004-02-27 12:14:15 PM  
2004-02-27 12:10:40 PM MaddCutty

I have a horse shoe signed by Christoper Reeves!

/straight to hell


golf clap
2004-02-27 12:14:52 PM  
I have a piano bench signed by Tori day I hope to get her signiture on it, too! Plus it has a perculiar smell to it as well...
2004-02-27 12:15:55 PM  

2004-02-27 12:16:17 PM  
I have a partly digested pretzel signed by George W. Bush.
2004-02-27 12:23:44 PM  
I have a baggie full of pet dander but it's unsigned, so I guess I'll have to sell it to some ravers for $100 a gram.
2004-02-27 12:25:30 PM  
I have a picutre of Sean Connery accidently signed by Roger Moore...

[image from too old to be available]
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