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6655 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Dec 2001 at 9:56 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-12-14 09:58:13 AM  
Sorry, it was just too tempting to put in his e-mail address.

2001-12-14 09:58:27 AM  
Heh-- cool. I didnt think this would go through because I used the IP address (since the URL has been linked before).

Go get 'em!
2001-12-14 09:58:42 AM  
I am the walrus.

2001-12-14 10:00:49 AM  
Help wipe poor wittle wil wheatons bottom after he goes boom-boom.
2001-12-14 10:01:35 AM  
Dewey defeats Truman!

2001-12-14 10:02:50 AM  
After you help poor Wil catch the guy who did it you can help me catch the telemarketer that keeps calling me when I sit down to dinner. The guy that sold me my paper this morning looked at me funny too.
2001-12-14 10:03:08 AM  
read my lips. no new taxes.

2001-12-14 10:04:38 AM  
Forward all spam to:


:) :) :) :) :)
2001-12-14 10:07:48 AM  
2001-12-14 10:10:24 AM  
uhh.. it was an @home user. a simple tracert will show you the account. they can grep for that if subpoena'd.
2001-12-14 10:11:16 AM  
Death to spammers!
2001-12-14 10:13:31 AM  

Rat [TotalFark]
2001-12-14 10:14:19 AM  
spam, spam, spam, eggs, spam, spam, beans, spam, and spam...well, its not got much spam in it anyway
2001-12-14 10:14:19 AM  
just general stuff from samspade: has valid reverse DNS of

whois -h magic
Trying whois -h
@Home Network (NETBLK-SRSTFL1-FL-2) SRSTFL1-FL-2 -

The ARIN Registration Services Host contains ONLY Internet
Network Information: Networks, ASN's, and related POC's.
Please use the whois server at for DOMAIN related Information and for NIPRNET Information.

Trying whois -h
@Home Network (NETBLK-SRSTFL1-FL-2) SRSTFL1-FL-2 -


3 4.733 ms DNS error [AS2914] Verio
4 2.736 ms [AS2914] Verio
5 3.140 ms [AS6172] HOME-NET-1
6 3.586 ms [AS6172] HOME-NET-1
7 36.348 ms [AS6172] HOME-NET-1
8 36.348 ms [AS6172] HOME-NET-1
9 47.361 ms [AS6172] HOME-NET-1
10 61.719 ms [AS6172] HOME-NET-1
11 62.333 ms [AS6172] HOME-NET-1
12 62.531 ms [AS6172] HOME-NET-1
13 73.963 ms [AS6172] HOME-NET-1
2001-12-14 10:14:46 AM  
can he possibly suck anymore than he already does?????
2001-12-14 10:15:55 AM  
Spam spelled backwards is maps.
2001-12-14 10:19:41 AM  
2001-12-14 10:22:50 AM  
Now let's hope that the idiot who did this wasn't smart enough to spoof his IP...
2001-12-14 10:26:56 AM  
damn he seems like a mighty geek

stop spamming me!
2001-12-14 10:27:06 AM  
cows often are torn with emotion.

2001-12-14 10:28:16 AM  
Y'know, when I first read the site I thought he was kinda cool. He was sarcastic, witty, and he got pissed off for the same reasons I would, if I were him. Now...well, he's just a little too damn happy. I don't like to see happiness, I like misery. I like to know that others are as angry and pissed off at the world as I am. So, Mr. Wheaton, I'm afraid I can't look at your little site anymore. It isn't giving me the the daily dose of sour grapes I crave.
2001-12-14 10:31:19 AM  
Wow, Bug, you're funny.

And by funny, of course, I mean an asshole.
2001-12-14 10:31:30 AM  
Don't hate me, but I think this is kind of funny. But only because it didn't happen to me, like most things I find funny.
2001-12-14 10:32:12 AM  
"No one expected the Spanish Inquistion."

Who signed Mr. Wheaton up for the Falwell mailing list?
I think it was Rykor.

Anyone scroll down and see the good news:
"SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) - Charges will be dropped against a Russian computer programmer ..."

Anyway, hope he gets the spammer. Good luck WW.
2001-12-14 10:37:05 AM  
Hm, lemme help Wil win a bunch of money in court? Fark no! There'd better be some damn commision involved!
2001-12-14 10:43:20 AM  
I want someone to make me strawberry waffles while I get to sleep in. If they think it's "cool," bonus.
2001-12-14 10:44:25 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
Dom Deluise's bastard love child

not kidding.
2001-12-14 10:48:33 AM  
CandyPink: I'll make ya waffles if you wake up in my bed. *wink*

2001-12-14 10:58:32 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

2001-12-14 10:59:46 AM  

run those fux outta business
2001-12-14 11:04:33 AM  
why make them pay? that's farkin hilarious

wesley crusher was a farking tool! lol
2001-12-14 11:05:48 AM  

Misstress Barbara told me you'd do that...last week
2001-12-14 11:06:11 AM  
NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition! Our chief weapon is surprise .... surprise and fear .... fear and surprise .... Our two weapons are fear and surprise .... and ruthless efficiency .... Our three weapons are fear, surprise and ruthless efficiency .... and an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope .... Our four .... no .... Amongst our weapons .... Amongst our weaponry .... are such elements as fear, surprise .... I'll come in again.
2001-12-14 11:06:47 AM  
i thought wheaton was a leet haxor geek..let him deal with the shiat.
2001-12-14 11:13:39 AM  
Give 'em hell, Wil.

Smack dat beeyatch.
2001-12-14 11:14:47 AM  
Yeah no kidding. What's he need help for? You can fly a starship but you can't track down a spammer? psah!
2001-12-14 11:17:41 AM  

Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

it's a user on the @home network in Sarasota (srst1) florida (fl)
2001-12-14 11:17:45 AM  
"We will no rest until we track down and bring to justice those spammers responsible for this diabolical act..."

George Bush
2001-12-14 11:20:21 AM  
We need to get this information to Data immediately- only a positronic brain has the ability and the resources to evaluate and fix this problem.


fyi- Wil got to make out with Ashley Judd- that is really farking cool if you ask me.
2001-12-14 11:22:02 AM  
Hey Candy Pink, I'll make the strawberry waffles 4 ya but you gotta eat them off my naked body! LOL
2001-12-14 11:22:21 AM  
12-14-01 11:04:33 AM Morsghost
why make them pay? that's farkin hilarious

wesley crusher was a farking tool! lol
yeah, but wil's cool. Fat bastard was really really fat, but you don't go yelling at Mike meyers for not losing weight.
2001-12-14 11:22:52 AM  
"We will no rest until we track down and bring to justice those spammers responsible for this diabolical act..."

Weren't me, mang.
2001-12-14 11:23:15 AM  
kapoor, i should smack you.
2001-12-14 11:26:16 AM  
wil = lamer.

not kidding.
2001-12-14 11:27:04 AM  
Why red?
2001-12-14 11:31:01 AM  
Funny I don't remember Fark taking out an assholes wanted ad. I agree with you BigPhilly. I couldn't have said it better myself.

As for all you 30 year old CBG wannabes out there I say, shut the hell up. Turn off the Dr. Who marathon and go outside. Stop living in your farking tvs. Wes was a charater, Wil is a person. Two very different things. Grow up, and get a life.
2001-12-14 11:31:48 AM  
Why not? have you read the shiat on his site? Now obviously it's not really fair to judge someone based on the little bit of crap he has there, but since that never stopped anyone before, i can safely say i would like to punch him in the neck.
2001-12-14 11:32:54 AM  
"why make them pay?"

because they are spammers and should die!!! Death to spam.

All spamers must farking burn!!
2001-12-14 11:33:52 AM  
2001-12-14 11:33:52 AM  
heh, what did I do????

She held up his underwear on national tv too!

I just wanna be an obsessed fan!!!! But seriously, only Data can help in a situation like this.
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