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(ABC News)   Experts suggest you stare into the sun for about 2 hours straight today, starting at 3pm   ( divider line
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2001-12-14 08:50:09 AM  
sweeeeeeeeeet. hopefully, this will make up for that craptastic meteror shower.
2001-12-14 08:53:16 AM  
2001-12-14 08:54:03 AM  
What crap! First stupid fog during that darned meteor shower, and now 'oh by the way, for those of you in the NW, you don't get to see shiat since the sun sets at friggin 5pm. Sucks to be you.' I blame the terrorists!
2001-12-14 08:57:13 AM  
ever wonder why people from Connecticut are such pricks?
cause we always miss out on all the cool shiat.
screw you.
2001-12-14 08:59:25 AM  
And again eurofarkers get discriminated!
2001-12-14 09:00:07 AM  
Mp3po: Same reason those of us from Detroit shoot people.
2001-12-14 09:03:48 AM  
It's gonna be a hella eclipse in the Caribbean.
2001-12-14 09:05:51 AM  
Detroit-where the weak are killed and eaten!
2001-12-14 09:12:35 AM  
Raining all day in Philly, not seeing shiat here
2001-12-14 09:16:23 AM

Local Times for the Partial Eclipse of the Sun
2001-12-14 09:16:46 AM  
Why it is that every great celestial event inspires mother nature to fark up the weather in KY????
2001-12-14 09:32:37 AM  

Maybe the weather in KY always sucks and you just don't notice until you are missing a great celestial event?
2001-12-14 09:38:21 AM  
You think the weather in KY sucks, you should try freezing your farking ass off out here in CO.
2001-12-14 09:54:27 AM  
No it doesn't... The article specificly warns you NOT to look at the sun for long periods of time, and gives you a suggestion on how to look at it safely.

But take heed, looking directly at the sun - even during an eclipse - can cause severe eye damage. Devices like exposed black and white film negatives, welder's glass No. 14, solar eclipse glasses made from aluminized mylar and pinhole cameras are among a few ways to watch the eclipse safely.

Irony? Cynicism? Is it opposite day? Oh!!!! Someone's trying to be silly of me.
2001-12-14 10:03:44 AM  

Come to think of it..........
2001-12-14 10:10:17 AM  
"This distance (about 252,000 miles away from Earth) makes the moon appear smaller than the sun so the sun's rays are not completely cloaked."

I always thought the moon was smaller than the sun. Thanks for clearing that up for me ABC.

Also, the first time the sun has shined the entire day in months in this part of Germany and we get shiatted on.
2001-12-14 10:13:00 AM  
How convenient it was cloudy during the meteor shower and this eclipse. Must be a gov coverup. Its all fake.
2001-12-14 10:20:44 AM  
It's only a partial eclipse, so you still might want to
exercise caution in your direct sun-staring.
2001-12-14 10:31:08 AM  
That meteor shower a few months back was awesome. I saw probably 100 meteors and some were huge. Too bad its overcast here in VA. Fark, i wanted to make my eyesight even worse.
2001-12-14 10:37:42 AM  
Presently working on cloudy day #5 here in WS, NC. Me thinks I've woken up in Seattle or something.

Pending a heavenly epiphany, I will not be able to view the aforementioned celestial light - would it be an aceptable substitute to go home and glare at my 5 year old for 2 hours instead? (he is often eclipsed by his younger sister attempting to share her snot and other facial spewings...)
2001-12-14 10:52:02 AM  
News Flash!

"Gabe from Penny Arcade fame will be bowing down on his knees to the great Pac-Man God in the sky! In other news Namco is filing a lawsuit against both the Moon and the Sun for copyright infringement."
2001-12-14 12:11:20 PM  
Arshloch: You took the "cut-and-paste" right out of my mouth
2001-12-14 12:36:33 PM  
In other news, those of you who will miss today's partial solar eclipse may want to check out the upcoming "total eclipse of the heart" reported by welshman Bonnie Tyler. "There's nothing I can do," she says, leading experts to believe she may have some inside information. Local law enforcement officials are currently attempting to determine whether this event or Ms. Tyler are connected in some way with reported al-Qaeda terrorist cells in the United Kingdom.
2001-12-14 12:38:57 PM  
Dammit! Cloudy all day in New Jersey!
2001-12-14 12:54:35 PM  
Martel: I saw that interview... and every now and then she fell apart
2001-12-14 02:10:38 PM  
Stuyp the misleqding headlinws! I took thos swriously and noe I am blimd anf can'r see mu kehboard!
2001-12-14 02:38:51 PM  
Martel: Local law enforcement officials are currently attempting to determine whether this event or Ms. Tyler are connected in some way with reported al-Qaeda terrorist cells in the United Kingdom.

Update: Ms. Tyler is currently being held by the FBI for questioning regarding connections to al-Qaeda and her repeated statement that "we'll only be making it right".
2001-12-14 06:52:57 PM  
to bad its farking raining
2001-12-14 09:57:47 PM  
Duh.. the moon is WAY smaller than the Sun. But, during total eclipses the moon appears larger than the Sun from our vantage point.
2001-12-15 03:20:04 AM  
too bad the sun sets at 1pm here
2001-12-15 02:32:16 PM  

Who ever did that one should just kill himself now.
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