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(ABC News)   Army Corps of Engineers using their massive groins to stop beach erosion   ( divider line
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16274 clicks; posted to Main » on 26 Feb 2004 at 2:41 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-02-26 10:28:27 AM  
Let me know if you need any help.
I am using Enzyte and Levitra.
2004-02-26 10:42:08 AM  
Good, they've been overworking their massive dikes for too long, they need a break.
2004-02-26 10:44:55 AM  
South Carolina has promised four million dollars for the program and had hoped for five million dollars from the federal government.

That would be a nine million dollar groin. Peter North has nothing on these fellas.
2004-02-26 02:42:31 PM  
That teacher got in trouble for doing something like that
2004-02-26 02:43:16 PM  
Big wet army groins... Arrgggg.
2004-02-26 02:44:35 PM  
the USACE rocks! always have, always will.
2004-02-26 02:45:13 PM  
I work in radio in SC - used to be in Charleston. The massive groins were always in the news down there and me - jam packed with an 11 year old's sense of humor - could never get through a story about them without busting out in the giggles.
2004-02-26 02:45:25 PM  
John Holmes was in the army?
2004-02-26 02:45:48 PM  
Yeah, but will their groins be clothed?
2004-02-26 02:45:55 PM  
The plan could include the use of groins, sand-trapping structures that jut into the water.

So that's what kids call it these days...
2004-02-26 02:46:00 PM  
Groins... don't work. Not for preserving the beach, anyway. Pity the Corps isn't interested in things that work, only in things that are expensive...
2004-02-26 02:46:03 PM  
HA! Even after RTFA, I'm still laughing at that headline.
2004-02-26 02:47:08 PM  
"Are you happy with the size of your anti-erosion groin?"

You mean the stuff I hear about in that spam I get everyday really works?
2004-02-26 02:47:28 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
Huh, huh. Major Woody said "groin".
2004-02-26 02:47:38 PM  
They (the Army Corps of Engineers) built a jetty near me, and is has caused more erosion than there ever would have been without the jetty in the first place. Their awnser, "we tried, we failed, we have no more funding because we suck". They should just learn to leave well enough alone, and let nature take its course.
2004-02-26 02:48:42 PM  
Go forth and pound thy penises into plow shares.
2004-02-26 02:49:19 PM  
Personally, when I go to the beach, my swimtrunks alway capture a large amount of sand around my massive groin.

So, in theory, it should work.
2004-02-26 02:50:48 PM  
Well, strictly speaking, it's spelled 'groyne', but a nice headline nonetheless.
2004-02-26 02:51:00 PM  
Personally, I'm having a hard time reading anything with that creepy Fark Personals boy/girl thing staring at me over there!!
2004-02-26 02:51:36 PM  
crotch.......groin......please let the next headline have the word loins in it.
2004-02-26 02:52:49 PM  
Maybe pictures of groins strategically placed would do the job for a lot less money...
2004-02-26 02:53:16 PM  
We learned about these structures in Geography in the UK. To try to limit the snickers, it is more appropriately spelled g r o y n e.

2004-02-26 02:53:25 PM  
They were using tax-payer money to try to protect someone's condo. Here's a tip. Don't build your condo on a pile of wet sand at the beach. If you do, don't come to us to try to save it. When it crashes into the sea, we're going to charge you with littering.

"And so castles made of sand, fall in the sea, eventually."
Jimi Hendrix
2004-02-26 02:54:24 PM  
Did any of you take the poll on the right of the article? I won't give away the results...
2004-02-26 02:55:01 PM  
Someone needs to make the USACE re-read the fable.

The little boy stuck his FINGER in the dyke, not his groin. Geez.. A little re-read might just up their enjoyment of the project.
2004-02-26 02:55:29 PM  
groin (noun).

1. Anatomy. The crease or hollow at the junction of the inner part of each thigh with the trunk, together with the adjacent region and often including the external genitals.

2.Architecture. The curved edge at the junction of two intersecting vaults.

3.A small jetty extending from a shore to protect a beach against erosion or to trap shifting sands.

/still need a truss
2004-02-26 02:56:02 PM  
If, while at work you surf the web for articles about army groins you can wave goodbye to your job. You will sea all kinds of spam piling up too. It's worse than spyware on a pier to pier. I'm not one to beach and complain about this stuff, but sometimes it makes me very crabby. I would never respond to the spam either as I am not gull able but I guess somepeople buy into it hook line and sinker.
2004-02-26 02:56:20 PM  
There is a headline that makes you go WHAT!?
2004-02-26 02:57:52 PM  
tr.v. groined, groining, groins
To provide or build with groins.

/the other part...still need a truss
2004-02-26 02:58:05 PM  
GIS for groin
[image from too old to be available]

2004-02-26 02:59:08 PM  
Watch out for those crabs!
2004-02-26 02:59:13 PM  
I hate getting sand in my groin.
2004-02-26 03:01:18 PM  
One time, this dude totally tried to buttress me with his groin.

I was all like,'what?' and he was all like, 'Engineers rock!'
2004-02-26 03:12:56 PM  
So they misspelled it...not need to get all crotchety!
2004-02-26 03:13:06 PM  
Well, I know where the next gay beach will be located...
2004-02-26 03:21:20 PM  
"Crotchety?", said he, with a quaver in his voice.
"Well pardon me for breveing".
/goes off for a rest.
2004-02-26 03:25:12 PM  
The army is going to use their groins to stop beach erosion. how will this work, by teabagging the shore?

/Didn't RTFA
2004-02-26 03:27:25 PM  
First "crotch", then "groin"... now all we need is to get a "crux" in a headline and Fark will be complete.
2004-02-26 03:27:27 PM  
That was minim-ally amusing, tillmaster
2004-02-26 03:29:41 PM  
In other news, Ron Jeremy received his first ever contract to work with the Army Corps of Engineers.
2004-02-26 03:29:50 PM  
Slow news day huh?
2004-02-26 03:53:01 PM  
I have a sign that my dad stole while at the beach in his middle school days. It says "Please keep off groins."
It's always been a favorite of mine.
2004-02-26 04:05:28 PM  
They should claim WMD's then they can get all the groin they need.
2004-02-26 04:08:26 PM  
Ah, Geology innuendo, I get it. :p
I'm so S-M-R-T.
2004-02-26 04:19:59 PM  
Most. Misleading. Headline. Ever.
.. and darned funny too
2004-02-26 04:28:03 PM  
I'm doing my part by reseeding the prarie with my mansauce.
2004-02-26 04:44:05 PM  
Wait a minute. We still have an Army Corps of Engineers? I thought we farmed that out to Halliburton. Somebody get Dick Cheney on the phone right now. I want a stop put to this immediately.
2004-02-26 05:04:44 PM  
Groins don't work well and they make the beach look like total crap.
2004-02-26 05:20:03 PM  
Gotta love the Army Corps of Engineers.

They reversed the flow of an entire river to prevent industrial sewage and pollution from contaminating Lake Michigan (Chicago's drinking water.) This was opposed to improving sanitary and storm sewers or telling Chicago businesses to say, oh, I don't know...stop dumping shiat into the river.

See: kind of town.
2004-02-26 05:35:03 PM  
Someone owes me another mountain dew, I just finished spraying this one through my nose after reading that headline
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