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2004-02-26 03:59:15 PM  
Wonder if there's any Terry Farrell fakes out there?

Somehow i thought you were asking about perry farrell, the guy from janes addiction.
2004-02-26 04:05:34 PM  
In robot voice by the great doofy kid from "Spellbound" documentary about spelling bees.


(You had to be there)
2004-02-26 04:26:29 PM  
Terry Farrell doesnt have to fake her nudes; she has done a few semi-nude poses and they have beem out there for an incredibly long time.

Most notabley, a full-frontal image, in the desert, wearing a completely sheer, shimmering body stocking.
2004-02-26 04:36:13 PM  
HalloweenJack: Or, alternately, the magic phrase in the original Romulan.

/bookmarked Vreenak pic for later abuse, er, use
2004-02-26 04:37:38 PM  
fake it is but thats one hell of a boobie!
2004-02-26 04:57:19 PM  
Good lord! The woman in that link is horrendous. She looks like a melting Barbie that snuck off the set of Blow.
2004-02-26 05:09:25 PM  
Hey lightblub, I bet you're livin' in your parents' cellar... postin' "Me too!" just like some brain-dead AOLer... I should do the world a favor and cap you like Old Yeller.
2004-02-26 06:16:18 PM  
Hairy areola
2004-02-26 06:32:51 PM  
Bring out the Avery Brooks.

2004-02-26 07:14:20 PM  
has anyone posted that this picture is a fake yet, cuz i'm pretty sure this picture is a fake? is this picture a fake?
2004-02-26 07:48:14 PM  
Some gratuitous Terry Farrell sci-fi lesbian kissing action:
2004-02-26 08:04:16 PM  
mmm nothing like a fake picture.
2004-02-26 08:23:30 PM  
Has anyone else ever noticed how often Buffy fakes look pretty realistic?
2004-02-26 08:53:41 PM  
she needs a sammich, pronto!
2004-02-26 09:09:33 PM  
i've said it before, and i'll say it again, is the bestest, most awesomest source for these kind of things. once you start not caring that its fake, then you can never go back to either regular porn pics or typical celebrity porn pics.
2004-02-26 09:42:46 PM  
Sorry man. No one's permitted to say"sammich" anymore on Fark Talkbacks. I'm sorry.

But this photo is HOT! I can't believe she let that happen!!!!
2004-02-26 09:58:54 PM  
I'm sorry, but I'm afraid this thread does not yet have enough images of folks from DS9.

/you're welcome
2004-02-26 10:12:40 PM  

Morn. I win.
2004-02-26 10:28:02 PM - The only website where a fake Sarah Michelle Gellar nipple-slip pic spawns a debate on the best Star Trek series.
2004-02-26 11:47:33 PM  
I'd hitit
2004-02-26 11:48:42 PM  
Am I the only one who stares at the bouncing titties on for about 5 minutes each time before I actually see what the link is about?
2004-02-27 12:23:17 AM  
I *knew* she was a puffer! I KNEW IT!
2004-02-27 02:23:14 AM  
Yeah! Garak was the BIZOMB on DS9... even if he was gayer than a San Francisco honeymoon. I wish there were even two or three characters on TV that were half as interesting as him these days.

/Voyager and Enterprise suck
2004-02-27 05:05:07 AM  
What's with all the repeats??? We saw this last year.
2004-02-27 05:42:15 PM  
old and fake, but it does remind us of a simple truth. If a man "falls out" he's arrested. If a woman "falls out" she's a celebrity. I like the women falling out. No real complaint, except that arrests are a little rough.
2004-02-27 11:30:43 PM  
You are not alone my son.

As for the fakeness...who cares. just creates more fapabilities. you've got SMG w/o the fake, the fake of SMG, and then the real with whazhername. Three for the price of one.
2004-02-28 01:06:26 AM  
fake, huh?

my day has been officially ruined.
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