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Archived thread
2004-02-26 10:20:20 AM  
Ah the morning perk!
2004-02-26 10:22:18 AM  
It's a fake. That one's been aound for two years.
Pretty obvious when you look at her neck, don't you think?
The fake detective has the real pic, some no name actress.
2004-02-26 10:35:36 AM  
These kinda pics actually appeal to some people....
2004-02-26 10:46:42 AM  
Next person to post gets a nipple slip picture from me!
2004-02-26 10:50:31 AM  
I'm next!
2004-02-26 10:51:05 AM  
Not sure why they green-lighted this one. That fake has been proven fake for a long, long time.
2004-02-26 10:53:23 AM  
Oooh Cinekal.. get ready to see my hot sexy hairy nipple!

Proven to be authentic!

/Big WINK ;)
2004-02-26 10:56:02 AM  
isle = island
aisle = shopping center lane
2004-02-26 11:25:34 AM  
That picture's faker than a high school cheerleader.
2004-02-26 11:49:57 AM  
Welcome to 1 year ago.
2004-02-26 11:51:42 AM  
Even the NSFW tag couldn't stop me from opening it up at work. Too bad its not real.
2004-02-26 11:52:17 AM  
Fake fake fake. A good fake, but certifiable, and OLD fake.
2004-02-26 11:52:24 AM  
Check out the stuff in the "More" link- some extreme weirdness interspersed with garden-variety boobies.
2004-02-26 11:53:40 AM  

*Actual message in subject line of porn/spam I received once.
2004-02-26 11:56:47 AM  
This is just about as useless as J-Pegs to Hellen Keller.
2004-02-26 11:56:47 AM  
2004-02-26 11:57:37 AM  
Whats with the "free screw dating!" link? So you screw 'em then you work out if you wanna go on a date?
2004-02-26 11:57:48 AM  
Nice boobie, but not hers.
2004-02-26 12:00:06 PM  
When I got my first internet account, through prodigy 10 years ago, the very first email I ever received said "WE GOT BUFFY!"
And it was this fake picture.
And it had already been around for ten years or so.
2004-02-26 12:00:11 PM  
If only I had internet access at home. It's so difficult to wank at work without anyone noticing.
2004-02-26 12:01:38 PM  
Those ain't no Geller boobs!
2004-02-26 12:03:29 PM  
so it's fake. so it's mispelled. The result: Fantasy Island!

(because they mispelled "aisle" -- get it?)

invest some of that beer money in a copy editor!
2004-02-26 12:03:32 PM  
Oh look it's smg's head on natalie appleton's body
2004-02-26 12:06:08 PM  
Well, all I have to say is that Natalie Appleton - who ever the hell she is - has one fun looking titty.
2004-02-26 12:06:30 PM  
isle = island
aisle = shopping center lane

I'll be damned.

2004-02-26 12:07:43 PM  
Obvious fake - her nipples are pink.
2004-02-26 12:08:23 PM  
2004-02-26 12:08:45 PM  
2004-02-26 12:09:14 PM  
t3h l@m3
2004-02-26 12:09:46 PM  
Isn't that Uri Geller??
2004-02-26 12:10:00 PM  
natalie appleton is one of these i'm famous but devoid af all talent type shagpieces
2004-02-26 12:11:13 PM  
This was proved fake YEARS ago. LAME!
2004-02-26 12:11:28 PM  
Nice photoshop, really well done.
2004-02-26 12:11:34 PM  
Isn't that Uri Geller??

There is no spoon.
2004-02-26 12:11:37 PM  
or a i think i am famous, and should be more so, but i am devoid of all talent shagpieces
2004-02-26 12:12:04 PM  

When I got my first internet account, through prodigy 10 years ago, the very first email I ever received said "WE GOT BUFFY!"
And it was this fake picture.
And it had already been around for ten years or so.

You must have had a very, very advanced account, considering that Buffy the Vampire Slayer begin its run on TV only 7 years ago.

Also, if you got this picture 10 years ago, and the picture was already 10 years old at the point, Sarah Michelle Gellar would have been about 6 years old at the time it was created.

Gotta admit, them's nice boobies for a 1st grader...
2004-02-26 12:12:06 PM  
stupid newsfilter... posting fake pics and getting fanboys hopes up.
2004-02-26 12:13:19 PM  
A fake it may be, but at least it gives us a brief respite from rumnrazors...
2004-02-26 12:14:47 PM  
lightblub...I love that song. Cracks me up :)
by the way, in regards to the pic, its not even a good fake!
2004-02-26 12:18:20 PM  
Haven't seen the pic.. but I fail to see what people think is so special about this woman.

Different strokes for different folks, however.
2004-02-26 12:20:27 PM  
I been hypmotized!
2004-02-26 12:21:42 PM  
Back when they invented the first computer graphics card capable of displaying photographic images, this was the first image they displayed. And the engineers were heard to exclaim: "Man, that picture is old and busted."
2004-02-26 12:23:16 PM  
2004-02-26 12:25:15 PM  
**Submit Ackbar pic***
tag-"It's a fake!!!"
2004-02-26 12:30:03 PM  
Watch me fake whack now
2004-02-26 12:30:42 PM  
I'd still like to show her my fake 10 inch crowd pleaser
2004-02-26 12:31:02 PM  
Who is that in the backround of the pic? Is it an Agent???

/oh, and yeah, it's fake nipplige.
2004-02-26 12:32:42 PM  
the natalie appleton GIS turns up plenty more boobies. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm boobies
2004-02-26 12:33:51 PM  
So these are fake tit pics of Geller?
That's too bad says this here feller
Make SherKhan a happy man
Show your tits sweet Hannigan
And while you're at it witch of Buffy
Flash us some of your cute muffy.
2004-02-26 12:34:05 PM  
[image from too old to be available]


/obscure DS9 reference
2004-02-26 12:36:35 PM  
Actually I think the boob is fake. The slope looks unnatural.
2004-02-26 12:37:37 PM  
Yeeboo--not that obscure; "In the Pale Moonlight", correct?

/the geekalypse cometh
2004-02-26 12:38:31 PM  
And the excitement over a nearly boobless, absolutely awful acrtress with a bad nose and scrawny body is...?
2004-02-26 12:38:55 PM  
I had that image back when images had to be rendered in ASCI characters on the teletype, and back then it was known to be a fake.
2004-02-26 12:39:09 PM  
Remember that huge thread a while back when we combined our farktastic powers to verify/discredit the voyeur shot of Jewel? Good times, good times.
2004-02-26 12:39:11 PM  
Buffy The Kitty Slay......errrrrrr, oh crap it's fake

/kittens rejoice
2004-02-26 12:40:00 PM  
Oh, and Garak rocked in DS9. He was badass.
2004-02-26 12:42:45 PM  
Yeeboo: I just had that guy's voice in my head when I saw your post. Creepy.
2004-02-26 12:44:01 PM  
i remember hearing this picture described to me when alexander graham bell invented the phone. my friend was all, "hey, i have this picture of buffy the vampire slayer and you can see her boob. it's totally a fake."
2004-02-26 12:44:23 PM  
she looks like an oppossom...NOT HOT
2004-02-26 12:46:22 PM  
Back when the Renaissance reintroduced the use of perspective into Western art, some kid painted this image. When he showed it to his friends they said, "Dude, that's been around forever!"
2004-02-26 12:46:53 PM  
Garak WAS DS9. And DS9 was the best Trek.

/Trying to turn this into a geekwar thread.
2004-02-26 12:47:49 PM  
All I got was a picture of Ann Coulter accidentally showing a bit more than she planned.
2004-02-26 12:52:13 PM  
ew tinian.
2004-02-26 12:54:43 PM  
Even though it's fake....

[image from too old to be available]
2004-02-26 12:55:53 PM  

Nay, Next Generation was the best Trek, with Enterprise a close second. I enjoyed DS9 for the political intrigue (and Dax's boobies, jadzia and ezrie), Voyager returned Trek to its explorer of the unknown roots, but as far as plot lines and real world corolations(sp), Next Generation was the best.

now if we were to compare Trek hotties, the Voyager is in the lead. Seven of Nine!!! T-pal is good, especially with the velvet outfits, but seven was just the best in a jump suit.
2004-02-26 01:06:24 PM  
hey DSF6969, what's it like being dumber than Fred Durst? DS9 was the best, TNG and TOS tie for second, and voyager and enterprise aren't worth the toilet paper in their respective porta-potties. Seven of Nine was an ugly, bimbo skank.
2004-02-26 01:06:42 PM  
2004-02-26 12:12:04 PM breschau
You must have had a very, very advanced account, considering that Buffy the Vampire Slayer begin its run on TV only 7 years ago.
Also, if you got this picture 10 years ago, and the picture was already 10 years old at the point, Sarah Michelle Gellar would have been about 6 years old at the time it was created.

I was a little off: actually I got my first email address back in about '92, which would make it about 12 years ago. And the picture was at least 10 years old by then, but it could have been up to 20. Are you callin' me a LIAR? = )
2004-02-26 01:06:43 PM  
Yes, that is a fake...HOWEVER, if you want to see a real SMG nip, get the DVD of "Cruel Intentions" and do a Power DVD frame-by-frame click-through of the scene where she's lying on the chaise lounge teasing Ryan. Her blouse pops open a little and if you catch just the right frame, you can clearly see a nip! I did a cap of it and it's been around the net in the celeb nudity trader circles. I'll see if I can find it and maybe post a link or something.

BTW, I guess I am in the minority here, but I don't really think she's all that hot...not that I wouldn't fark her if I had the chance, but she's kinda so-so IMHO
2004-02-26 01:11:16 PM  
you scare me
2004-02-26 01:12:33 PM  
Ha ha. "I rented the DVD of Cruel Intentions and scoured it frame-by-frame using PowerDVD in order to perhaps glimpse the most insignificant of possible flashes of Sarah Gellar's right breast... But, you know, I don't think she's that hot."
2004-02-26 01:13:56 PM  
I once did the SAME thing with The Flintstones but only because I really hate Elizabeth Perkins.

She makes my Pebbles go Bam Bam!
2004-02-26 01:17:28 PM  
01:06:24 PM Edipis
hey DSF6969, what's it like being dumber than Fred Durst? DS9 was the best, TNG and TOS tie for second, and voyager and enterprise aren't worth the toilet paper in their respective porta-potties. Seven of Nine was an ugly, bimbo skank

You are 1 messed up dude. And I really couldn't care less about star trek.
2004-02-26 01:17:57 PM  

DS9 suffered from always have a central location. The crew traveled around in the Defiant, admittedly a kewl ship, and the show had some space battle scenes that put Star Wars to shame, but the central location restricted the writers on story lines. I LOVED DS9, but I feel Next Generation was better. The Tribbles episode was kick-ass though.

BTW, leave the insults at home. I have no reason to insult you simply because you disagree with me, so be nice.
2004-02-26 01:19:22 PM  
You could poke an eye out on that nip!
2004-02-26 01:19:35 PM  
BTW, the best on-screen boobies in recent memory are to be found in The Gift. And you don't need look at the movie frame-by-frame to see those maracas. No sir!
2004-02-26 01:21:48 PM  
It's NATALIE APPLETON FROM ALL SAINTS. Here's the actual photo to prove this is a fake.

2004-02-26 01:21:55 PM  
MmmMmmmmMmmm! Purply breast veins!

/obligatorial comment
2004-02-26 01:22:41 PM  
oops. already posted
2004-02-26 01:24:18 PM  
How do we know Natlatie's head isn't pasted on Sarah's body?
2004-02-26 01:25:02 PM  
Mmmmmmm...Katie Holmes boobies

/fap fap fappity fap fap
2004-02-26 01:25:16 PM  

Maybe it was a fake of Kristy Swanson.
2004-02-26 01:27:56 PM  
I'll see your Senator Vreenak and raise you one Benny Russell to counter:

[image from too old to be available]

I created it, and it's real!
Don't you understand?
It is real!
I created it, and it's real!

/geek worlds colliding
2004-02-26 01:46:40 PM  
Where is JOHNDX when we need him? There should be some kind of Batman-style pr0n light we can shine across the internet when boobie links start out with poor material and the comment thread (in the words of CitizenjaQ) slowly gets reduced to 'geek worlds colliding'
2004-02-26 01:46:49 PM  
2004-02-26 01:49:22 PM  
Nice tit
2004-02-26 01:54:06 PM  
DS9 had actual plot arcs - a first for Trek. And it had, by far, the best actors of any of the series. Throw in the most butt-kicking (we actually got to see the Federation in a WAR, of all things) and the hottest Trek chick ever (Dax) - and DS9 is the best Star Trek - hands down.

Wonder if there's any Terry Farrell fakes out there?
2004-02-26 01:57:25 PM  
Speaking of 1st graders, whats up with the 10 year old lesbian in the sidebar Fark Personals? Egads!
2004-02-26 02:08:38 PM  
2004-02-26 12:00:11 PM binnster

If only I had internet access at home. It's so difficult to wank at work without anyone noticing.


No it's not. Not if you have a laptop and a wireless connection.

Um, or so I've heard.
2004-02-26 02:25:04 PM  
I remember seeing this picture scratched on the side of my cave, while curled up in my sabertooth tiger blanket and gnawing on bones of the next caveman tribe over the hill. And I turned to Og and said, "Ug - that picture OLD! Scratch something else in wall!"
2004-02-26 02:36:07 PM  
I, for one, would love to see Senator Vreenak replace Ackbar as a new Fark cliche. Who's with me?

It's a faaaaaaake!

/DS9 = best trek ever
2004-02-26 02:36:18 PM  
sarah michelle gellar was cute the first couple seasons of buffy, then she got way too thin and her face got weird. toward the end of season 3, she was maybe the 4th hottest woman on that show.
2004-02-26 02:37:04 PM  
Probably already been said but the actual girl is Natalie Appleton (sfw pics of her in the same outfit)
2004-02-26 02:45:41 PM  
There was quite a lot of SMG nipple in the MTV movie awards' Spiderman spoof with Jack Black. :P
2004-02-26 03:00:30 PM  
screw the Sarah Gellar pic. click on the Jessica Simpson link on the right.
2004-02-26 03:13:11 PM  
This picture is as old as the internet itself.
Who has the final say on what gets poseted on this silly site!
2004-02-26 03:17:52 PM  
Back in 1843 when they were using a pendulum contraption to send faxes over telegraph lines, one of the first pix was of alexander bain's body with Jenny Lind's head. Seven years before her debut in America!!

/not easy to think up a hot 1843 woman.
2004-02-26 03:30:43 PM  
BEKirby: If someone has the "Deep Space Nine" font (or whatever you call the font that they did the titles with), that would rawk.
2004-02-26 03:50:22 PM  
This thread has made my day.

I think the FARK rule of thumb should be that any disappointing boobies threads immediately turn into Star Trek flamewars. Or maybe even Star Trek vs. Star Wars threads.

That'll learn 'em!
2004-02-26 03:54:48 PM  
still those b00bies are pretty gellar.
i mean stellar.

2004-02-26 03:59:15 PM  
Wonder if there's any Terry Farrell fakes out there?

Somehow i thought you were asking about perry farrell, the guy from janes addiction.
2004-02-26 04:05:34 PM  
In robot voice by the great doofy kid from "Spellbound" documentary about spelling bees.


(You had to be there)
2004-02-26 04:26:29 PM  
Terry Farrell doesnt have to fake her nudes; she has done a few semi-nude poses and they have beem out there for an incredibly long time.

Most notabley, a full-frontal image, in the desert, wearing a completely sheer, shimmering body stocking.
2004-02-26 04:36:13 PM  
HalloweenJack: Or, alternately, the magic phrase in the original Romulan.

/bookmarked Vreenak pic for later abuse, er, use
2004-02-26 04:37:38 PM  
fake it is but thats one hell of a boobie!
2004-02-26 04:57:19 PM  
Good lord! The woman in that link is horrendous. She looks like a melting Barbie that snuck off the set of Blow.
2004-02-26 05:09:25 PM  
Hey lightblub, I bet you're livin' in your parents' cellar... postin' "Me too!" just like some brain-dead AOLer... I should do the world a favor and cap you like Old Yeller.
2004-02-26 06:16:18 PM  
Hairy areola
2004-02-26 06:32:51 PM  
Bring out the Avery Brooks.

[image from too old to be available]
2004-02-26 07:14:20 PM  
has anyone posted that this picture is a fake yet, cuz i'm pretty sure this picture is a fake? is this picture a fake?
2004-02-26 07:48:14 PM  
Some gratuitous Terry Farrell sci-fi lesbian kissing action:
[image from too old to be available]
2004-02-26 08:04:16 PM  
mmm nothing like a fake picture.
2004-02-26 08:23:30 PM  
Has anyone else ever noticed how often Buffy fakes look pretty realistic?
2004-02-26 08:53:41 PM  
she needs a sammich, pronto!
2004-02-26 09:09:33 PM  
i've said it before, and i'll say it again, is the bestest, most awesomest source for these kind of things. once you start not caring that its fake, then you can never go back to either regular porn pics or typical celebrity porn pics.
2004-02-26 09:42:46 PM  
Sorry man. No one's permitted to say"sammich" anymore on Fark Talkbacks. I'm sorry.

But this photo is HOT! I can't believe she let that happen!!!!
2004-02-26 09:58:54 PM  
I'm sorry, but I'm afraid this thread does not yet have enough images of folks from DS9.

[image from too old to be available]

/you're welcome
2004-02-26 10:12:40 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Morn. I win.
2004-02-26 10:28:02 PM - The only website where a fake Sarah Michelle Gellar nipple-slip pic spawns a debate on the best Star Trek series.
2004-02-26 11:47:33 PM  
I'd hitit
2004-02-26 11:48:42 PM  
Am I the only one who stares at the bouncing titties on for about 5 minutes each time before I actually see what the link is about?
2004-02-27 12:23:17 AM  
I *knew* she was a puffer! I KNEW IT!
2004-02-27 02:23:14 AM  
Yeah! Garak was the BIZOMB on DS9... even if he was gayer than a San Francisco honeymoon. I wish there were even two or three characters on TV that were half as interesting as him these days.

/Voyager and Enterprise suck
2004-02-27 05:05:07 AM  
What's with all the repeats??? We saw this last year.
2004-02-27 05:42:15 PM  
old and fake, but it does remind us of a simple truth. If a man "falls out" he's arrested. If a woman "falls out" she's a celebrity. I like the women falling out. No real complaint, except that arrests are a little rough.
2004-02-27 11:30:43 PM  
You are not alone my son.

As for the fakeness...who cares. just creates more fapabilities. you've got SMG w/o the fake, the fake of SMG, and then the real with whazhername. Three for the price of one.
2004-02-28 01:06:26 AM  
fake, huh?

my day has been officially ruined.
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