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7722 clicks; posted to Main » on 13 Dec 2001 at 11:10 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-12-13 11:12:02 AM we can sit here and talk about how fake it is.
2001-12-13 11:12:17 AM  
I'll make some popcorn. Farkistan can have a nation-wide viewing.
2001-12-13 11:13:31 AM  
Why would bin laden even let something like that be filmed....duh hello !
2001-12-13 11:13:44 AM  
Was Maria Carey in this?? Oh wait, wrong tape ;)
2001-12-13 11:13:45 AM  
/me starts scalping tickets to the Farkistan viewing... 5 bucks a head!
2001-12-13 11:14:17 AM  
I just watched it.

If the translation is correct, he is guilty as charged. Much better quality on the tape than I expected.
2001-12-13 11:14:34 AM  
I wish they would release a not have audio here.
2001-12-13 11:14:52 AM  
Just saw that its on ABC... I wonder if Fark beat the major networks with the news?
2001-12-13 11:15:25 AM  
uh....we got it from cnn silly
2001-12-13 11:15:27 AM  
2001-12-13 11:15:31 AM  
Anyone know where you can dled it?
2001-12-13 11:15:32 AM link to a video clip or streaming video.
2001-12-13 11:16:01 AM  
I read yesterday where one of Bin Laden's wives just had his 24th kid! I bet he can not even name all of his wives and kids.
2001-12-13 11:16:04 AM  
Transscript is at
2001-12-13 11:16:07 AM  
thankyou!! (undflickertail)
2001-12-13 11:18:37 AM  
we are already lookin for the guy what diffrence does it make.....lets photoshop some still frames from it for fun though
2001-12-13 11:18:41 AM  
I haven't seen a damn thing on this tape yet!
2001-12-13 11:19:05 AM  
fake fake fake....

wonder if the gov't will actually get caught this time?
2001-12-13 11:19:21 AM  
I just read the transcript - I say nuke the farker. Isolate the base and show them what the inside of a sun is like...
2001-12-13 11:19:30 AM  
This guy couldn't be more farking guilty.
2001-12-13 11:19:43 AM  
He is like George Foreman, He just names all of the kids Osama.

I think he gets the power to spawn so many kids from the Pat Robertson Protein shake.
2001-12-13 11:19:53 AM  
this will give the U.S. more viable grounds to escalate the war effort, no doubt.
2001-12-13 11:20:24 AM  
is he dead yet?
2001-12-13 11:20:34 AM  
RockandRoller: "I bet he can not even name all of his wives and kids."

There's a Fark competition in there, somewhere...
2001-12-13 11:21:24 AM  
It's photoshopped by the US gov!
2001-12-13 11:21:32 AM  
so the background didn't fall over and expose that it was a hollywood soundstage


anyone know of a place that you can download it or stream it?
2001-12-13 11:21:55 AM  
What an ugly fark...
2001-12-13 11:23:28 AM  
from the transcript - UBL:
He told me a year ago: "I saw in a dream, we were playing a soccer game against the Americans. When our team showed up in the field, they were all pilots!" maybe if he'd dreamt of a baseball or ice hockey match things would've worked out differently. curse America's footballing inability!

(wasn't football against Taliban law, anyway...?)
2001-12-13 11:23:34 AM  
I really really really hate that guy.
2001-12-13 11:24:32 AM  
Image from the video:
[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-13 11:24:41 AM  
^ sorry, farked up my HTML. the first paragraph's Usama, the other two are me.
2001-12-13 11:26:28 AM  
"12-13-01 11:19:05 AM Mikemir
fake fake fake....
wonder if the gov't will actually get caught this time?"

not only do we have people who dont read articles before posting, theres people who comment on things they havent seen. amazing.
2001-12-13 11:27:16 AM  
Allah be farked...
2001-12-13 11:27:28 AM  
I was an arab linguist (however I have not heard the tape)by reading the transcipt and they way address things, this definately seems real. I do not believe this to be a fake, and juging by his prior actions, this is exactly what usama would do, he is a religious glory-hound.
just my opinion though.
2001-12-13 11:28:43 AM  
Who cares if it's real or fake? He's claimed enough responsibility for other attacks ergo still deserves to farking die.
2001-12-13 11:29:05 AM  
and stalinism...usama was not taliban.
2001-12-13 11:29:10 AM  
not only do we have people who dont read articles before posting, theres people who comment on things they havent seen. amazing.

Feh. That happens all the time here on Fark.
2001-12-13 11:30:13 AM  
Do we have everyone's permission to blow his colon right through the roof of his mouth now?
Or do you think we still need to play pattycake with the Arab countries?
2001-12-13 11:31:03 AM  
I know it seems obvious, but what a farking jerk. I just wanted to say that.
2001-12-13 11:31:12 AM  
Just read the transcript and it seems pretty damning.

Whats the tape quality like?
2001-12-13 11:32:00 AM  

just a bit jittery and shakey, but pretty good. audio is better then expected
2001-12-13 11:32:23 AM  
More shots from the video (via Reuters/Yahoo)
[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-13 11:32:26 AM  
UBL: (...Inaudible...) we calculated in advance the number of casualties from the enemy, who would be killed based on the position of the tower. We calculated that the floors that would be hit would be three or four floors. I was the most optimistic of them all.
(...Inaudible...) due to my experience in this field, I was thinking that the fire from the gas in the plane would melt the iron structure of the building and collapse the area where the plane hit and all the floors above it only. This is all that we had hoped for.
2001-12-13 11:32:58 AM  
hehehe, I have an idea. Lets have a Spec Ops group sneak in a nuke underground into his base and set it off. We could call it an underground test....
2001-12-13 11:33:41 AM  
Just read the transcript and it seems pretty damning.

Whats the tape quality like?

Not half bad..

Must not have been an infidel American Camera..probably a Sony..... ;)
2001-12-13 11:33:54 AM  
Then we could arrest him for interfering with a US govt operation.. LOL
2001-12-13 11:35:17 AM  
it's not a fake.... i work at an international engineering company , and one of the guys on my floor works in arabic countries because he speaks very fluent arabic.. he told me from what he heard and saw of it that the translation was pretty damn accurate....and as far as people saying he wouldn't let himself get taped saying it.. why not.. all movie villians give away their big plot for everyone to see and hear.. why shouldn't this piece of s.hit
2001-12-13 11:36:05 AM  
he should have read the top 100 things to do when you become a super villan list
2001-12-13 11:36:12 AM  
It does tend to beg the question of why the person filming him (if it was an American) didn't just shoot him there and then.

If not that, then at least where is he now?
2001-12-13 11:37:22 AM

heh... he should have taken pointers....
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