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(Boston Globe)   Random act of kindness repayed 70 years later   ( divider line
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30526 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Feb 2004 at 10:54 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-02-23 01:47:59 PM  
more like spiffy
2004-02-23 01:49:29 PM  
Ghost_of_Toonz wins this thread.
2004-02-23 02:06:15 PM  
Ah Malone... smack-dab in the middle of nowhere. Malone police... they're not so bad. Try dealing with Tupper Lake police. (Yes I used to live in that part of the world)

/continuation of Malone threadjack
2004-02-23 02:47:35 PM  
Once upon a time (you bunch of fat-ass spoiled Americans) people had to work much harder (than you entitled whiny b*tches) to feed and clothe their families. Something as simple as a pair of glasses (rather than video games, beer, cable TV, cashmere sweaters, Nike's, and styro burgers) could change a person's entire life. This "act of kindness" was a stitch in time that probably carried over to her kids and grandkids. I bet her appreciation did, too.

2004-02-23 02:50:18 PM  

I do miss driving the 12 miles over the boarder for Canadian beer... Been years since I had a Bradors.
2004-02-23 03:26:22 PM  
How ironic that I spelled "misspelling" wrong.
2004-02-23 05:29:46 PM  
In other news, random acts of stupidity reciprocated multiple times every day.
2004-02-23 07:10:43 PM  
macker -glasses cost $400-$700 a pair?! I don't know if your glasses are gold plated or something, but for $200 I can get designer glasses with an exam at most places. For $100 someone who really needs them could get noname frames and low script lenses.
2004-02-23 08:30:43 PM  
give the sarcasm a rest.....even farkers have grandparents and a great aunt who stuffs a dollar in your pocket and think it is real money and actually glows when you try to refuse, cause she is thinking you realize it is a lot of money.....and you are thinking 'poor old fark....needs the money more than me'....she did a good thing and that is the end of the story
2004-02-23 08:46:44 PM  
yes Jex
I just bought new ones, they were 700. frames were 300 but 50% off. There not designer, just frameless with anti-computer glare for hardcore farking and scratch resistant lenses, and light as a feather :) There not cheap but not designer
2004-02-23 09:45:03 PM  
Good stuff, that gives me a warm fuzzy.
2004-02-24 03:48:40 AM  
you spent 10 bucks for a burger at Crappleby's?!?

No, I'm positioning it as "I repayed the kindness of the waiter." I guess you're saying I was too generous? More the reason to cannonize me, I guess.

It's an act of selfless charity, as I learned for the woman. I used to think of this as "exchaning money for goods and services received". But no more!

Look, if she had donated her house to buy glasses for sightless orphans, then I want to read about her. But $100 for glasses she received years ago? Damn that's unremarkable.
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