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(CorporateMofo)   You know you're in trouble when even Corporate Mofo won't vote for your pansy liberal ass   ( divider line
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24335 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Feb 2004 at 5:03 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-02-23 12:20:16 PM  
Just because you CAN run, doesn't mean you SHOULD run. What an selfish asswipe this man is - to think I used to admire him, back in the 70's.
2004-02-23 12:26:01 PM  
who cares what corporate mofo thinks????????
It is just one attention whore's opinion, but it gets its own link.

I am sick of people like him who are happy with the status quo. They would never vote for Nader bc it would cause probs. with the senate and the house.......GOOD. Our political scene is only going to get worse and there is no way that the two parties are willing to change.

So instead of biatching about Nader allowing dummy #1 to beat dummy #2, have the balls to vote for Nader.

Just consider what would happen if all the people that like Nader's ideas yet are afraid to vote for him bc he is not a member of a party.

Also, someone please explain to me why Kerry, whose picture appears next to the definitions for contradiction, flip-flop, and acromegaly, and who will say anything to get elected IS a better candidate than Nader who actually believes in what he says, and whose actions match his words.
2004-02-23 12:52:26 PM  
Screw Nadar and The Greens. Vote LIBERTARIAN!
2004-02-23 12:59:45 PM  
I have this theory that Nader was paid by the republican party to show up and grab a few dem votes.
2004-02-23 01:22:57 PM  
"I have this theory that Nader was paid by the republican party to show up and grab a few dem votes."

I think Naders ego is more than willing to do it for free.
2004-02-23 01:36:05 PM  
Nader's hardly a pansy. In fact, most liberals I know could kick most conservative-pansyassed-pasty-goosesteppin-homophobic-egomaniacal-hypo​critical -hypermoralistic-sexuallyrepressed-ignorant-sanctimonious-fakepatrioti​c BUTTS!

On another note, Nader is being a real idiot. He should go away for this round.
2004-02-23 01:49:21 PM  
Nader is the only candidate that actually talks about important issues.
Why is he the only one blamed for Bush becoming President?
First of all, any of the third party candidates can be blamed then. Buchanan didn't get blamed, and the number of people that voted for him was greater than the difference between Bush and Gore. Should he not have run?
Should we only have two parties? Two parties that both accept equal donations from the same corporations?
Oh, and what about Katherine Harris setting it up so thousands of black voters were turned away? Did we forget that? Much easier to blame Nader. Of course the media would want to blame Nader. Nader is against excessive corporate power. The same corporate power that controls the mass media. Which is the same sad reason Nader doesn't have a chance of winning. Big Business doesn;t want Nader to win.
If Nader was allowed to debate, he would CRUSH Kerry and Bush. He would call them out on all of their hypocrisy.
If you saw Nader's prss conference today, you saw a gifted wloquent speaker who actually answered every single question the press threw at him. After each question, he asked if he answered the question.
The polar opposite of Bush, (the President who has given less press conferences than any in history) who looked so bad with Tim Russert, that the White House asked if they could take the tape and edit out all of the Mmmmmmmm's and uhhhhhhhhhh's.

We need third party candidates. We have no choices right now in the Reps or Dems that truly represent the working class.
If Kerry gets the nomination, he is almost as big of a phony as Bush is. Kerry and Edwards approved of NAFTA and Gatt.

Nader is an environmentalist. There is nothing I have ever heard of that would dispute that.
As for the article's claim that Nader didn't get anyone out to vote that wouldn't have voted. Well I am proof that the article is wrong. I had ZERO interest in politics until I saw Nader speak at my University. He was the first politician I ever heard speak about things that resonated with me. I voted because of him.
2004-02-23 01:51:41 PM  
Lyndon LaRouche will get more votes than Nader.

In other news, that 10 Commandments judge guy Roy Moore is considering running for POTUS, also. If he does, Bush is even more farked than he already is.

I suspect that the Bush backers will take care of Moore, one way or the other, to keep him out of it.
2004-02-23 02:03:21 PM  
2004-02-23 12:59:45 PM iollow
I have this theory that Nader was paid by the republican party to show up and grab a few dem votes.

In 2000 Republicans paid for Nader ads in some swing states.
2004-02-23 03:53:53 PM  
Next election, I want to see Nader vs. Perot.
2004-02-23 04:08:25 PM  
As a Libertarian, I'm disgusted with this notion that most liberals are taking that "I'll compromise on a watered-down democrat, if it gets a pseudo-liberal person elected that, at the very least, pays lip service to my issues."

THAT is absolutely the worst attitude, and its this attitude that puts idiots in office. Because it filters out everything but the easiest-to-think-about candidates.

I don't like Nader's politics- but I respect him. I respect people that vote for him.

This year I am most likely going to vote Libertarian. There will not be a Libertarian president. I guaruntee you this for the next 3-4 elections, if not forever. Is my vote wasted? Hell no.

Vote on principle. Don't vote like you're gambling on a college football game... trying to spin the numbers so "someone close" wins.

If you think Kerry and/or Bush are lip-service politicans... then friggin vote that way.

The way I see it, I really don't like Kerry or Bush... but come on... neither are Hitler... neither are so dreadfully terrible that all hell is going to break loose if one or the other is elected!
2004-02-23 05:06:33 PM  
As it was, there wasn't a sex toy's chance in Texas

That is the best thing I have read all day.

2004-02-23 05:07:56 PM  
I dont care what corporate mofo thinks. I dont care what you think. You shouldn't care about what I think. And I dont care about what I think myself.
2004-02-23 05:08:23 PM  
He is unsafe at any speed!

2004-02-23 05:09:02 PM  
SuburbanCowboy: The only one to blame for Bush becoming president is Gore himself. If he wasn't such a pantywaste to not carry his own state (and Arkansas, too, for that matter), he would have won.
2004-02-23 05:09:15 PM  
If I wanted to read Corporate Mofo I'd be on Corporate Mofo.

It's kind of like posting Askmen and annanova links.. ya know?

2 bit blog wannabee's.

Feel the hate.
2004-02-23 05:09:25 PM  
Nader may be annoying, but "pansy liberal ass"? Who greenlights these headlines? Would be OK if they were half funny.
2004-02-23 05:10:36 PM  
Screw Nader and The Greens! Vote LIBRARIAN!
2004-02-23 05:11:04 PM  
Liberals are pansy asses. I like it.
2004-02-23 05:11:41 PM  
A vote for kerry, is a vote for our democrat overlords.

go nader :-p
2004-02-23 05:12:38 PM  
Green Party Supermen Are Our Superiors.
2004-02-23 05:12:39 PM  
Yeah! With some sexual harassment on top!
2004-02-23 05:12:58 PM  
Woo-hoo! Bush/Nader '04

Nader is fighting for one thing: to see his geriatric face on television one more time...
2004-02-23 05:13:33 PM  
Well this pansy ass liberal could kick your ass
2004-02-23 05:15:01 PM  
Doesn't matter. If Bush choses Giuliani as his VP (with Cheney going to State and Powell leaving), I don't think there's a chance in hell he'll lose. Oh, I'll be voting Democrat, but Giuliani has the whole "hero" thing going.

2004-02-23 05:15:04 PM  
blah blah blah blah I'm Lady Godiva blah there wasn't a sex toy's chance in Texas blah blah blah blah
2004-02-23 05:15:54 PM  

I find your views interesting and wish to subscribe to your newsletter
2004-02-23 05:17:08 PM  
I pretty much agree with everything SuburbanCowboy said. Nader would be a grat president and I believe is a great American.

Unfortunately, I may be more scared of Bush than I am supportive of ANYTHING at this time. This is unfortunate.
2004-02-23 05:17:46 PM  
God forbid a real politition enters the fray. Kiss my ass if you think Nader lost Gore the election...Gore and his non-existant personality lost the election himself. It pisses me off that people actually think that everyone who voted for nader would have voted for gore otherwise.

I voted for him in the last election and if he didn't run I would have probably voted for Bush.

I just wish people and open their eyes and get rid of this confined two-party system. HINT: You don't have to vote black or white, there happens to be this gray area most people look over just because it might not win. We have this democracy for a reason, so the people can shoose our leaders. When you forgoe that in order to pick out of 2 candidates you probably could care less for , youre pissing on your own rights
2004-02-23 05:18:41 PM  
What SuburbanCowboy said.
2004-02-23 05:18:47 PM  
He knows he's not going to get any democrats to vote for him this time. It's more about expanding the debate. The two party system ain't exactly perfect, and he plans to illustrate that point along with 5635 reasons why Bush sucks.
2004-02-23 05:18:53 PM  


conservative-pansyassed-pasty-goosesteppin-homophobic-egomaniacal-hypo​critical -hypermoralistic-sexuallyrepressed-ignorant-sanctimonious-fakepatrioti​c
2004-02-23 05:19:00 PM  
wow, reading that article was a complete waste of time.
2004-02-23 05:19:34 PM  
Seriously, this guy is a complete tool. Why waste money on this? Didn't he ever play Tic-tac-toe? There are only X's and O's. There's no non-gender specific, eco-friendly, pictograms.
2004-02-23 05:20:58 PM  
"Screw Nadar and The Greens. Vote LIBERTARIAN!"

Show me a Librarian, and I'll vote for her!!!!!!

2004-02-23 05:21:07 PM  
The fact remains that the Corvair was a pretty cool car.
2004-02-23 05:21:24 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
Poor Jill had a hard time convincing her classmates that she should be the Vice President due to her liberal views.
2004-02-23 05:21:27 PM  

Yea yea, Nader siphoned off votes in New Hampshire and Florida to give those states to Bush. Big deal. I wanted Gore to win, and I still can't believe that he didn't win either Arkansas OR Tennessee. C'mon the guy LOST HIS HOME STATE'S VOTES !!!! Either one would have put him over the top.

Nevertheless, Nader won't be able to get on all state ballots withouit an organization, so I don't know why people are so nervous at the moment.

2004-02-23 05:21:55 PM  
You know why liberals are so terrified of Bush?

All their candidates make policy decisions based on polls.

Like a leaf blowing in the wind, they wander all over the place without ever actually settling down.

Bush will follow his heart and head regardless of his approval ratings.

I don't like everything he has done, but for that I respect him enormously.
2004-02-23 05:23:01 PM  
Sorry Seth, I swear i didn't see your post about librarians before I posted my post about librarians.

Anybody else think librarians are hot???

2004-02-23 05:23:14 PM  
Umm...I was under the impression that the corporate Mofo would always vote against anyone that threatens liberal electability.
2004-02-23 05:23:19 PM  
Guys, you've got to check this one out:

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2004-02-23 05:23:28 PM  
Very interesting article. Cut and paste right out of the whining-ass-hippie-biatch manual.

Most bloggers are idiots. I'm trying to think of some exceptions... hmm... hmmm... well, there's - no, wait... thinking... Nope, no exceptions.


- g
2004-02-23 05:24:13 PM  
This just in: A small, cute dog has entered the race! This terrier, who goes by the name "Snuggles", is expected to do well in areas where people like dogs. Snuggles is also expected to get three times the vote of Ralph Nader, and some pundits have openly speculated that he could double that number by actually biting Mr. Nader! We now return you to the thread.

Special props to Tom Tomorrow
2004-02-23 05:24:19 PM  
I'm with Seth...

2004-02-23 05:24:48 PM  
Nader is a sad sad man who just can't admit to himself that "Unsafe at Any Speed" will be his life's greatest achievement. Regardless, he's got my vote, because the Cowardly Lion Left and the Tin Man Right are too busy pocketing the golden bricks from the Yellow Brick Road to do what's best for this country.

Would Nader be a crappy president? Yes, but I'll vote for any third party candidate before I vote Democrat or Republican.

Don't vote -- it just encourages them.
2004-02-23 05:25:53 PM  
What nanowerx said. Well, except for the "would have voted for Bush" part... I wouldn't have. But yeah, Gore blew a big lead all by himself. And yeah, he and Bush both looked like tools to me.
2004-02-23 05:25:58 PM  
Nader's too gimicky for me. Green Party's alright though, they have some solid ideas. I'll be voting for Edwards or Kerry though, whichever one gets the nod (may be Kerry-Edwards).

Bush can challenge by choosing a different VP, Cheney is dead weight at this point. But no matter who he gets I don't think he has enough to put him over the top this time.
2004-02-23 05:26:25 PM  
Pussy liberal ass.

Vote Libertarian.
2004-02-23 05:26:26 PM  
Nader is the only candidate that actually talks about important issues.

Um, which were those? His 2000 campaign was basically him saying "I am not Bush and Gore...Bush and Gore are interchangeable" over and over again, and offering no real solutions to any problems other than the two-party system. RC Cola may be neither Coke nor Pepsi, but it still tastes like crap. And anyone who understands the way that the President assembles an Administration knows that it was intellectually dishonest for Nader to claim that Bush and Gore were identical -- Gore wasn't as far to the left as he could have been, but he wouldn't have used his Presidency as an opportunity to appoint John Ashcroft, Gail Norton, Dick Rumsfeld, and promote the Project for the New American Century's plan of pre-emptive invasions for natural resources.

The real problem with Nader's campaign is that he KNOWS he's never going to win, and as such has total impunity to make whatever campaign promises he feels will compel the college-left to vote for him. He can say that we all get 100% tax cuts and a free pony, and it will make him look better than the guy who says "well, we can't afford to buy ponies for you all, and we need to tax you in order to maintain the government and the services it provides." He knows that he'll never have to actually sit down in front of a universally hostile Congress and work to get those ponies.

Also, his relations with the New Alliance Party are going to alienate an awful lot of people.
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