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4081 clicks; posted to Main » on 12 Dec 2001 at 6:55 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-12-12 06:59:42 PM  
Wait wait wait.... if the top isn't screwed on so tight... it's easier to open? And when I play rugby with the jelly, it won't come out? I'm dumbfounded.
2001-12-12 06:59:46 PM  
What a pile of shiat! (I don't know what this article is about, but I like posting comments anyway.)
2001-12-12 07:00:21 PM  
itsa me! mario!
2001-12-12 07:03:12 PM  
im'a luigi, number-a one!
2001-12-12 07:05:57 PM  
I love articles about tight screwing.
2001-12-12 07:06:36 PM  
See, I was right anyway!
2001-12-12 07:10:06 PM  
Someone want to compare newton-meters to something I've actually have heard of before?
2001-12-12 07:18:46 PM  
At least they're doing something useful as opposed to, ohhhh I don't know.....curing cancer?
2001-12-12 07:23:28 PM  
Remember people:
If you are involved in a car accident, try not to be involved in a car accident
2001-12-12 07:26:06 PM  
*slaps forehead*

Of course! I've been tightening my jam lids to 2.3 newton-metres. No wonder I can't open them!
2001-12-12 07:26:23 PM  
Whats amazing is people actually put time and effort into these studies!
2001-12-12 07:37:50 PM  
it comes out to about 11 lbs acting at the edge of a 3" jar lid.
2001-12-12 07:55:01 PM  
Feh. I had this hot girl down the hall come to my room to open a container of juice for her. Of course, she was only using me for my body, but I enjoyed every moment.
2001-12-12 07:58:30 PM  
Need to tell the folks who make Rolling Rock beer... I've cut my hands pretty bad before!
2001-12-12 08:04:09 PM  
This is where that article belongs:
Journal of Irreproducable Results
2001-12-12 08:30:11 PM  
I will soon be publishing the results of my extensive research:
Beer before liquor, never sicker?
Liquor before beer, never fear?
Now back to the lab.
2001-12-12 08:34:31 PM  
yay, first (boobies) post! i'm a farkster.
2001-12-12 08:35:49 PM  
2001-12-12 08:38:30 PM  
wouldn't a newton meter translate to, horsepower? what is horsepower again, change in distance over weight? Something's not right here (most likely that A I got in physics).
2001-12-12 09:04:51 PM  
Congrats PMS.
And Jovan, quick with the translation.
Also, does this mean that elderly people have to drink more flat cola? Poor bastards. (see what that comes out as)
2001-12-12 09:06:17 PM  
"Poor Bastards" uncensored at Fark!
The poor bastards win.
2001-12-12 09:07:26 PM  
whoops, before I get corrected: I meant un-filtered.
2001-12-12 09:40:34 PM  
First person to say, "Ig Nobel"!
2001-12-12 09:45:22 PM  
By definition, poor bastards never win, right? :)
2001-12-12 09:56:54 PM  
Macfrugal: A newton-meter converts to foot-pounds, so it's torque (rotational force).
2001-12-12 11:00:45 PM  
My mom told me this 20 years ago. Can she have a science grant too?
2001-12-13 12:20:46 AM  
Here's one that had always confounded me. "No matter how much you shake and dance, the lost drop is always in your pants." Someone gimme a grant, I'm gonna get to the bottem of this!
2001-12-13 12:29:25 AM  
ummm, that's "bottom"
2001-12-13 09:55:37 AM  
Were the lids tapped on the kitchen counter first or run under hot water? Dammit, I need the full report!
2001-12-16 09:27:24 PM  
PMS: Yes, but they don't know how to gloat when they do. Poor bastards.
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