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14951 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Feb 2004 at 4:19 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-02-20 09:36:29 AM  
That was utterly un-funny. What a waste of time.

That I don't make animated shows makes that no better.
2004-02-20 09:41:44 AM  
Don't you want to pet the puppy?
2004-02-20 09:49:52 AM  
What the hell WAS that? I watched the first one to put it in context, and now this one, and wow. . .I really wanted to laugh, but that was terrible.

Happy Tree Friends? Funny.
Homestarruner? Hysterical.
Making Fiends? Unwatchable.
2004-02-20 09:55:23 AM  
Everyone's Collective Imaginary Friend

I'd never heard of, but that was hysterical.

Ok, so finally I have another good flash site to add to my bookmarks. Kudos and thanks for the tip.
2004-02-20 09:59:56 AM  
I like Making Fiends. Not as much as Weebl and Bob, about the same as HSR.

The animator has done other cartoons (Big Bunny and Muffin Films) which are pretty off-the-wall. Not laugh-out-loud hilarious, but quirkily amusing.

This one's pretty good.
2004-02-20 10:15:09 AM  

It's sad, really, that in a world of nearly unlimited content, the least valued thing is good writing. We've got all this STUFF everywhere - TV, Radio, Internet, print, etc. - and nobody seems to be able to write anything of quality.

Just because you CAN animate a flash cartoon doesn't mean you SHOULD.

(and don't give me the "where's your contribution" thing - I work on my "craft" every day.)

/grumpy today

2004-02-20 10:23:44 AM  
I really thought this one was amusing. The cat was eating and shrinking ... and expanding everything!

Ok, Mr. Grumpy... if you want a good story head on over to WTF Comics for a good Everquest based (non-flash) comic. Even if you don't follow Everquest that closely, you can follow this one.
2004-02-20 10:25:37 AM  
Yes, by the same girl who brought you Big Bunny. It was cute. My issue was the vocals, Maybe it is the way she records it but there is something about it that both hurts my ears and is hollow at the same time.
2004-02-20 10:26:48 AM  
enjoyable. i mean, it's not gunna win any awards, but the animation is solid and they have a whole 'plot' thing, which they seem to stick to. Haven't seen this before, but it got a few chuckles out of me.

If it ain't your bag, it ain't your bag. No reason to be razzin' on it. Unless, you know, that's where you get your joy, razzin' on things.

I thought the songs were pretty hilarious. But I have a sense of humor that only a ten year old would fully understand, I suppose.
2004-02-20 10:39:52 AM  
What is this, and why do they call it number 7? Is that the number of serious blows to the head I'll have to take to make it amusing?
2004-02-20 10:43:39 AM  
worst cartoon ever.
2004-02-20 10:55:50 AM  
That had such potential to be funny. Get rid of the broad and bring in Don Hertzfeldt, this cartoon needs an injection of funny, STAT.
2004-02-20 10:58:23 AM  
2004-02-20 11:05:26 AM  
Very Tim Burton-esque. Thumbs up.
2004-02-20 11:27:58 AM  
Hey this might become the next Quiznos commercial!
2004-02-20 11:52:45 AM  
Just because the cartoon doesn't look like HSR doesn't mean it's badly drawn/animated - it's her STYLE. Animation is an ART form, the sky's the limit here, people. And the Internet is a forum to share anything, on an unprecedented scale. It's there. Deal with it. If you don't like, don't watch. Simple.

Delightfully dark! The humor, we've all seen before (although I did laugh), but the entire set-up (the gloomy location, characters, even the whole premise) is just sublime. Took me a few episodes to get into it, but I can now see why people like it.

/back to studying
2004-02-20 12:06:24 PM  
everyone likes muffins.
2004-02-20 12:22:21 PM  
this cartoon is bush;s fault.
2004-02-20 01:10:13 PM  
I want my 3 minutes back too, but with interest. Why doesn't Hertzfeld make more cartoons!?!?!
2004-02-20 01:21:00 PM  
I didn't think it was hilarious, but I thought it was kinda cute kinda clever. Better than 75% of the stuff you find on the web.
2004-02-20 01:46:51 PM  
only thing missing is a drive by strafing by da cheat.
2004-02-20 01:48:12 PM  
The purported "fat girl" with the "KFC-stained fingerprints" is on the right end of the front row:
[image from too old to be available]

(Apparently there's something called the "Student Academy Awards.")
2004-02-20 01:50:30 PM  
You don't win friends with salad.
2004-02-20 02:25:07 PM  
Episode 6 was awesome.

/kitty lover
2004-02-20 03:37:56 PM  
please... make... stop...
2004-02-20 03:59:46 PM  
Uhhhhh....  Icebox destroys this
2004-02-20 04:45:07 PM  
Worst, something, ever
2004-02-20 04:53:23 PM  
If you haven't...check out the first six. I think they are cute!
2004-02-20 07:37:59 PM  
Actually, I thought it was quite funny. This reminded me of Edward Gorey's work a little. As I'm a big Edward Gorey fan this explains a lot. Homestar Runner still reigns supreme, but I definately look forward to more installments by Amy Winfrey.

Oh yeah, and for Metamorphaze: She DID win an award.
Episode 3 won the award for Best Web Animation at the Chicago International Film Festival...congrats to her!

And when the hell did the web turn into a giant magnet for
all the whiny pussies of the world? What I love about reading Fark forums and usenet in general is no matter how sad or lame I believe my life to be, I only have to log on to realize I have it real damn good, if the attitudes of most internet posters reflects the state of the general populace. The internet is like a never ending episode of COPS...LOL

Of course by posting this, I join the ranks of whiny internet pussies...Ah fark it. I'm grabbing a beer and a laptop and going out to sit on the front lawn, shirtless, and await the LAPD...
2004-02-20 07:53:33 PM  
2004-02-21 12:40:21 AM  
let's pet stuff now!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
2004-02-21 01:57:55 AM  

[image from too old to be available]

2004-02-21 02:25:20 AM  
As an added bonus, check out the faq, and get a little taste of the animator's Ego.
Oooh, you worked on South Park, how about that! Not exactly the pinnacle of animation quality, is it?
...It's too bad that working as an animator on a funny show lends you about as much funny cred as being the guy running the teleprompter for Conan o'Brien.
2004-02-21 03:10:57 AM  
That was REALLY lame. How did this link even get approved?

It's nothing more than a poor attempt at a HomeStar Runner cartoon, without any of the style or humor...
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