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(YouTube) Video Subby and friends did another 48 hour film contest. We won a couple of awards for it. Our genre was science fiction, but also ended up making it a rock opera just for the hell of it. Any feedback would be appreciated   ( divider line
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1422 clicks; posted to Video » on 04 Sep 2014 at 6:28 PM (3 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2014-09-04 01:34:44 PM  
Not too shabby. You on
2014-09-04 01:47:07 PM  
Not bad. Slightly more content and shorter credits - or a surprise in the last 5 seconds.
2014-09-04 02:03:42 PM  

alaric3: Not too shabby. You on

Subby here. Thanks.  And no, but I will check it out.
2014-09-04 02:12:23 PM  

jasonvatch: Not bad. Slightly more content and shorter credits - or a surprise in the last 5 seconds.

Cool.  Thanks for the feedback.  We're hoping to do a non-48 hour soon so any feedback will definitely be taken into consideration in the future
2014-09-04 07:23:18 PM  
Subby, you and your friends made a fine effort on the project, as I know these endeavors are a lot more difficult than it looks - especially in such a short period of time.

Since you asked for feedback..I think you can compliment the video quality by using a shoulder brace to address the shakiness in the hand-held shots: /B 004G9QRBM/ref=sr_1_1/192-2107083-7520948?ie=UTF8&qid=1409872478&sr=8-1 &keywords=Opteka+CXS-1

The 'shaky-cam' look is actually popular, but when it gets into tremors that pass into the image, it can become distracting.

Again, nice job and good luck on your future projects.
2014-09-04 07:24:09 PM  
Enjoyed it. Good luck with the future stuff
2014-09-04 09:46:08 PM  
Wow, that was... what it is.

Nice that you could pull that off.
2014-09-04 10:15:21 PM  
Rocky Horror meets Robert Palmer?  :-)
2014-09-04 10:47:59 PM  
That wasn't 48 hours long.

I want my money back.
2014-09-04 11:58:35 PM  
That lightning wasn't real. Otherwise solid. That happened to me once.
2014-09-05 01:46:21 AM  
Thanks everybody for the feedback.  We eventually want to try to do something without the tight time constraints, and hopefully can fix up some of the obvious issues we had.  We appreciate that you all took the time to watch it.
2014-09-05 03:00:17 AM  
You should try submitting it to
Seems about right for them.
2014-09-05 09:26:12 AM  
'Korg' really carries it.

/  Um, 2 minutes of credits? Really?
2014-09-05 10:43:22 AM  
Well, you made a movie....
2014-09-05 11:23:22 AM  
BAHAHA now that was some campy funny stuff right there!
Aint nothing gonna wreck my day now.
2014-09-05 11:44:37 AM  
They offer a prize for sitting through Another 48 Hours?
2014-09-05 12:17:23 PM  
Heh, feeling nostalgic for Kidd Video now.
2014-09-05 06:49:57 PM  
no cowbell?

otherwise bravi !
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