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(YouTube)   Anaconda - The Fart Remix   ( divider line
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2014-09-03 09:24:02 AM  
2014-09-03 10:44:17 AM  
Why the fark am I laughing at this? It's moronic and stupid, but the longer I watch it the harder I laugh.

I'm so ashamed of myself right now.

........wait......this seems familiar somehow.
2014-09-03 11:22:42 AM  
At last, Minaj gets the artistic vindication she's craved for so long.
2014-09-03 11:29:56 AM  
I didn't think this was funny the first time, either.
2014-09-03 11:36:48 AM  
Having taught at a reform school for girls, let me say that it would chill your blood to see how highly this no-talent clown is regarded by the young'uns.

Real talent is always going to win out over soft-core porn, or at least it will win out over in wishful-thinking-land, where I've been spending far too much time lately.

For your consideration,  Katzenjammer.

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2014-09-03 11:37:07 AM  
Oh, this again?

Oh, this again?

/Oh, this again?
2014-09-03 11:41:20 AM  
I don't know how I missed this the first time around.  Just lucky I guess.
2014-09-03 11:42:27 AM  
We're getting closer
finlandforthought.netView Full Size
2014-09-03 12:12:40 PM  

JesterJoker55: Why the fark am I laughing at this? It's moronic and stupid, but the longer I watch it the harder I laugh get.

2014-09-03 01:00:37 PM  
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