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(NBC News)   Russians send geckos to space to have sex, but they died. Not sure if I feel sad or jealous   ( divider line
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2590 clicks; posted to Main » on 01 Sep 2014 at 7:54 PM (2 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2014-09-01 05:12:13 PM  
Greed is good.
2014-09-01 05:12:55 PM  
or car insurance.
2014-09-01 05:26:16 PM  
2014-09-01 07:07:23 PM  
Baby, it was out of this world.
2014-09-01 07:16:51 PM  
2014-09-01 07:42:32 PM  
I'll bet that Flo from Progressive had a hand in this. I've never trusted her.
2014-09-01 07:47:10 PM  
Mummified Sex Geckos would be a great band name
2014-09-01 07:58:37 PM  
Those are geckos who died, died... Those are geckos who died, died...
2014-09-01 08:04:33 PM

Was it snu-snu? It was snu-snu wasn't it?
2014-09-01 08:04:57 PM

What sex in space might look like.
2014-09-01 08:07:37 PM  

theorellior: [ image 457x207]

What sex in space might look like.

"I believe he's attempting re-entry."
2014-09-01 08:07:37 PM  
How's that little English bastard gonna save me 15% now ?
2014-09-01 08:13:07 PM  
That's exactly what they want us to think.
2014-09-01 08:16:42 PM  
At least they died doing what they loved.
2014-09-01 08:16:57 PM  
As I had expected, their methodology has more holes than a car was sponge..
I'll not be surprised if the lead scientist also writes for Pravda.
2014-09-01 08:17:39 PM  
Not sure how much was saved on car insurance?
2014-09-01 08:17:55 PM

"When I get a hold of the son of a biatch who leaked this, I'm gonna tear his eyeballs out and I'm gonna suck his farking skull "
2014-09-01 08:24:47 PM  
I used to sent Gecko's into space when I was a kid.

Or at least to the 500ft limit my C Class engines would take them.
2014-09-01 08:30:50 PM  
The Russians all died? Well it's not surprising that they went extinct since their idea of sex was launching Geckos into space.
2014-09-01 08:30:57 PM  
Death by snu snu. If you can think of a better way to go keep it to yourself.
2014-09-01 08:34:49 PM  
To dream... the impossible dreaaam...
To reach... the unreachable star...

//and have sex there.
2014-09-01 08:45:20 PM  
First, space whiskey and now space sex.

Next, space remorse and space walk of shame.
2014-09-01 08:49:02 PM  

TheOther: First, space whiskey and now space sex.

Next, space remorse and space walk of shame.

Hopefully not space whisky dick.
2014-09-01 08:51:22 PM
2014-09-01 09:00:55 PM  

rockforever: Not sure how much was saved on car insurance?

I'm sure this will cause premiums to go up.  Premiums always go up, unless you switch.
2014-09-01 09:01:20 PM  
Geckos in SPACCCCE!
2014-09-01 09:42:19 PM  
2014-09-01 09:42:39 PM  
"What the bloody hell?"
2014-09-01 09:43:35 PM  

theorellior: [ image 457x207]

What sex in space might look like.

Much hotter:
2014-09-01 09:54:18 PM  
Johnny Bananapeel: Much hotter:

2014-09-01 09:57:26 PM  
Poor lil bastards :(
2014-09-01 10:08:02 PM  
Did the geckos have Russian accents.  I would love to listen to a gecko with a Russian accent.
2014-09-01 10:21:28 PM

They left dogs up here in the 60s
2014-09-01 10:21:56 PM  
Did they do it with this running in the background?
2014-09-01 10:27:50 PM
2014-09-01 10:29:26 PM
2014-09-01 11:29:46 PM
2014-09-02 02:05:22 AM  
So, am I the only person who feels bad for the researchers who had a rare opportunity go wrong?

I for one will find whatever results they manage to salvage interesting.
2014-09-02 02:06:18 AM  
Jealous of the sex or the dying?
2014-09-02 03:20:25 AM  
2014-09-02 11:22:06 AM  
Everybody knows that.
2014-09-02 12:56:10 PM  

carrion_luggage: Everybody knows that.

But, did you hear about the naughty asstrophysicist who couldn't keep his eyes off of Uranus?
2014-09-02 06:57:52 PM  
She was frigid, so he gave her the cold shoulder?
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