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(Simcoe News)   For driving while intoxicated purposes, an e-bike is a bike if you pedal it but a vehicle if you use the battery power as at least three people in one town learn in the last week   ( divider line
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2014-08-27 11:55:52 AM  
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Sybarite: serial_crusher: This is stupid.  Bikes are vehicles, with or without an e- in front of them.  Don't drive them while you're drunk.  These people need to fix their laws if that's legal.

There are plenty of states where DUI laws don't apply to bicyclists including five that specifically exempt bicycles (and in the case of South Dakota, tricycles and horses too). That's not to say you might not still get charged with something like public intoxication in many of those places, but you won't get a DUI. There are only a handful of states that have specific penalties for BUI,.

Yea, DUI laws are designed to keep the public safe from poorly-driven vehicles, so vehuicles that inherently can't cause a serious hazard to others should be exempted -- i.e., vehicles below a certain weight (like bikes) or horses (since they come with their own brain).

It's not impossible to kill someone on a bike, but it's more of a freak-accident that requires the right geography (hills) and a whole lot of bad luck.  Killing someone with a car is trivially-easy in comparison.
2014-08-27 03:18:37 PM  
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Ctrl-Alt-Del: Z-clipped: Last year, 30,580 people died in the US because of drunk drivers operating motor vehicles. Over 4,000 of those killed were pedestrians

[citation needed]

74.8% of statistics are made up on the spot

Sorry, I was typing in a rush, and ran two thoughts together.  That should have read:

"Last year, 30,580 people died in the US because of drivers operating motor vehicles. Over 4,000 of those killed were pedestrians.  Drunk driving accounts for about 1/3 of all traffic deaths."

The number killed nationally has been a little over 10,000 for the last several years. Pedestrian deaths by motor vehicle are usually between 4000 and 5000 per year. Interestingly, the six most frequent sources of pedestrian injury are

Tripping on cracked sidewalk (24%)
Tripping and falling (other) (17%)
Hit by car (12%)
Wildlife/Pet incidents (6%)
Tripping on stones (5%)
Stepping in holes  (5%)

Note that bicycles don't rate.  Calling bikes a "major hazard" for pedestrians is statistically incorrect.  The main problem in these "DUI on a bike" threads is that people fail to grasp the idea that just because it's easy to imagine something happening, doesn't make it a common occurrence.
2014-08-27 12:03:17 PM  
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Neondistraction: I know in Indiana you can still get charged with DUI even if you're riding a bicycle. I think it's kinda silly to level the same charge and penalties for it, though. If you're riding a bike drunk you're much more of a danger to yourself than anyone else, whereas if you're driving a car you pose a serious danger to anyone else out on the road.

Yeah, I know someone who got a DUI riding a bike in Indiana. As a cyclist though, I'd say that we advocate for the same rights as drivers: the right to ride in the road, etc. That means that we have the same responsibilities. A bike heading down the street is dangerous and can kill someone or cause a car accident that can kill people. That means you should be sober and concentrating on the road when you operate it.
2014-08-27 11:42:40 AM  
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Neondistraction: If you're riding a bike drunk you're much more of a danger to yourself than anyone else, whereas if you're driving a car you pose a serious danger to anyone else out on the road.

I think an impaired bicyclist could cause some serious and potentially fatal traffic farkups. Drunk biker swerves, you slam on brakes to not hit him, get rear ended, etc.
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