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(Metro)   If you had one whole day for WBC to find an excuse not to go to Iraq, come get your prize   (metro.co.uk) divider line 117
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2014-08-24 02:14:04 AM

C18H27NO3: SearchN: C18H27NO3: If they're unwilling to hit up Iraq then here are some other suggestions.
- Somalia
- Ciudad Juarez
- Baghdad
- Peshawar
- Kabul
- San Pedro Sula
- Anywhere there is regular nuclear testing.

[awfulcontent.com image 750x596]

Aw, nuts. I meant to delete that before posting.

Heh, for someone from 2006, I enjoyed that. I really did.
2014-08-24 02:18:05 AM

SmittyBGKY: nickdaisy: My pastor says that robin williams done died early because he dressed like a woman and made the sex with men and spent to much time in Hollywood making violence and bad films to make money instead of praising Him. He says that when The Lord calls a sheep the sheep goes even if the sheep has been making the sex with other sheep who are boys and robin williams was called and now he's with The Lord and will have to answer just like I will had to answer after I did that thing to that girl on that retreat and everybody got real mad and now I can't wear scarfs or belts no more unless they're made of something real breakable like. That's what my pastor says.

Came to say this but we got it covered it seems.

you should, both, book a flight
2014-08-24 02:37:08 AM

uber humper: Westboro is like the Kardashians. They are only famous (infamous??) for being famous.  They are tiny (25-50 parishioners) and have no influence.

Even less than that now, actually.
Between the Phelps offspring's defections, a schism, and the remainder actually kicking Phelps himself out of his own church, I don't know if they actually have all that many left. I think its down primarily to (parts of) two families.
2014-08-24 03:19:07 AM
"We stir up unconscionable bullsh*t from behind Jeeeyuhsus' skirts!  Ain't we some sh*t?"  Next attention whore, please.
2014-08-24 03:26:08 AM

simkatu: lilbjorn: They're like any other group of right-wing zealots.  All talk.

Fred Phelps was a registered Democrat and ran for public office as a Democrat.

You can't assume all religious fundamentalists are Republicans, just about 99% of them.

And Abe Lincoln was a republican and freed the slaves, amirite?

/tired point is tired
2014-08-24 06:33:08 AM

Bucky Katt: Josh Widdicombe is funny on Mock the Week.

Well, at least something's funny on Mock the Week.

/No, really; individually, I like most of the comedians on it, apart from Russell Howard and that Canadian dude who just makes lame puns; but, bundle it all up... and there are far better topical news panel shows out there. Have I Got News For You and The News Quiz (Radio 4) to name but two.

clivecusslerfan: Mikey1969: show me: Mugato: Am I reading this wrong? It sounds like the comedian was the one who reneged.

No, you are right. Subby lied in his headline to get the greenlight. Schadenfreude  sells better than the truth.

/That would have been so awesome if they had gone and only then discovered that the tickets were one-way.

And I don't understand the comedian's reason not to send them over. He wants to donate the money? That's fine. Donate what's left after you use the money for what the contributors were intending when they donated it.

I would have watched a live feed of them protesting in Iraq, even paid a fee, just to see how long until someone ended the whole mess. Imagine them trying to sue some random Iraqi.

It looks like, according to the article, that WBC continued posting derogatory images and comments after being offered a full ride over there.  Looks like the host basically said, "Okay.  Nevermind then!"

Norfolking Chance already posted a link to the show itself, which may be viewable in the US without proxies etc as Channel 4 is ad supported.

In summary, the segment on WBC covered what they'd said the week before. It covered the WBC tweeting them. It mentioned the equality house in rainbow colours opposite the WBC, bought by people to troll them. It showed some pics of their protests. It showed WBC HQ in Google Maps:


In essence, I'd say they made the best of a bad situation. They made the offer expecting any sane, rational person to ignore it; they didn't quite understand the level of trolling and attention-whoring the WBC thrives upon.

Given that the WBC would not have gone, I think that donating the money to Robin Williams' favourite charity, and encouraging others to do so too, is the classiest way they could have dealt with it.
2014-08-24 08:21:10 AM
The comedian renigged, fark that, give me my donation back! Let me start a Kickstarter and send those assholes on a one way flight.
2014-08-24 08:54:12 AM

People Who Annoy You: The comedian renigged

2014-08-24 11:09:33 AM

Prey4reign: They may be sick, deranged, twisted, sorry excuses for carbon-based life forms, but they're not crazy.

Oh, they can be crazy as well; they're just not stupid.
2014-08-24 11:12:47 AM

NobleHam: Mugato: Am I reading this wrong? It sounds like the comedian was the one who reneged.

That is correct. The WBC still wants to go.

Up until the moment the boarding is announced, then someone will have a seizure, they'll all go to the hospital and "pray" over the poor soul, who makes a surprising recovery, and they'll claim the power of prayer cured the sick individual.

Then they'll reschedule the flight for mid-2016.
2014-08-24 12:28:31 PM

focusthis: Bait and switch fundraiser?

Where's Jerry Springer when you need him.

Or Morton Downey Jr?

One's career is dead and the other one is ummm... dead.
2014-08-24 04:17:36 PM
Can we get the WBC to protest Subby for having his fake-headline generating head up his ass?
2014-08-24 04:19:09 PM

SearchN: You know what would really kick ass as a new rule for fark?

No WBC stories. Ever.

LOL!!!! You're a-DOR-able!!!!
2014-08-24 05:23:06 PM
Hmm. . .group of lawyers whose bread and butter is to sue those that break laws against their incitious(?) behavior?  Color me not suprised.

In the words of Daniel Tosh "chop your head off and there is no web redemption for that"

Once you figure out they are just a business under another name. . .
2014-08-24 08:00:45 PM

simkatu: Fred Phelps was a registered Democrat and ran for public office as a Democrat.

2014-08-24 10:12:47 PM

Maynotlast: SearchN: You know what would really kick ass as a new rule for fark?

No WBC stories. Ever.

LOL!!!! You're a-DOR-able!!!!

Damn right I am. Thanks for noticing!
2014-08-25 01:05:28 AM
WBC should defiantly go to Iraq and 'educate' the people over there.
Kinda like this


But with less hardcore Muslim suddenly being converted to Christianity just because some random guy tells him he should for all of 30 seconds, and more beheadings.
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