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(TDC)   Nuggets coach tells fan, "Keep drinking your beer, you Mexican piece of poo" except he doesn't use the word poo   ( divider line
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6488 clicks; posted to Main » on 12 Dec 2001 at 10:38 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-12-12 12:18:34 PM  
Issel, su falta del respeto para nosotros mexicanos me hacen enojado y los ataques de causas de espuma. Para llamar a un borracho que un poo no es correcto y Grande de Judia Pinta de El lo dar un puñetazo duro en la región de estómago.
2001-12-12 12:22:51 PM  
Hey Morticia,

Is there still a gang called the East Iliff Lynch Mob in Aurora?
2001-12-12 12:22:59 PM  
lol - Imabmf.. I'll see if I can find the census numbers for ya, but bear in mind that the illegals wont be on it. Just ask anyone else from Colorado. White people are becoming a minority there...
2001-12-12 12:23:47 PM  
What does calling a Mexican a piece of shiat have to do with his job? The fact that he is a lousy NBA coach should be reason enough to fire him. I bet if Phil Jackson called someone a Mexican piece of shiat, nothing would really be said. I know I don't care about Mexican pieces of shiat.
2001-12-12 12:38:28 PM  
White people are the minorty everywhere outside of Nebraska and Wisconsin and most of New England. Minorites are not stupid. Man has no business living in most of those places.
2001-12-12 12:54:28 PM  
}{owie: OMG, you just brought back some serious memories

2001-12-12 01:00:16 PM  
This is America, and you can say whatever you want. That said, being in the entertainment industry (that is Issel's job, after all).. making racist remarks is a stupid idea.

Anyone doing the rhetorical gymnastics required to think that that wasn't a racist statement is a lost cause. I have no idea whether Issel is or isn't a racist.. everyone says stupid stuff when losing and pissed. But it's dumb, and has no place in public, especially if you're a professional.
2001-12-12 01:03:56 PM  
Being a racist means you think one particular race (usually yours) is superior to others.

It is NOT racist to call him a "Mexican piece of sh*t". He grabbed onto the first thing he noticed about the guy - that he looked Hispanic/Chicano/Latino/whatever - and made a generalization about him.

If the guy had been 400-pounds I'm sure he would've called him a "fat piece of shi*t". Which of course would've brought those Fat is Beautiful people out screaming for his head.

My personal opinion is that the coach should be reprimanded for getting into a shouting match with a fan. They're supposed to be above that crap. But drop the whole "he's a racist!" BS.
2001-12-12 01:10:53 PM  
Gonadotron - LOL. Nice one. I believe I mentioned Sticks and Stones earlier tho...
2001-12-12 01:12:19 PM  
"Kiiiiiiilllllllllllll Whiiiiiiiiiiteeeeeeeeeyyyy!!!!!"
2001-12-12 01:13:21 PM  
sorry supah, took me a while to type it and I forgot what had been said...
2001-12-12 01:15:16 PM  
Theoretically (or however you spell it), the word "attractive and successful African-American" is short for "ignorant" but it somehow got generalized with black people...I think I read that somewhere.

Gonadotron: Except for that cute little "afterschool special" commentary at the end, that was pretty damn funny!
2001-12-12 01:18:08 PM  
Gonadotron, you made my co-worker cry. Good job.
2001-12-12 01:25:53 PM  
Right on CHILLY WILLIE! You tell 'em. The one good thing about a racist is they always open thier mouth, and let you know what they are! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA They can't seem to help it! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
2001-12-12 01:36:06 PM  
Races hehehe. there's a nice little confusion tactic to keep the masses arguing amongst themselves, while we go about our business.
2001-12-12 01:50:52 PM  
Haha, gotta love that filter. I've never seen that one. Of course, it was supposed to say "n.igger" to make my earlier post make much more sense.
2001-12-12 02:08:18 PM  
Chilly Willie: Chemmie, someday I hope you get a chance to 'explain' your belief system to someone preparing to open up a can of whoop ass on you after uttering one of your non-racist remarks. can say that messages aren't in words, they're in the person and what they believe the words to be. I'm sure most (if not everyone) on fark has called someone an "asshole" in a joking manner, using a word which was meant to be harsh.

I'm not racist, I'm just helping someone explain their case, if that was their case at all.
2001-12-12 02:21:19 PM  
My favorite is when I was told by a black friend that black people can't be racist because they aren't in power. I always did love our racial debates.

As for Lbo, you're half portugese, so nobody be calling you racist for saying that? My first thought was "huh?", but as I thought about it, you are saying that because you are half "non-white" your comments cannot be construed as racist? Am I missing something here?
2001-12-12 02:31:41 PM  
Otis-- Basic linguistics:

Call someone a Mexican POS and you're implying that being Mexican is part of their problem. Which is why you wouldn't call someone a 'Handsome POS' (a positive assertion) or a 'Shy POS' (value neutral).

The phrase 'Piece of shiat' modifies the previous adjective negatively..

Arguing any other way is like high school kids calling the autistic kid 'retard' and defending it by saying 'but that's what he IS..'

That is, mean and lawyerly.
2001-12-12 02:32:34 PM  
Chilly Willie: Chemmie, someday I hope you get a chance to 'explain' your belief system to someone preparing to open up a can of whoop ass on you after uttering one of your non-racist remarks.

Now if a black individual were to do the aformentioned beat down on me after I explained my theories on stereotype and racism I would have the satisfaction of knowing that said black individual was, in fact, a attractive and successful African-American. Not only that, said individual was a Dumb attractive and successful African-American also for not understanding the theory.
2001-12-12 02:37:11 PM  
What? An NBA coach who's an asshole? I am shocked.

Reminds me of the time Caitlyn Bree had that kissing booth at the fair. Only there wasn't a booth. And you didn't have to pay. And she wasn't kissing only guys.
2001-12-12 02:56:41 PM  
i guess he can sit next to rocker on the 7 train
2001-12-12 02:58:43 PM  
Anyone ever listened to basketball hecklers? They are awful.

I hate it when instigators hide bhind their race. He obviously had to say something pretty lude to get the return fire. So fark all the PC-ness... he had it coming.

fark all you Mexican PC-do-gooders.


P.S. I like burritos.
2001-12-12 03:00:51 PM  
Please, for the love of all that is good and holy... does anyone have an audio (or video) clip of this? I need it in a big way!
2001-12-12 03:04:40 PM  
I live near Denver. The Nuggets are as disfunctional as it gets in the NBA (okay, next to the Clippers). Dan Issel was a condescending, egoistic jerk (before he showed himself to be a racist) who overpaid for Tariq Wahad, Nick VanExel, Avery Johnson, traded for the rights to Omar ("gawd did I fark-up by leavin college early") and failed (again!) to get what they really need: a true center (LaFrentz is a wuss).

BTW: 'The Fan' has a large number of on-air personalities (yeah, right) that could only make it in Denver (or Maybe Salt Lake City).
2001-12-12 03:08:13 PM  
Man fark the mexicans, we should do them now, just like we did in the alamo!

(Yes, this is in fact dripping with satire, i'm not a retard)
2001-12-12 03:47:50 PM  
As a cuban myself all I have to say is... who gives acrap? the guy got called a mexican so what.. they are basically the hatians of the latin world. And by the way in about 15 yrs the latin population is going to acct for more than 60% of the US so start showing some respect you gringos!

as with mcberry a little satire ..did not mean to offend anyone... whatever.
2001-12-12 04:06:58 PM  
Issel's wasn't even a racist comment. A piece of shiat is a piece of shiat, regardless of race. The "mexican" bit was just a descriptor. No epithet anywhere.

BTW, I went to that game. Ugh. Finishes like those is how you lose what fans you may have.
2001-12-12 04:17:48 PM  
The Nuggets really live up to their name. At least it wasn't Nick van Cancun acting dumb for a change.
2001-12-12 04:36:38 PM  
"mexican jumping beans."

Thank I have to call in the janitor to clean up this mess. I knew there was a reason I was holding off on reading this article.

2001-12-12 04:40:34 PM  
Chemmie, my initial comment was that Issel has racist tendencies.

Wouldn't you agree that most racists, when asked to describe a person, would first state their race or color?

Racists tend to do that.

Issel did that. I would consider that to be a racist tendency.

I would also venture to say that people that do not have racist tendencies would be apt to describe someone as "that fat guy" or "the girl with braces" or whatever. Race is not the prominent factor.

So while you get beat down trying to explain to someone why you called them a 'nig...' I'm trying to explain to you that using that word in reference to a black guy shows the black guy that before you see ANYTHING else about him, you see black.

Which suggests YOU have racist tendencies but you are not necessarily racist. Either way, enjoy the beatdown, you've earned it.
2001-12-12 05:04:50 PM  
PC stands for "pussy crap," which is the PC way of saying "pussy shiat."

fark all this pussy shiat.
2001-12-12 05:05:38 PM  

Nice... I laughed well.
2001-12-12 05:13:25 PM  
Wouldn't you agree that most racists, when asked to describe a person, would first state their race or color?

NO!!! I would agree that MOST PEOPLE, when asked to describe a person, will first state their race or color!!

Who is Will Smith.... oh, he is that "black" actor guy....

ahhhhh... i am now a potential racist!

So while you get beat down trying to explain to someone why you called them a 'nig...' I'm trying to explain to you that using that word in reference to a black guy shows the black guy that before you see ANYTHING else about him, you see black.
I already stated that a attractive and successful African-American is a typical every day average joe black guy that fits the stereotype of a attractive and successful African-American. A stereotypical attractive and successful African-American is one that... hmmm.. well... the persona that is portrayed by many rap stars today. An african american that insists on getting in trouble, disobeying the law, acting in a manner that is not considered to be upstanding... etc. (im trying to put this as easily as possible, but many of you know the typical stereotypical "attractive and successful African-American".) There are also words that will describe whites this way, such as "redneck", "honkey", "cracker" and hispanics "spic", "wetback".... etc. that is the way i see it at least.
I only see a "attractive and successful African-American" or "spic" or "gook" or "kike" or... after I see how the person acts!!
2001-12-12 05:51:44 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
ay me gusto
2001-12-12 06:07:30 PM  
As an American with some Germanic background I will take it badly if one of you sick puppies calls me a jerry, my house comes from royalty and I am of the biker elite.

Perhaps the use of pejorative language is acceptable in the privacy of ones own trailer park castle, but just try to get ahead in the real world with it.

Just for grins, walk into a hiring hall for a good job and lay the N word on the receptionist, will you be employed?

Well, maybe at Denny's, but we've seen what that leads to.

PC, certainly, PC as it gets. If you can't learn to talk like that guy on the 6 o'clock news, then practice flipping burgers, and always ask if they want fries with that.

If you want any good comments about the use of pejorative language, well, it sure amuses the rest of us.

Gee, Charlie, listen to that goober.

Although I suppose calling someone a peanut makes me a bigot too.
2001-12-12 06:08:19 PM  
I agree to disagree with you.
2001-12-13 02:58:41 AM  
Yeah, its fine for all us white people, isn't it? There is NO word for white Americans which is anywhere NEAR as upsetting as attractive and successful African-American, Chink, Jap, Polack, Spic, Wog, etc etc. So you have NO IDEA what it would feel like to be on the receiving end of one of those words.

Neither would I. But I know my husband does. And he can tell you, it hurts.

Yeah, sometimes African-Americans call each other attractive and successful African-American. But I bet not ALL of them do, and not ALL of them like being called it, even by someone the same colour as them. So you shouldn't just make assumptions along the lines of "Well, they call each other that, so it should be OK for me to do the same".
2001-12-13 03:10:27 AM  
Sometimes people scare me.
2001-12-13 03:12:30 AM  
There's a difference between being "pc" and having some manners. If more people had manners, the world would be a better place.
2001-12-13 09:25:26 AM  
How is this "amusing"?
2001-12-13 11:25:17 AM  
Give the guy some slack. He got into it with a fan, snapped back with the first thing that came to mind, and is now getting crucified.

His mistake: getting into it with a fan. Don't wrestle with a pig, you'll just get muddy and the pig will enjoy it.

Why don't you guys lighten up a bit. If I were to get into a shouting match with someone who's last name ended in a vowel or a 'z', I'd probably use the "M-word" myself.
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