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(Short List)   Robin Williams tribute spotted in World of Warcraft code. Makes us sad all over again   ( divider line
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ZAZ [TotalFark]
2014-08-21 08:40:47 AM  
Are they going to get sued for misappropriating the likeness of a California celebrity?
2014-08-21 10:11:30 AM  
Are we sad?

He chose to die, none of us knew him personally. We should feel not grief at his passing, for all must there go, but celebrate his having been and all the wonderful things he gave us.

We should feel only gratitude for what he deigned to share with us during his life.
2014-08-21 12:58:13 PM  
A genie that kills itself?
2014-08-21 01:46:35 PM  
Wait, are we sad that Robin Williams is dead or are we sad that anybody cares if WoW characters are made in tribute to him?  It's all so confusing.
2014-08-21 02:54:54 PM  
Oh, geez, we were still supposed to be carrying on the our pseudo-sadness about Robin Williams? I thought we all agreed to 3 days and then we could stop pretending we were actually sad.
2014-08-21 06:54:31 PM  
Genie you/re free, $10 a month.
2014-08-21 08:23:56 PM  
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Meh. It's been done sadder already.
2014-08-21 09:30:17 PM  
Did Robin Williams ever play WoW?
2014-08-21 09:39:40 PM  

tinyarena: Did Robin Williams ever play WoW?

He named is daughter Zelda. There's a good chance he did.
2014-08-21 09:52:31 PM  
img3.wikia.nocookie.netView Full Size
2014-08-21 09:57:11 PM  

tinyarena: Did Robin Williams ever play WoW?

yep, he was a big fan apparently, played for at least several years, and was supposed to do one of WoW's "what's your game" ads before the campaign ended.
2014-08-21 10:02:25 PM  

skozlaw: [ image 320x320]

Meh. It's been done sadder already.

I remember the raging that they gave a dying kid a level boost and a set of PVP armor. Made me rather embarrassed.
2014-08-21 10:20:49 PM  

RamboBrite: tinyarena: Did Robin Williams ever play WoW?

He named is daughter Zelda. There's a good chance he did.

saintstryfe: yep, he was a big fan apparently, played for at least several years, and was supposed to do one of WoW's "what's your game" ads before the campaign ended.

They should do it then.
It would be an honor ganking a n00b at the Shrine Of The Fallen Warrior in his memory.

img.fark.netView Full Size

/can I have his gear?
2014-08-21 11:21:46 PM  

tinyarena: can I have his gear?

i.imgur.comView Full Size
2014-08-22 12:50:55 AM  

RamboBrite: tinyarena: Did Robin Williams ever play WoW?

He named is daughter Zelda. There's a good chance he did.

img.fark.netView Full Size
2014-08-22 01:14:43 AM  
You know who else was an avid WoW player who passed away this Summer?

static01.mediaite.comView Full Size
2014-08-22 02:23:07 AM  

SquiggsIN: TV's Vinnie: You know who else was an avid WoW player who passed away this Summer?

[ image 480x640]

obscure to me...
2014-08-22 02:28:46 AM  

TonyDanza: SquiggsIN: TV's Vinnie: You know who else was an avid WoW player who passed away this Summer?

[ image 480x640]

obscure to me...

I think Squiggs was being......sarcastic. Full Size
2014-08-22 03:09:01 AM  

foo monkey: RamboBrite: tinyarena: Did Robin Williams ever play WoW?

He named is daughter Zelda. There's a good chance he did.

[ image 460x255]

I want to laugh with that. But I can't.
2014-08-22 06:13:24 AM  

foo monkey: RamboBrite: tinyarena: Did Robin Williams ever play WoW?

He named is daughter Zelda. There's a good chance he did.

[ image 460x255]

2014-08-22 06:16:35 AM  
Deserves more attention than Elvis or Marilyn.
Iconic and dead.
But IHMO, he did more...and lived longer.
2014-08-22 06:23:18 AM  
I wonder, John C., did Robin's suicide prompt you to kill yourself last week?
2014-08-22 08:21:21 AM  
Robin <The Entertainer>
2014-08-22 04:10:31 PM  
Robin - welcome to the gang......

References from Wowpedia:

The toads at the Pools of Purity (Rash, Zitz, and Pimple) are references to the old arcade video game.
Dead Space
The quest Dread Space is an obvious reference to the Dead Space video game series.
Diablo III
The achievements granted for killing rares,  [A Worthy Opponent],  [Could We Find More Like That?] and  [Glorious!] are all famous quotes from the Templar companion.
Duke Nukem
Dook Ookem and his quotes are based on Duke Nukem.
Harvest Moon
The Tillers faction is a shout out to the Harvest Moon series; examples include the giving of gifts to people to gain their friendship and the presence of the  [Blue Feather].
Master of Orion
The Klaxxi may be a reference to an insect race called the Klackons in the game Master of Orion.
Mortal Kombat
The White Tiger Xuen seems to be a has of this. Along with his achievement  [Finish Them!], he also says "Test. Your. Might!" when you accept his quests.
Many quests at Rikkitun Village, such as N [90] Great Vessel of Salvation, plays on the likeness of the Pikmin and Sprites.
The Pet Battle System is an obvious shout out to the Pokémon series.
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
A certain quest in Krasarang Wilds has you escorted a group of pandas that gets ambushed by a rain of arrow. The panda survivor will ask you to help him get him, as he received an arrow to the knee.
StarFox 64
Do a Barrel Roll! is a reference to a popular internet meme spawned by a line said by Peppy Hare.
Street Fighter
In Kun-Lai Summit there is a female pandaren called Lun-Chi <The Streetfighter>, whose attire resembles Chun-Li's.
One of the female pandaren's jokes also references Chun Li: "Let's see, uh, forward, down, forward, PUNCH! No... Down, up, kick..?"
Some aspects of female pandarens' appearance and animations also distinctly resemble Chun Li, most specifically their /cheer emote.
The Dark Knight
Why So Serious? is taken from a popular catchphrase uttered by The Joker.
The Goonies
The Truffle Shuffle is named after a dance performed by the character Chunk.
The three main characters (portrayed by Kar, Rusty Nail, and Dig) and the old man's house, with several balloons attached, can be found on one of the peaks[53, 13] in the Jade Forest.
The female Pandaren's /dance is based off of the internet meme derived from this song.
Heavy metal
In Dread Wastes resides a faction called The Klaxxi, that provide a large amount buffs as enchants and augmentations, and these buffs all have a name referring to some heavy metal song.
Black Sabbath - Iron Man(tid) and Children of the Grave (enchantment)
Slayer - Angel of Death and Raining Blood (enchantment)
Queensrÿche - Silent Lucidity (enchantment)
Deep Purple - Speed King (augmentation)
Metallica - Seek and Destroy and Master of Puppets (augmentation)
Manowar - Battle Hymn (augmentation)
Judas Priest - Painkiller (augmentation)
The male Pandaren's /dance is based off of the choreography from their music video "Party Rock Anthem."
The daily quest Red Blossom Leeks, You Make the Croc-in' World Go Down is a play on the lyrics from the Queen song "Fat Bottomed Girls", the chorus of which features the line "Fat bottomed girls, you make the rockin' world go round".
A Song of Ice and Fire
Members of the Shado-Pan faction will sometimes say: "We are the watchers on the walls." or "We are the sword in the shadows." These are very similar to some of the vows taken by members of the Night's Watch in the A Song of Ice and Fire novel series. Also the Shado-Pan themselves have many similarities with the Night's Watch.
 [Syrio's Gloves of Tutelage] and their flavor text are a reference to the character Syrio Forel from the A Song of Ice and Fire novel series.
I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream
The quest name I Have No Jade And I Must Scream is a play off the title of this short story.
Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire
The quest Shadow of the Empire is a reference to the Star Wars novel Shadows of the Empire and surrounding media.
Stranger in a Strange Land
The quest Stranger in a Strange Land is a reference to the Robert Heinlein novel of the same name.
Jumping the Shark
The quest Jumping the Shark takes its name from a popular expression meaning that a form of entertainment is declining in quality beyond recovery.
World of Warcraft: Cataclysm
The quests in the Firelands Hatchery play like a 3D version of the arcade game Joust, including similar enemies and controls.
The Legend of Zelda
While on the quest N [85 Daily] The Protectors of Hyjal, Linken will sometimes say either "Oh, boy! I'm so hungry, I could eat a fire elemental!", which is a play off of a line said by Link in the infamous Legend of Zelda CD-i games, or "Excuuuuse me, princess!", which is Link's catchphrase in the Legend of Zelda cartoon.
Parasite Eve
The achievement  Parasite Evening is a reference to the Parasite Eve series.
Plants vs. Zombies
There's a quest chain in Hillsbrad Foothills started by Brazie the Botanist that is a homage to the game. The name of the last quest in the chain, N [20] Lawn of the Dead, was also the original name for Plants vs. Zombies.
The Singing Sunflower non-combat pet received for completing the quest chain is a reference to Plants vs. Zombies music composer Laura Shigihara, who was represented as a singing sunflower in the Plants vs. Zombies theme song's music video. At Blizzard's request, Shigihara also voiced the Singing Sunflower non-combat pet.
Star Fox 64
The achievement  Do a Barrel Roll! is a reference to Star Fox 64. The line, which was delivered by Peppy Hare as advice to the player, became an internet meme.
Street Fighter
Alliance Commander Jarrodenus in Azshara fights with the abilities [Flaming Dragon Kick]ω and [Hadouken]ω .
Team Fortress 2
The quest H [13] Segmentation Fault: Core Dumped located in a Secret Lab in Azshara is a reference to the Payload game mode from Team Fortress 2. In addition, upon initiating the quest, Hulking Labgoblin will say "We must push little cart!", a reference to the Heavy, one of the playable characters in the game.
Touhou Project
The quest A [13] A Tiny, Clever Commander to kill "Commander" Nazrim references both the name of a character from the Touhou game Unidentified Fantastic Object as well as her stage song (Nazrin and The Tiny, Tiny, Clever Commander respectively)
Neutral Fleet Master Seahorn in N [85 Daily] The Protectors of Hyjal says "I am... a tauren... of the SEA!", which is a reference to a line said several times by the Captain of the Thames.
Clash of the Titans
Near the end of the Vashj'ir questline when the Naga assault Neptulon, Lady Naz'jar cries out "Release the Kraken!" to call upon the aid of the Leviathan Ozumat in defeating Neptulon.
First Blood
The John J. Keeshan questline in Redridge Mountains is a reference to the Rambo series. John J. Keeshan is modeled after John Rambo, and Colonel Troteman is based off of Colonel Samuel Trautman.
Inglourious Basterds
In Uldum, Commander Schnottz has you run a series of quests and asks for 8 Idols. When you bring them to him, he cries out that he needed not 8 but "Nine, Nine, Nine, Nine, Nine!" (sounding like "nein", German for "no")
In Azshara, Blood Guard Aldo Rockrain delivers a speech to eight Horde soldiers that very closely resembles the recruitment speech given by Lt. Aldo Raine in the movie, including the line "We're gonna march in there and do one thing, and one thing only: KILLING ALLIANCE!" (a reference to the line in the film "We're gonna be doing one thing and one thing only: Killing Nazis!"). Two of his recruits, Sergeant Dontrag and Scout Utvoch, are references to the movie's characters Sergeant Donny Donowitz and PFC Utivich.
A questline presented by Budd at Budd's Dig in Kelp'thar Forest revolves around a huge shark called Gnaws, a play on the movie title. The names of two quests, N [81] Dah, Nunt... Dah, Nunt... and N [81] DUN-dun-DUN-dun-DUN-dun reference the movie's musical theme, imitated with a human voice. An albeit unsuccessful attempt to kill Gnaws is to lure it into eating grubs loaded with gunpowder, which explodes when he bites it, a reference to the end of the movie, where the shark is killed by an oxygen tank exploding in its maw. Another obscure reference might be the fact that Gnaws' Boneyard is filled with orca remains. The boat in the movie was named after the orca, considered the only natural enemy of the great white shark.
Pirates of the Caribbean series
N [81] A Bone to Pick mentions a cursed treasure that "makes everyone who touches it a skeleton" - a reference to the cursed Aztec gold in The Curse of the Black Pearl.
At the beginning of the Vashj'ir questline the ship the player is riding on is attacked by the giant kraken-like Leviathan Ozumat. The manner in which the scene begins, as well as the player falling the water and seeing the creature are all reminiscent of a similar scene in Dead Man's Chest.
Point Break
The Blackhorn encounter in Dragon Soul references this movie, with the skydiving motif. Also, there are two NPCs called Sky Captain Swayze and Ka'anu Reevs <Kor'kron Air Command>, which are references to two members of the cast: Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves.
The Princess Bride
During the Horde introduction quest to the Twilight Highlands both Assistant Greely and Hobart Grapplehammer say "Have fun storming the Highlands!" which is a reference to Carol Kane and Billy Crystal's lines in The Princess Bride.
Indiana Jones series
The entire Uldum  questline revolving around Harrison Jones, Belloc Brightblade, Commander Schnottz and concluding with finding the Coffer of Promise in Harrison Jones and the Temple of Uldum is based loosely on Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, (though the final quest's name is a tribute to another Indiana Jones movie, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom). The Coffer of Promise is similar to the Ark of the Covenant, both in appearance and powers in the movie, as well as the secret it holds.
Starship Troopers
The quest N [47] A Great Idea in Tanaris will have the player catch a silithid bug. Upon quest completion, the questgiver Zeke Bootscuff calls over Narain Soothfancy to commune with the bug. Narain states "It's afraid." then yells "It's afraid!", a direct quote from the end of the movie, following the capture of the 'brain bug'. The follow-up quest N [47] Just Trying to Kill Some Bugs, another direct quote, features a large explosion in a hive like the corresponding scene in the movie.
Star Wars
The faction-respective versions of B [85] The Hammer of Twilight state: "More important than that, the cultists have made a critical error: Cho'gall is personally overseeing its final construction. Many SI:7/Kor'kron died to bring us this information", an allusion to a similar line in Return of the Jedi.
 Don't Get Cocky Kid is a (paraphrased) reference to a remark Han Solo made to Luke Skywalker in Episode IV: A New Hope.
During H [8] Surrender or Else! quest in Lost Isles Faceless of the Deep yells: "And now, young goblin, you will die!", which is similar to what Emperor Palpatine says to Luke Skywalker in "The Return of the Jedi".
Lord of The Rings
A Quest called H [81] Helm's Deep can be found in the Kelp'thar Forest.
Gimli and Legolas made their way to Warcraft and are Gidwin Goldbraids & Tarenar Sunstrike. They count kills like in the film.
The ring is also present in game. Like Smeagol you'll find it while fishing.
During the Twilight Investigation quest line in Stormwind, a quest A [84] The Old Barracks will have you meet with Jack Bauden (Jack Bauer) who says "I'm Jack Bauden, this is the longest day of my life."
CSI: Miami
The main quest chain in Westfall has players interacting with wisecracking Lieutenant Horatio Laine, assisting him while investigating several crimes in the area. Horatio Laine is based off of Horatio Caine, a character from CSI:Miami. In episode teasers, Caine would begin to speak a particularly ominous (or humorous) line, pause for a moment to put on his sunglasses, and then finish the sentence.
Doctor Who
When entering Nespirah during N [81] Nespirah, Earthmender Duarn says "Her body appears even larger from the inside." (you can hardly grasp Nespirah's size from the outside while being rather close to it) which is a reference to the TARDIS actually being larger on the inside, which is often stated by characters in the show. Also, the shape and color scheme of Nespirah's inside seem similar to that of the TARDIS in series 1-4 of the 2005 relaunch.
 [No'Kaled, the Elements of Death], a weapon dropped by Madness of Deathwing, seems to refer to the Daleks, the original name of which was "Kaled"
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
Witch Doctor Qu'inω  <Medicine Woman> in the level 85 heroic version of Zul'Gurub is a reference to the title character of the series.
The Jewelcrafting Cataclysm dailies in Orgrimmar/Stormwind reference characters and events from the series heavily:
B [90 Daily] A Present for Lila - Lila has purple hair, is a ship captain and apparently only has one eye (left) but is still attractive, which are attributes of Turanga Leela as well. Bonder (Curver in the Alliance version) is apparently a thief, which his friends are oblivious about, and likes drinking, which describes Bender. "Bonder" was also how a fraud psychic called him in a séance.
B [90 Daily] Elemental Goo and B [90 Daily] The Latest Fashion! mention (A) Professor Barnsworth and (H) Dr. Vernstrom, which stand for Professor Farnsworth and Dr. Wernstrom, rival scientists and mortal enemies. While The Latest Fashion! mentions disregard for the dangers of science/magic, as well as finding "other" uses for inventions that have proven to be dangerous, a trait of Farnsworth, the "hand stuck in jar" joke in Elemental Goo's completion text might refer to the series' "heads in jars".
B [90 Daily] Nibbler! No! - Nibbler is a direct reference to Leela's pet of the same name, which can (and will) devour and digest anything, while its droppings are too heavy to lift.
Both the quest name and description text of B [90 Daily] Ogrezonians in the Mood reference the title and plot of the episode Amazon Women in the Mood, and also mentions "Azeroth Express", a play on Planet Express, the delivery company of the series' protagonists.
Hell's Kitchen (U.S.)
In Southern Feralas, near the Steam Pools, you can find a Goblin resort. This is where you can find Gordon Tramsay, <Head Chef>, which is a clear reference to Gordon Ramsay, the host of the American cooking competition show.
In the Horde camp of Dragonmaw Port in the Twilight Highlands there is an NPC named Gregor that is a Dragonmaw Medicine man, named after Dr. Gregory House.
Jem and the Holograms
At the Darkmoon Faire, there are four children that run around the premises: Jerrica (a draenei), Aja (a goblin), Kimber (a blood elf), and Shana (a human). These are the names of the original members of The Holograms.
Jersey Shore
When clicked upon, male Goblin NPCs sometimes say "G.T.L, friend...Gambling, Tinkering, Laundry!" This is a reference to the cast members of Jersey Shore, who use the acronym G.T.L to stand for "Gym, Tanning, Laundry."
Star Trek: The Original Series
When you talk to the Horde Negotiator which you accompany for H [84] Madness, he says "Hey, does this red shirt make me look expendable?", a reference to the Redshirt cliche, a term coined for stock characters in the series that die early on in the episode.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
During quests in the Crucible of Flame the buff indicating you are accompanied by a Child of Tortolla is called "Turtle-Power!"
The Simpsons
The quest N [81] A Bone to Pick (most likely) references the episode Treehouse of Horror III where Homer attempts to purchase cursed frozen yogurt. The episode features a dialogue repeating an alternating "that's good" followed by a "that's bad" set of statements. Both the episode and the quest refer to a cursed item.
Rebecca Black
In the Swamp of Sorrows, their is an NPC called Rebecca Blackman.
Duran Duran
In Mount Hyjal, there are two NPCs named Rio Duran and Ian Duran, who are Gilnean worgen. Duran Duran was a British rock group, and two of their hits were "Rio" and "Hungry Like the Wolf". Rio Duran also quotes lyrics from "Hungry Like the Wolf" while the player is on a certain quest.
Albert Hammond
The names of the achievements  To All The Squirrels I've Loved Before,  To All The Squirrels Who Shared My Life and  To All The Squirrels Who Cared for Me are based on lyrics from the song To All The Girls I've Loved Before.
The quest N [46] Open Their Eyes is a reference to the song "Always" by Erasure, which in itself was popularized by its use in the Adult Swim online game Robot Unicorn Attack, which is referenced as well by the "rainbow" theme of the quest.
The Ink Spots
In the quest N [81] Disrupting the Rituals the Twilight Inferno Lords sometimes say "I just want to set the world on fire" which is a homage to The Ink Spots' 1941 song "I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire", which became famous due to it's usage the 2008 RPG Fallout 3.
Insane Clown Posse
The questB [85 Daily] Magnets, How Do They Work? is a reference to the song "Miracles" by Insane Clown Posse. A line from the song in question, "farkin' magnets, how do they work?" became an internet meme.
 [Psychopathic Hatchet] might be a reference to the group's label which they run named "Psychopathic Records" featuring a man with a hatchet as their logo.
Jonathan Coulton
Skullcrusher the Mountain's name is seemingly a reference to the song "Skullcrusher Mountain" by Jonathan Coulton. One of the quest rewards for the associated quest, B [85] Skullcrusher the Mountain is  [Coulton's Crushers].
Beyonce Knowles
The female goblin /flirt "If you liked it then you should have put a larger, more elaborate ring on it" is a reference to the song "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)". The female goblin /dance is also based on the choreography from the "Single Ladies" music video.
Lady Gaga
In Vashj'ir, there is a rare mob named Lady La-La, a sea witch model that sports crazy glasses and an unusual headpiece. The names of the special abilities she uses against the player are called Briny Romance ("Catches the enemy in a briny romance") and Siren's Song ("Cause all nearby enemies to just dance!").
The worgen female's /dance is based off of the music video for "Poker Face".
The Vashj'ir quest B [81] What? What? In My Gut...? is a reference to the viral music video "What What (In the Butt)" by Samwell.
The Deepholm Quest N [82] All Our Friends Are Dead is a reference to Turbonegro's 2005 song "All My Friends Are Dead".
Winston Churchill
Liam Greymane's speech before The Battle for Gilneas is similar to Winston Churchill's speech to the House of Commons during the Battle of Britain.
Antoine Dodson
When completing the quest N [83] Crisis Management in Uldum, Schnottz's Bodyguard yells during an attack by several collosi to "Hide your vives! Hide your children! Zhey're killink everyone up in he'ah!". This is a reference to Antoine Dodson, who became an internet celebrity from a viral news video in which he was discussing an attempted rape on his sister. Said video included Dodson uttering the line "Hide your kids, hide your wives, and hide your husbands, because they're raping everybody out there."
In Patch 4.2, a second reference was added to the daily quest Vigilance on Wings. After mounting up, it will say "Hyjal kids, Hyjal wives! They're lancing everyone in here!"
Farrah Fawcett
A new Jewelcrafting recipe vendor added to Stormwind in Patch 4.3 is named Farrah Facet.
Ghostcrawler (mob) is a rare spectral crab and spirit beast located in the Abyssal Depths of Vashj'ir. He uses the ability Nerfbat.
When doing the quest  [Forged Documents] on the Alliance side, there is an option to turn the quest in to the horse trainer Darlene Stokx in Stormwind. Upon turning in the quest, one of the things she says is "I must have been tipsy the night I promised you a pony. Take your money and no hard feelings, okay?" This a possibly a reference to the "Ghostcrawler promised me a pony" meme that sprung up on the official forums.
An achievement was added in patch 4.3 called  I Was Promised a Pony, which requires the player to go on a pony ride at the Darkmoon Faire.
 To the Ground! is another Ghostcrawler reference, this time in reference to a joke on how hard he would be nerfing Paladins.
Jules Verne
The NPC Captain "Jewels" Verne and his sub Verne are named after Jules Verne, the author of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.
Mia Rose
There's an NPC in Twilight Highlands called Mia the Rose, which is a reference to porn actress and WoW player Mia Rose. Rose plays a night elf female.
Bobby Flay and Mario Batali
The cooking trainer in Stormwind, Robby Flay, and cooking vendor Bario Matalli are both references to Chefs Bobby Flay and Mario Batali respectively.
Master Craftsman Omarion, a quest giver and artisan leatherworking, blacksmithing, and tailoring trainer at Light's Hope Chapel, shares the same name as R&B artist Omarion.
Russell Brower
A dwarf NPC at Kirthaven in the Twilight Highlands that shares the quest A [84] Words and Music By... who is a reference to his real life counter part of the same name: Russell Brower, who is the Director of Audio at Blizzard.
Vince For Slap Chop
On Kezan, towards the end of the questlines on the island, there is a Goblin NPC named Vinny Slapchop, who is noted as an Entrepreneur. He can be seen yelling and peddling wares, which include a  [Slap Rock].
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
One could argue that the whole Vashj'ir storyline is one huge reference.
Don Quixote
The Maximillian of Northshire questline in Un'Goro Crater caricatures medieval knights fables in a way very similar to the adventures of Don Quixote, especially as Maximillian mistakes e.g. dinosaurs for dragons and male blood elves for damsels. Also, one of the quest rewards is  [Toy Windmill], a direct reference to the novel.
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
The quest B [85] Four Heads are Better than None tasks you to collect the four heads of two ogre mages, named Za'brox and Beeble'phod, alluding to Zaphod Beeblebrox, who has two heads as well. In the quest objectives, the head items are even ordered to form the original name.
During N [85 Daily] The Protectors of Hyjal, one of the quotes of Nat Pagle, the famous fisherman, is "So long, and thanks for all the fights!".
Double Rainbow
The achievement  Double Rainbow is a reference to a viral video of a man commenting in awe while filming footage of a double rainbow. Also, the freaked out imps in the quest N [46] Open Their Eyes quote the same video.
Homestar Runner
In Deepholm, the quest N [83] Troggzor the Earthinator is an obvious reference to Trogdor. Both the quote "Stop him before he earthinates the countryside!" and the reward Earthinating Peasant Leggings further the pun.
The Unstable Magma fire elementals found in the Firelands raid sometimes yell out "BURNINATE!" before attacking.
Oglaf (webcomic)
The description of the Archaeology item  [Skull Drinking Cup], especially the line "So thirsty...." is a reference to Skulls!, one rare SFW strips of the mostly NSFW webcomic Oglaf.
The achievement  Ragnar-O's is a reference to a World of Warcraft meme that parodies both Ragnaros and the cereal brand Cheerios.
World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King
Alone in the Dark
The achievement Alone in the Darkness (10/25) is a reference to the Alone in the Dark computer game series, which is mostly based on Lovecraft's works, just like Yogg-Saron.
Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn
Wrath of the Lich King marked the official World of Warcraft debut of the high Council of Six, likely named after the Council of Six from Baldur's Gate 2, a mysterious high council presiding over a magical order of magi known as the Cowled Wizards. Ironically, the wizards' job to (sometimes violently) enforce the regulation of magic is more reminiscent of the Blue Dragonflight than the Kirin Tor.
Diablo series
The monster Kaganishu, found inside a cave system in northern Borean Tundra, has a name reminiscent of Rakanishu, a Fallen guarding the Cairn Stones in Diablo II. His followers say his name as they attack, much like all Fallen in Diablo II.
Final Fantasy VII
There is a flower merchant in Dalaran named Aerith Primrose. Aerith is a reference to Aerith Gainsborough, a major character of Final Fantasy VII, who wears a pink and red outfit similar in appearance to that of this NPC, and is also a flower seller.
The Legend of Zelda
The achievement  Friend or Fowl? requires you to kill 15 Turkeys in under 3 minutes. Once you kill 15 of them, masses of Angry Turkeys will spawn and chase you down attacking you. This is a reference to The Legend of Zelda series as this same event occurs in many of the games; as you attack Cuccos over and over, masses of Cuccos will swarm in and attempt to kill Link.
The achievements I Choose You, Runemaster Molgeim (10/25), I Choose You, Steelbreaker (10/25) and I Choose You, Stormcaller Brundir (10/25), all for the same boss encounter, may be a reference to a phrase used in the Pokémon franchise, however in the Pokemon franchise the name usually comes before the "I choose you!" statement.
The Borean Tundra questgiver, Mootoo the Younger, is a reference to the Pokemon Mewtwo. This is further enforced by various psychic related quotes during the quest H [71] Escaping the Mist, as well as the npc's similarity in eye shape to the Pokemon's.
The Cooking Achievement  [The Cake Is Not A Lie] is a direct reference to the game Portal. The phrase translates to a reward which is fictitious and was popularized by the game Portal found on Half-Life's Orange Box release. In the game, you are part of a study group controlled by a computer that attempts to motivate you to complete a series of tests involving a new device created by Aperture Science.
The book Thinking with Portals - A Memorandum on Proper Portal Usage can sometimes be found in Dalaran and is a reference to the motto of the game, "Now you're thinking with portals!", used by GLaDOS after completing certain objectives.
During the "Love is in the Air" holiday, some locations have wooden crates with ribbons and hearts on them. These resemble the Weighted Companion Cube from level 17.
Sewer Shark
A sewer shark named "Segacedi" is located under the poison vendor in the sewers of Dalaran. This is a reference to the game Sewer Shark, released on the Sega CD add on for the Sega Genesis, also known as the Mega CD in European and Asian markets.
During the boss fight in Pit of Saron, Scourgelord Tyrannus shouts "Power... overwhelming!". This is a quote from the Protoss Archon unit in Starcraft, as well as the game's cheat command for invincibility.
Zero Wing
The achievement Set Up Us the Bomb (10/25) is a quote from the badly translated (Engrish) intro of the Mega Drive version of the game, including such lines as "Somebody set up us the bomb".
An early Death Knight quest called N Death Knight [55] Tonight We Dine in Havenshire is a reference to a scene where Leonidas says "Tonight, we dine in Hell."
The Scourge archers seen early on in the Death Knight quest chain are called Sky Darkeners, referring to this exchange from 300: "Our arrows will blot out the sun!" "Then we will fight in the shade."
Also, the quest N Death Knight [55] The Light of Dawn is considered to be a reference to the Battle of Thermopylae, since there being 300 defenders of the Light and 10,000 attackers from the Scourge.
On occasion, the Scarlet Peasants in the death knight starting area will say "I picked the wrong week to quit drinking" which is a memorable quote from Steve McCroskey (Lloyd Bridges). He also substitutes "drinking" for smoking, sniffing glue, and amphetamines.
The comment on the buff icon when riding the  [Magnificent Flying Carpet] says "Don't you dare close your eyes!" which is a quote from the song "A whole new world" sung in Disney's Aladdin, while Aladdin and Jasmine are riding the flying carpet.
The same reference goes for the buff icon when riding the  [Frosty Flying Carpet] that says "A new fantastic point of view!", which is also a quote from the song "A whole new world" sung in Aladdin
The achievement They're Coming Out of the Walls (10/25) is a line used by Pvt. Hudson in the movie Aliens.
Just after starting the encounter in Violet Hold, Lieutenant Sinclari says, "Prison guards, we are leaving!". This references the line by Cpl. Hicks, "Marines, we are leaving!"
American Pie
The quest B [90 Daily] This One Time, When I Was Drunk... refers to the constant anecdotes starting with "This one time, at band camp..." told by Alyson Hannigan's character Michelle in the 1999 teen comedy American Pie.
Apocalypse Now
The achievement I Love the Smell of Saronite in the Morning (10/25) is a play on the famous quote "I love the smell of napalm in the morning. It smell like...victory."
Army of Darkness
 [Dark Armor Plate] dropped by Stormforged War Golems in the Storm Peaks starts the quest N [80] Armor of Darkness, a play on the movie title.
The item [Mark "S" Boomstick] is a reference to Ash's Boomstick from the movie. The reagents [Walnut Stock] and [Hair Trigger] used in crafting it refer to the line, "It's got a walnut stock, cobalt blue steel, and a hair trigger."
The achievement  Shop Smart, Shop Pet...Smart refers to the S-Mart slogan repeatedly used by Ash: "Shop smart, shop S-Mart!" (It is more likely that this is a reference to the old slogan for the Pet Store named PetSmart)
Back to the Future trilogy
The item  [Fluxing Energy Coils] is a reference to the Flux Capacitor device used in the movies. A coil can function as a capacitor, which is also used in the third movie, where the Flux Capacitor of the Time Train is a large coil of wire.
The LMS Mark II in Ulduar turns around by hovering upwards from the rail, reminiscent of the Time Train in the third movie, which was equipped with hover technology.
In Grizzly Hills, there are four NPCs located near each other with interesting names. These NPCs in question are one adult female deer named Mother of Bambina, a younger female deer named Bambina, a skunk named Flora and a small rabbit named Thudder. These four are clearly a reference to Bambi.
A hunter will come out and shoot Mother of Bambina, exactly what happens in the Disney film Bambi.
Whenever "Mother of Bambina", "Flora", and "Thudder" are killed, "Bambina" turns into "Vengeful Bambina" which makes her hostile to anyone and gives her a buff called "Bambina's Vengeance", increasing all her damage dealt by 2000% and attack speed by 150%.
The Big Lebowski
A questgiver named Donny in Howling Fjord gives the quest A [70] Out of My Element?. This is a direct reference to the character named Donny (played by Steve Buscemi) in The Big Lebowski. Several times in one of the major scenes, Walter Sobchak (played by John Goodman) tells Donny "You're out of your element!"
There is an NPC named Walt at the Explorers' League Outpost who gives the quest A [71] Iron Rune Constructs and You: The Bluff in which he says: "Walt at the Explorers' League Outpost in the Howling Fjord wants you to use the Iron Rune Construct's Bluff ability on Lebronski after you've walked on his rug". This is a clear reference to The Big Lebowski. In the movie, Jeff "The Dude" Lebowski (Lebronski) is visited by 3 thugs. One of them relieves himself on "The Dude's" rug, and several references are made about the rug through-out the movie. Also, after you've completed all the quests Walt has to give, when you open his chat window he says "The Dude over yonder is pretty upset about his rug". Phone's Ringin' Dude!
A Christmas Story
The [Red Rider Air Rifle] is an item obtained during the Winter Veil 2009 event. It is a reference to the Red Rider BB gun that the main character, Ralphie, wants for Christmas. The rifle will sometimes "backfire" causing the player to become stunned for a short period of time. The debuff is called Right in the eye! which is an obvious reference to the movie.
Full Metal Jacket
During the Death Knight starting quests in Acherus, at the early stage of creating your first rune blade, a book can be read near the runeforges with the text "This is my runeblade, there are many like it but this one is mine." This is an obvious reference to the mantra the Marine recruits are ordered to recite in Full Metal Jacket: "This is my rifle, there are many like it but this one is mine". (Although this could be a movie reference, it could just as well be to The Rifleman's Creed of the U.S. Marine Corps.)
Galaxy Quest
Grubthor, a rare spawn in Silithus may be a reference to Alan Rickman's repeated line, "By Grabthor's Hammer, you shall be avenged!"
Glengarry Glen Ross
At the forge in Warsong Hold, the Grand Master Engineering trainer is named Chief Engineer Leveny, after Shelly Levene, one of the salesman in the real estate office, played in the movie by Jack Lemmon. The Goblin Siege Engineer's complaints about tools is similar to the complaints of the real estate salesman in the film complaining about their leads: "These tools are junk!" and "How do they expect us to craft with these things?" They also ask about a meeting they are being made to attend, which turns out to be with Blakelow, who abuses the engineers ("You call yourself a crafter, you son-of-a-gnome?") and challenges them to a crafting contest ("As you all know, first prize is a [Turbo-Charged Flying Machine]. Anyone want to see second prize? Second prize is some [fused wiring]. Third prize is YOU'RE FIRED!"), ending in an exortation to "Always be crafting!" similar to a speech in the film by Alec Baldwin.
Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark
In the Drakil'jin Ruins of Grizzly Hills, Harrison Jones reprises his role from Zul'Aman as a tribute to Indiana Jones and Harrison Ford. His dialogue in the quest N [75] Dun-da-Dun-tah! includes several movie references, and the quest name itself refers to four notes of the famous Indiana Jones theme.
The achievement  [Snakes. Why'd It Have To Be Snakes?] has its name origin from an quote found in Raiders of the Lost Ark.
Jurassic Park
During the Horde version of H [74] The Battle For The Undercity, when you clear to the outer ring of the Undercity, Varimathras yells "Clever girl..." at Sylvanas. This is a direct quote from the film version of Jurassic Park. Just before Robert Muldoon is kil

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