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(YouTube)   Dontcha just hate days like this?   ( divider line
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5906 clicks; posted to Video » on 17 Aug 2014 at 11:21 AM (3 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2014-08-17 10:14:44 AM  
aoefp uoimasdf mlkhsd
2014-08-17 11:24:41 AM  
I am sure I have not taken enough drugs to understand this.
2014-08-17 11:28:52 AM  
2014-08-17 11:32:36 AM  
My math background tells me it's three variable calculus over some sort of series. My computer background tells me computers are amazing these days. My music background tells me "aggghh stop."

My sober self insists this must have been much better last night and I missed it.
2014-08-17 11:54:02 AM  
You know what Doctor Who really needs?  Cyriak on their villain design team.
2014-08-17 12:00:34 PM  
dont take the red acid
2014-08-17 12:17:12 PM  
It's ok, I didnt need to sleep for the rest of the day...... or the next week...
2014-08-17 12:36:31 PM  
I'm pretty sure that I'm the only one who saw a giant dog made out of human faces and fingers walking through a supermarket, I'm thinking that it's time to stop chasing my 'shroom sandwiches with the peyote aoli with mescaline.

Still gonna use my LSD blotter napkins, though.
2014-08-17 12:49:46 PM  
I miss my younger days of dropping acid just for the fark of it and trying to get through the work day or school tripping balls without anyone catching on.
2014-08-17 12:50:34 PM  
Yeah man. Happens ALL the frikkin time.
2014-08-17 02:44:15 PM  
That is officially the most bizarre thing I have ever seen.
2014-08-17 02:58:17 PM  
I made it about 30 seconds.
2014-08-17 03:19:08 PM  
"He never has a second cup at home."
2014-08-17 03:27:46 PM  
Count the Corvairs.
2014-08-17 04:23:27 PM  
Meh, that is just Tuesday around here.
2014-08-17 04:43:02 PM  
It's like a classic Looney Tunes Bob Clampett cartoon inserted into a 50's TV ad.  I especially liked the detail of the store lettering changing in the parking lot.  I've been going back and watching his earlier videos. I soak up this kind of weirdness.  Hilarious!  Thanks, subby!
2014-08-17 06:02:40 PM  
2014-08-17 06:20:20 PM  
Once again, I can only imagine what I could accomplish with that kind of free time.
2014-08-17 07:21:45 PM  

FriarReb98: aoefp uoimasdf mlkhsd

really, what else can you damaged brain say after that.
2014-08-17 08:14:05 PM  
That was awesome.
2014-08-17 08:46:41 PM  
pffft, Syd Barrett lived this 24/7.
2014-08-17 10:00:07 PM  
ai! ai!
2014-08-17 10:04:34 PM  
2014-08-17 10:26:59 PM  
My favorite of his, a little less of the revolving faces:
2014-08-18 12:13:13 AM  
It was the visual version of Meow said the Dog
2014-08-18 07:50:17 AM  
Damn do I love me some Cyriak
2014-08-18 09:56:50 AM  

LumberJack: My favorite of his, a little less of the revolving faces:

My personal favorite - the Beggin remix: TU P2g

Meow Mix and MOO! are also great.
2014-08-18 10:41:08 AM  
There are ten of thousands of people in jobs where doing drugs can get them fired or thrown in jail.  But someday, those people will retire and move to states where weed is legal.  And they're going to want freaky to watch after they're done listening to Frank Zappa's seminal album "Joe's Garage" in the triple box-set in three acts.

This is one of the videos they will watch.
2014-08-18 11:30:27 AM
2014-08-18 01:52:46 PM  
Isn't this just a recut Peter Gabriel video?
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