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(Deadline)   Teamsters no longer tilting at windmills   ( divider line
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3146 clicks; posted to Entertainment » on 16 Aug 2014 at 4:02 PM (3 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2014-08-16 03:12:35 PM

Youse guys gots a problem wit dat??
2014-08-16 04:14:32 PM  

Lionel Mandrake: [ image 254x193]

Youse guys gots a problem wit dat??

You saying' we ain't working'?

/Quixote is a pretty sleazy company.
2014-08-16 04:16:53 PM  
Perhaps Tom Hagen smoothed out an union issues.
2014-08-16 04:27:31 PM  
A union win is a win for all American workers.
2014-08-16 04:42:22 PM  
I was a teamster (warehouse workers local) for a couple of years, back in the early 70's and they can ESAD.  The local's leadership came to the plant one day for some reason. Sleazy motherfarkers in sharkskin suits, who looked at the workers like they were something on the bottom of their shoe.  This was in Chicago, so they were all probably connected to the Outfit.
2014-08-16 04:53:50 PM  
I'm pretty damn liberal, but holy crap do I dislike Teamsters and have a general dislike of unions in general.  Maybe it's just the circle I run in, but I'm finding more, younger, liberals feel the same way.
2014-08-16 05:37:19 PM  
I used to have to work with Teamsters when I worked on films in Chicago.
Most were really nice guys.  Didn't go out of their way for anything, but nice.
Because they were on vacation.
Working a movie was considered "a vacation" when you normally worked at McCormick Place, moving things around with a forklift or hanging bunting.  You know, hard labor.
Mostly they would show up with the truck (rented from a company owned by a Teamster official of course) and then sit in the cab all day reading or sleeping.  Sometimes they would run an errand like go get all new tires for trailers (owned by that Teamster official's company) and then bill them to the production.  These are tires that were maybe a year old.

My only bad experience working with Teamsters on movies:
One time I had a rather specialized piece of equipment I agreed to rent to the construction department that was building sets.  It was in a big warehouse being used as a stage/staging center.
When they wrapped construction they were supposed to load my gear onto a truck and then deliver it back to my shop.
Teamster has to do all the touching.  I can't touch it.
Teamster tells me how much experience he has moving precious cargo at McCormick Place.
Teamster rolls my gear off the dock onto the back of the truck. It's a heavy item.
Back end of truck sags a bit.  Enough to create a gap between the dock and the truck bed. (no dock flap overlapping the bed).
Wheels on my gear can't span the gap, and it tilts, then tumbles off the dock landing next to the truck.
Teamster walks away leaving me standing there.  His job was done.

/that's my Teamster "tilting" story
//did not RTFA
2014-08-16 10:36:14 PM  
Local 399 guys do a great job. They work hard, long hours. Everything from hauling and parking my 48-footer to hauling gear in stake beds to fork lifting equipment up & down from a set built on a 14' platform, it's all done on time and safely. If I'm working a 14-15 hour day, some of those guys are doing 16-19 hour days.
2014-08-17 02:18:44 AM  
My wife got a flat tire on the WB lot, the first and only person that offered help was a 399 teamster. That guy was on his own time, and had to get a stake bed, to get a floor jack, to change the tire. That's good people.
2014-08-17 03:35:22 AM  

skot11: My wife got a flat tire on the WB lot, the first and only person that offered help was a 399 teamster. That guy was on his own time, and had to get a stake bed, to get a floor jack, to change the tire. That's good people.

Are you sure he didn't fix the cable, if youse knows what I means?
2014-08-17 10:10:30 AM  

dobro: A union win is a win for all American workers.

Just look at Detroit after decades of 'wins'
2014-08-17 11:44:43 AM  
The derp from the TF left is silent in this thread.
2014-08-17 05:12:45 PM  
Unions can be badly lead, but none of you would be living a decent life today if it weren't for the unions. But go ahead; get rid of them and let's see how you fare at you job.
2014-08-17 06:26:45 PM  
Teamster's union didn't work out to well for the former DHL and Airborne Employees. Those dudes ran the company into the ground then looked shocked when DHL reorganized. I felt bad for the low seniority, good workers. Fortunately I have other marketable skills, most of those guys didn't.
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