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(Boston Globe)   American Taliban fighter says bio-attacks could begin after Sunday   ( divider line
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2001-12-12 08:48:35 AM  
Then we will just continue "paving" any country that supports them.
2001-12-12 08:50:06 AM  
"i know karate!"
2001-12-12 08:51:48 AM  
Treason, eh.....? You know what I say to that, right?

2001-12-12 08:52:35 AM  
I would rather see him let loose in NYC around ground zero and let the public deal with him.
2001-12-12 08:52:46 AM  
Phase I: Blow up some buildings.

Phase IIa: Hide in caves and run like cowards.

Phase II: Try to make some people sick.

Phase III: Meet little bits.
2001-12-12 08:52:58 AM  
Actually, hanging him would be the legal remedy
2001-12-12 08:55:52 AM  
It sounds like this guy is trying so hard to climb out of the ass crach he's in. Backed the wrong horse and Mommy and Daddy have already started the PR campaign "He's such a confused but good boy" BS.

Waiting for the talk show circuit and book deal.
Remember Mike Spann
2001-12-12 08:56:16 AM  
Step I: Steal Underpants

Step III: Profit
2001-12-12 08:56:23 AM  
General Wesley Clark said that it is US policy to seriously consider nuclear retaliatory attacks against any nation that would use chemical or biological attacks against us. He said he told Saddam that in the Gulf War.
2001-12-12 08:57:25 AM  
Do these threats worry anyone?
I know if I lived there I would be shiatting bricks..but then again we are also targeted by these assholes because we back and support the USA so HELL YEAH I am worried...

I am only asking cause I am curious if this is really worrying anyone in the states as it is me?
2001-12-12 08:57:56 AM  
How the hell would he know? Being American, I'd figure Al-Qaeda and his buddy Taliban fighters would fill him full of shiat knowing he was going to be captured, and knowing he would sing like a canary
2001-12-12 08:58:05 AM  
I like how the writer goes 75% of the way through the article before pointing out that he's a low-level taliban guy who wouldn't know about these things and probably is insane.
2001-12-12 08:58:37 AM  
The third phase of al Qaeda's war would lead to destruction of the entire United States, he told interrogators, it said

THis guy doesn't know dick. He is obviously seeking attention. I am sure al Queda tells every insignificant asshole all details of their plans. SHut this farker in the head already and broadcast it on PBS.
2001-12-12 08:59:16 AM  
Yeah, this is amusing. This guy was low-man-on-the-totem-pole, he doesn't know Jack Schitt. He's American. Despite all his Taliban brainwashing about how America, Capitalism, and Freedom are evil, it won't be more than a couple months before he's suing his parents and the US for allowing this to happen to him, and then trying to get multi-million-dollar book deals of his ordeal.

He'll be on Oprah by June of next yeah.
2001-12-12 08:59:21 AM  
I wondered why they were just sitting there fighting, but now we know. They have been waiting for the end of Ramadan to kick the infidels collective ass.

But seriously, does anyone think this grunt has inside info for the al-Queda network. This would be like the taliban capturing one of our weapons equipment managers and then him being able to tell that we were dropping a nuke at the end of Christmas.

I just think this was a rumor passed among the grunts to keep morale from totally plumetting. Those daisy-cutters can really kill your morale. I'm not saying it won't happen, but I say it is highly unlikely this peon had any actual knowledge to it.
2001-12-12 08:59:34 AM  
Year, not yeah, sorry.
2001-12-12 09:01:33 AM  
where is that rope? [image from too old to be available] Ahhh, there it is.
2001-12-12 09:02:17 AM  
I am willing to bet bin Laden told of his evil plans to Lindh right before bin Laden died. Evil doers always tell their plans before they die.
2001-12-12 09:03:32 AM  
Personally, I think if they were going to do something, it would be done by now.
2001-12-12 09:04:37 AM  
Do you think we can trade Carl Everett to the Taliban for Osama?
2001-12-12 09:04:39 AM  
Geezzz I for one hope you are right...this is just outright farken scarey shiat.
2001-12-12 09:05:26 AM  
3M TA3: Not true. In most Bond movies, the evil genius escapes before his mountain cave-complex is destroyed.
2001-12-12 09:07:34 AM  
Ozzie: No point worrying about what you don't know.
If something happens, we'll take the hit(s) unfortunately, but they'll run out of people before we run out of bombs. Also, the world seems to forget that for all of the US's generosity, we can be a hateful and vengeful country of a magnitude rarely seen. Wheb Bush said you're "in or out", I think these countries realize this better than our own citizens. Its not bragging or bravado. PJ O'Rourke humorously once said "America is the scary one". He (and fb) may be right.
2001-12-12 09:07:43 AM  
Yea right, sure he did.

I wonder how that bit of information "leaked out"
2001-12-12 09:07:54 AM  
Scary sure but I think we are a little more prepared this time. I am sure there are still plenty of al Queda members in the US, but I think a lot their communication has either been cut or being monitored. Uncle Sam is not going to let us get raped again. Especially so near the holidays. Another disaster and nobody will be travelling outside their own zip code. And that is the last thing the econmy needs.
2001-12-12 09:09:18 AM  
"Personally, I think if they were going to do something, it would be done by now."

I don't know that I believe this story, but if I were a Fundie radical Muslim, I'd think the "infidel" holiday season of Christmas would be a wonderful time to strike the US: people quit X-mas shopping--the US economy depends on people blowing buttloads of cash on X-mas. And what a lovely morale destroyer to reek death and destruction during the holidays.
Then again, this guy probably has no idea what he's talking about.
2001-12-12 09:09:28 AM  
I ain't scared.

Besides...if you die, you die - right? Then you get to spend eternity in the pleasure ships of the sex goddesses in some corporate sin galaxy..

THAT, my friends cannot be beat.

With that in mind, please, send some biological weapons my way..I'll pay a bongload FULL of anthrax.
2001-12-12 09:09:48 AM  
I am by no means a military expert, but isn't it hard to mastermind things from, ummm, caves? The cavemen tried it and all they managed was clubs, fire and wheels.

2001-12-12 09:12:47 AM  
After finishing his bleak comments, Walker then pointed out the window. He then smiled and said, "That's no moon, that's a Taliban Space Station!"
2001-12-12 09:14:34 AM  
"I am by no means a military expert, but isn't it hard to mastermind things from, ummm, caves?"

The one thing we have going against us is pre-planning on their part. Remember, the WTC attack was planned out years in advance and the people that carried it out were planted here long before the attack. Just because we've got the cells in Afghanistan in a cave (and remember, there are cells all around the world--N. America, Europe, Asia, Africa), does not mean that we have them all rounded up. It wouldn't be too wise to get all cocky just yet.
2001-12-12 09:15:08 AM  
I guess it is easy to say Don't be is the not being scared that is the problem to overcome...

AND BTW I don't think Bush demanded in or out to any country...I know we here in Australia volenteered our armed forces.
2001-12-12 09:16:06 AM  
I've been wondering if anybody has looked into the Foot & Mouth outbreak in the UK to see if the terrorists may have had a hand in that.

But yeah, this guy is full of doo-dah
2001-12-12 09:17:00 AM  
Maybe, Rabb..but cavemen didnt have internet access, cell phones, secret codes, and some big unseen arch-enemy they felt had to be destroyed
2001-12-12 09:17:46 AM  
Hmm a good pojny Rtreynor, my friends car got scratched last week I wonder if it was the terrorists? and it rained lst night hmmmm
2001-12-12 09:17:54 AM  
WorldCitizen: I agree and I am not being cocky, it's that whole beingfunnyonFarkcausethatswhatitishereforsogetoveritandrelaxthing.

2001-12-12 09:18:31 AM  
George Harrison and the other cavemen *did* have to deal with hungry, evil, dinosaurs.

If I remember correctly.
2001-12-12 09:19:08 AM  
Skidnuts: good call, they had the right idea with the whole dragging women around by their hairt thing though, wooohooo!

2001-12-12 09:19:10 AM  
Well I guess if something is going to go down then there is probably diddly squat anyone can do about it...

2001-12-12 09:19:56 AM  
No, I think that masterminding things from caves can be done, in theory, from the pre-US assault cave complexes with all the net access and communications and such.

It IS difficult when now, Al-Queda is confined to one last cave stronghold, their forces have been obliterated, the rest of the cave complexes have already been destroyed or overrun by opposition forces, and communication with the outside has been cut off. Losers.

This story does bother me, but only momentarily. Look, this guy is saying exactly what he was told by Al-Queda forces. We've seen this before -- bin Laden like other extremists uses grandiose claims to keep up morale. What better way is there to keep uneducated, blinded by brainwashing followers fighting to the death than to keep telling them "just a little longer until the US is destroyed, I swear." This is equivalent to the janitor at your local military base "knowing" nuke launch codes.
2001-12-12 09:20:01 AM  
Ozzie: In the first speech after 9-11 Bush made clear to all countries that in the fight against terrorism "you are either with us or against us" But props to Aussies for actually sending your boys over with ours. One of the first countries to do so if not the first.
2001-12-12 09:20:19 AM  
WorldCitizen: You are right about that. Thank god we're taking the weed-eater to the weed right now.
2001-12-12 09:20:29 AM  
clubs can cause some really nasty welts though Rabbito
2001-12-12 09:20:46 AM  
What is it with guys named John Walker? First, there was the one who formed the Walker spy ring, and now this.
2001-12-12 09:21:09 AM  
Ozzie - I view anything this idiot says as valueless. The fact that he says that there are could be doesn't faze me in the least, and we just had an anthrax scare here where I work last week (envelope leaking white powder).

I think he needs 100 beatings with a salt encrusted whip, immerse him in a vat of leeches, and then tie ropes to his limbs and attach them to a few clydesdales (the bug ass horses) and set them running.

"The man who confronts you, he is the enemy. The enemy deserves no mercy."
2001-12-12 09:21:12 AM  
The only reason that cavemen dragged women by the hair was so they would not fill up with rocks...boom boom....
LMAO....sorry sick joke
2001-12-12 09:22:44 AM  
very good points in defense of the caveman, I will just go to my corner now, that is all

2001-12-12 09:24:05 AM  
Aren't we all just talking a bunch of bs because we're scared? We have let everyone into the country that wants to come here and now we will pay the price. Our security in the airports has been a joke for many years. We have been policially correct long enough and now we will all pay for it with our lives. The terrorists have the means to do all that they want. Those of us in big cities will be the first to go.
2001-12-12 09:24:12 AM  
Its propaganda designed to keep you scared, make you buy war bonds and go ignore your rights being spirited away.

As for the "Internet access cave" give me a break, have a look at the afgan telecoms infrastructure.

Whats becomonig clear is that bombing Afganistan has changed nothing when it comes to a terrorist threat. No doubt Bush will be announcing attacking a few other countries using the same language any time soon.
2001-12-12 09:26:05 AM  
Icehouse: So, how long have you been running around with Chicken Little crying "the sky is falling, the sky is falling!"???
2001-12-12 09:26:32 AM  
I live in DC, 2 miles from the Pentagon, I'm a little worried.
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