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(Business Insider)   Teenager's science fair project may help end cyberbullying. How a teenager plans to completely shut down the internet is anyone's guess   ( divider line
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2014-08-15 09:37:20 AM  
i190.photobucket.comView Full Size
2014-08-15 09:59:16 AM  
"IDK how you trickd hottie Braden into dating u, stupid fat cow i hope u die."

*Are you sure you want to post this hot mess and have everyone think you're a catty b*tch?*

"Hmmm... maybe not."
2014-08-15 11:34:43 AM  
I want to start a Suicide Help Hotline for victims of cyberbullies who are thinking of committing suicide.

That gives them helpful instructions on how not to fark it up and accomplish the job.

/That was a Gallic jest.
2014-08-15 11:38:21 AM  
Good. The world needs more hands-on bullying. Enough of this lazy-ass cyberbullying shiat.
2014-08-15 11:44:01 AM  

Big Beef Burrito: Good. The world needs more hands-on bullying. Enough of this lazy-ass cyberbullying shiat.

well, really, hands on bullying is probably a lot less destructive.

i mean, online bullying is on the internet.  forever.  20 years from now, you try to get a job, and they google you...

/ you fark one goat.
2014-08-15 11:47:09 AM  
We really do need that for Fark.

/We could do a lot better if we put in some extra time perfecting the posts that slip by the filter
2014-08-15 11:51:06 AM  
"Are you sure that you want to potentially offend someone with thin skin?"  Y/Y"
2014-08-15 12:00:34 PM  
OMG she is so gonna get cyberbullied!!
2014-08-15 12:02:39 PM  
"Turns out, in 93.43% of her 533 trials, the student decided not to post the comment."

Her control ("baseline") group was asked if they wanted to post a mean comment.  Her experimental ("rethink") group was asked the same question, and if they said "yes", were asked to rethink their decision.  Then most of them changed their minds and said they wouldn't post it after all.

But we don't know how many of the control vs. experimental groups actually would go through with it and post a mean comment.  I guess there are ethical issues in letting the experiment go that far.  But still, maybe 93% of the students wouldn't actually go through with posting a mean comment in real life, even if they originally said they would, and the "rethink" experiment is just identifying those individuals.
2014-08-15 12:05:06 PM  
She should kill herself.
2014-08-15 12:31:08 PM  
"Rethink"? That's the name of your product. That's farking stupid. I can't believe your parents unchained you and let you out of the basement.

*squirts water at inventor*
2014-08-15 12:42:37 PM  
This would have been an interesting story if it... you know... included the "HOW".

This is not an invention:
"People should think before they speak."

This is an invention:
"Here is how to make people think before they speak.  I've created a system which which clicked does x,y,z... tada!"
2014-08-15 12:47:43 PM  

Slaxl: OMG she is so gonna get cyberbullied!!

If I weren't so lethargic I'd spend some time cyberbullying her.
2014-08-15 01:04:47 PM  
imgs.xkcd.comView Full Size
2014-08-15 01:15:30 PM  
Repeat from 3 or 4 weeks ago. At least they used a different link.

Yay efficiency!
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