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(Some Guy)   Are you brave enough to test your IQ and post the results? Subby got 162, but wasn't really trying   ( divider line
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13206 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 Aug 2014 at 4:55 PM (3 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2014-08-08 03:19:47 PM  
2014-08-08 03:27:05 PM  
2014-08-08 03:33:09 PM  
132. I detect a pattern here...
2014-08-08 03:33:40 PM  
2014-08-08 03:38:40 PM  
This was on Facebook. I haven't seen any results under 124.
2014-08-08 03:41:59 PM  

cameroncrazy1984: This was on Facebook. I haven't seen any results under 124.

Now I feel like Peggy Hill.
2014-08-08 03:43:27 PM  
If that's the test I've seen on facebook (it's not loading for me), I answered everything wrong on purpose and scored a 108.
2014-08-08 03:46:50 PM  
2014-08-08 03:54:20 PM  
2014-08-08 04:03:47 PM  

This should have a "Plug" tag.
2014-08-08 04:05:42 PM  

Brontes: cameroncrazy1984: This was on Facebook. I haven't seen any results under 124.

Now I feel like Peggy Hill.

I can't wait to order several copies of the leather bound book listing me as one of the smartest people in the country!
2014-08-08 04:09:38 PM  
I got 110 by just clicking the left most choice on every question and 110 by clicking the right most answer on every question.

That adds up to 220.  Making me a supergenius.
2014-08-08 04:12:05 PM  
I answered all the questions very rapidly and correctly and scored 134. (There is a time component. I'm pretty sure I gave the same answers as those of you who scored 132, but I probably snuck in just under the time cutoff. My son told me that he scored 128, then took it again giving the same answers rapidly, and scored 134 the second time.)

I then answered the questions slowly and incorrectly and scored 98. (The time component is probably the difference between that 98 and the 108 mentioned above. I waited long enough between answers to harvest three acres of corn and watch a Tarkovsky film festival.)

Note that 108, assuming a typical IQ test mean and standard deviation of 100/16, is in the 69th percentile. So if you get every question wrong quickly, you're still smarter than 69% of the population!

In other words, this "test" is simply a lure to sell their product. I guess you all already knew that, didn't you?
2014-08-08 04:40:46 PM  
GOD DAMMIT!!!! I didn't know it was timed.  I got up halfway through the test to answer the door because some Jehova Witness was knocking on it and now I'm retarded.
2014-08-08 04:42:18 PM  
That's not a farking IQ test. It's an internet game.

This thread is going to be full of people who think they are 4 sd from the mean.
2014-08-08 04:57:44 PM  
I would love to but I have to be at the gym in 21 minutes.
2014-08-08 05:00:57 PM  
I took this yesterday because a friend posted her results. She got 134. I got 132.

Something seems off about it. And this thread proves it.
2014-08-08 05:01:07 PM  
An IQ of 162 is really is.  Consider:  Bart Simpson's IQ was said to be 216...but he
was cheating.  Wile E. Coyote claimed his IQ was 207, level "super genius"....but he still can't catch
a road runner.  Sheldon Cooper has an IQ of 187....but doesn't even hold a driver's license.
Hmm....maybe 162 isn't so bad after all.
2014-08-08 05:01:41 PM  
132, and I had to pee... So I should get some kind of handicap?
2014-08-08 05:03:07 PM  
2014-08-08 05:03:19 PM  
130, but I had to straight-up guess on the number patterns.
2014-08-08 05:03:48 PM  
I licked every answer and got a 134
2014-08-08 05:04:22 PM  

Ghastly: I got up halfway through the test to answer the door because some Jehova Witness was knocking on it and now I'm retarded.

This is your brain on religion.
2014-08-08 05:04:40 PM  
134. Were the answers timed?
2014-08-08 05:04:50 PM  
122 and not really trying either.
2014-08-08 05:04:55 PM  
126 and I suck at math.
2014-08-08 05:05:11 PM  
I farted on the keyboard and got a 147.  Which is way lower than I scored when I farted on an actual IQ test.
2014-08-08 05:05:20 PM  
2014-08-08 05:06:04 PM  

Was this test timed because I know I got one of the pattern questions wrong

(seriously the 7's confused me and I burned too much time)
2014-08-08 05:06:05 PM  
132. I'm not good with the number sequences.
2014-08-08 05:06:33 PM  
2014-08-08 05:06:46 PM  
I got creationist.
2014-08-08 05:08:03 PM  
130 -- Do I get extra credit for finding the typo in the jewelry question?
2014-08-08 05:08:12 PM  
130. Hard to understand how so few questions leads to so many scores so close, unless it was timed. Which seems bogus if there was no disclosure of that. But it's either that or the scores based on answers alone are probably bogus.
2014-08-08 05:08:24 PM  

Sir_Spanksalot: I got creationist.

They didn't have a button for it but did you just type Jesus every time?
2014-08-08 05:08:33 PM  

cameroncrazy1984: This was on Facebook. I haven't seen any results under 124.

Would you post it on Facebook if the test said you were Forrest Gump?
2014-08-08 05:08:36 PM  
Seems legit.
2014-08-08 05:08:40 PM  
2014-08-08 05:09:04 PM  
2014-08-08 05:09:11 PM  
Not accurate.  I've had my IQ tested twice professionally and once in a thorough informal manner, and all three results were within four points of each other, yet this one came out quite lower.
2014-08-08 05:09:30 PM  
I failed. Couldn't spell EyeQ.
2014-08-08 05:10:23 PM  
I'm 130 but after some of teh questions I feel petarded
2014-08-08 05:10:28 PM  
Yadda yadda, 132.
2014-08-08 05:10:55 PM  
2014-08-08 05:11:10 PM  
Hey geniuses, I'm going to try this test because in spite of having just read every single one of the 87,590 comments explaining that it's bogus I simply haven't got the message. Any chance you could post the same thing another 97,665,434,860,967,684,653 times for me to read, you farking savants.
2014-08-08 05:11:10 PM  
132. It says I'm in the top 2% but looks like I'm average for a farker. What does that make us then?
2014-08-08 05:11:23 PM  
seriously, all of fark cannot be in the top 2% of the world's population...

img.fark.netView Full Size

/we arent asian
2014-08-08 05:12:02 PM  
All the 130's indicate that that is the score that the test creator felt would be most believable.  Giving everybody 160's would be too suspicious.
2014-08-08 05:12:02 PM  

StRalphTheLiar: I licked every answer and got a 134

this...not exactly rocket surgery.
2014-08-08 05:12:16 PM  
Randomly clicking gave me 121.
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