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Duplicate of another approved link: 8363000

(CNN)   The federal government has concluded that there is a new leaker exposing national security documents, according to some guy   ( divider line
    More: Unlikely, United States, Glenn Greenwald, underwear bomber, National Counterterrorism Center, Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment, Edward Snowden, Reliable Sources  
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2014-08-06 09:41:34 AM  
I've narrowed it down to 4.3 million suspects...
2014-08-06 10:02:36 AM  
But the access to this information was limited to just a few thousand people!
2014-08-06 10:08:39 AM  
I'm keeping my mouth shut, for now.
2014-08-06 10:09:29 AM  
Repeat much?
2014-08-06 10:12:30 AM  
Dick Cheney at it again?
2014-08-06 10:23:40 AM  
2014-08-06 10:27:30 AM  

Epic Fap Session: Repeat

And worse yet, the original article laid out pretty straightforward evidence for why there has to be a second leaker. So subby of this link is pretty foolish for the "unlikely" tag and snarky headline.
2014-08-06 10:32:19 AM  
Can't stop the signal, Mal.

The genie is out of the bottle. The gov't f'ked up and are being called out on it. They'll have more leaks since they couldn't make an example out of Snowden.
2014-08-06 10:44:18 AM  
Maybe you should stop doing a bunch of illegal shiat that needs to be leaked.
2014-08-06 10:52:20 AM  

flynn80: Maybe you should stop doing a bunch of illegal shiat that needs to be leaked.

You're so cute.
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