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(The Local)   Upside, the airline didn't lose your luggage. Downside, the luggage compartment was infested with maggots. (Bonus: No motherfarking Snakes on a Plane joke)   ( divider line
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3630 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 Aug 2014 at 3:29 AM (3 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2014-08-05 02:31:27 AM
2014-08-05 03:54:48 AM

Hopefully, it is just maggots.
2014-08-05 05:18:35 AM  

I have had it with these monkey fighting maggots on this Monday to Friday plane!!
2014-08-05 05:27:33 AM  
Go To Sleep Baby Fly, Go To Sleep In Your Bed of Raw Hamburger is probably my favorite track off of Bassinet of Blood, Cannibal Corpse's ill-conceived foray into the children's music market.
2014-08-05 05:33:00 AM  
Why are you destroying my luggage?  I thought we were allowed one carrion!
2014-08-05 06:23:57 AM

Move out, Maggot!
2014-08-05 07:10:39 AM

"Maggots, Michael, your luggage is full of maggots."
2014-08-05 08:05:53 AM  
Did they look for an African stow away?
2014-08-05 09:02:35 AM
Gimme some HEAT! Mon!
2014-08-05 09:14:19 AM  
That's something you might want to worm your way out of.
2014-08-05 09:30:44 AM  
foot massages
2014-08-05 09:33:44 AM  
Maybe they were serving casu marzu with the in flight meal.
2014-08-05 09:56:21 AM  
Welp. I googled "Maggots." Time to go vomit for a while.
2014-08-05 11:07:02 AM  

Mad_Radhu: [ image 570x321]

Hopefully, it is just maggots.

Thank you. Came here to make a reference to The Strain, I see my work is done. So here is a picture of the sample box to help things along.
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