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(Farm Futures)   Beef prices won't even start to come down until late 2015 and pork not until at least late this year. Your dog wants steak, but is stuck settling for chicken   ( divider line
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2014-08-03 02:42:38 AM  
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Let me tell you, those beef prices aint gonna drop much at all, nor is pork and you can look foreword to chicken going up.

This happened before, in the early 70's, just prior to the Gas Shortage. We had a beef shortage, supposedly because the government allowed too much to be slaughtered. The prices doubled nearly over night, then doubled again. Shortly after, as folks turned to traditionally cheaper meats like pork and chicken, pork prices tripled. Chicken doubled and doubled again.

Seafood? Everyone went insane on that stuff, quadrupling prices in a matter of months.

Within a year, the shortage was mostly taken care of, but the prices never came down and in fact went up!

Retailers and wholesalers had discovered people loved their beef and would pay nearly anything for it.

Out came faux meat, meaning patties and ground mixed with scraps that used to be sold as pet food, fillers like cellulose, corn and anything cheap. Hamburger gained more fat. Some of those pre-formed hamburgers in a box looked good, but when fried up, tasted like sawdust.

Breaded chicken patties appeared, containing scrap meat, fats, artificial color, vegetable fillers and a lot of seasoning. You kind of got a bit suspicious when you fried one up -- and your frying pan suddenly was swimming in yellow grease.

Bags of chicken parts came into being. By breaking up a chicken, companies made more money and folks thought they were getting a deal. However, read the label and you discovered the meat was injected with water, broth or sugar or any combination of all three. Bags of chicken quarters suddenly started having a whole lot of previously trimmed off fat left on. (Dead weight equals more profit.)

Fry some of those babies up and watch them reduce by nearly 50%.

A whole roaster, previously bought for $3.00, went up to $10.00.

Ham doubled in price.

They invented faux seafood made out of scraps and dye with flavoring added. (Dirty Jobs had an episode in a crab plant where they processed the shells and scraps they used to pitch out and produced a seasoned crab 'filling' for restaurants.)

We started importing chicken breasts from China because they preferred the dark meat.

Maybe you haven't noticed, but in many grocery stores, where they used to sell pre-packaged chicken salad made on the premises -- they don't anymore. Chicken is costly. Places where they still do, you'll find the cost has gone up.

Some places sell chicken strips, fried. Those not sold get diced up to go into chicken salad. Rarely will they drop the price of day old leftovers to sell them off like they used to.

Like ribs? The cost of them has shot up close to the price of gold. Use stew meat? You'll find it twice as expensive now and more full of fat and gristle.

I used to go to a local butcher for good meats. He was a bit more costly than that found in grocery stores, but the taste was so much better. I went a couple of years ago and found his prices way too high to even consider.

A single steak was $25. It used to be $10. Last year, he priced himself out of business. He had been around for as long as I can recall -- and then his sons took over and decided to get rich quick.

Farmers around here have caught on to the profits. For a reasonable fee, you could buy a quarter or half of a cow, butchered and packaged. They even tossed in the bones for soup. They kept the guts and hide and other less desirable pieces.

Now, they charge much more than grocery stores. It's no longer worth it to hunt down a rancher, make a deal and go home with your car weighed down with great beef.

Producers, wholesalers and retailers capitalize mightily on meat since Americans love their bloody bits. So much that slaughter houses and commercial meat cutters are busier than they ever have been, too busy to pay close attention to hygiene, which is why you now get a lot of contaminated meats and basically need to wear a bio-hazard suit when preparing it.

Don't look for the prices to drop much.
2014-08-02 08:27:42 PM  
1 vote:
All this talk of slow cookers. Unless you have one of your grandmas slow cookers, the liquid is boiling after an hour even on low.  I guess manufacturers are scared of being sued for food borne illness.
2014-08-02 08:24:28 PM  
1 vote:

sotua: Can anybody recommend a good slow cooker?

Slow enough?
2014-08-02 03:53:27 PM  
1 vote:
Learn how to cook.

I've learned how to make all sorts of old fashioned cuts of meat and once you've mastered the art of the slow cooker, marinades and the like, it's amazing how cheaply one can eat. Tongue, heart, tripe and all of the tough cuts are deeeeeeelicious once you know what you're doing. True, there's a bit of a learning curve.

I haven't done brain yet.
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