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(YouTube)   News station does a report on Ray Rice press conference. With helpful clip of a fight with a street actor dressed as Spider-man   ( divider line
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2014-08-03 06:54:32 AM  
Was that a cop throwing down on Spiderman?
2014-08-03 11:40:40 AM  
I can pretty much assume that when I don't recognize a name that apparently I'm supposed to recognize, it's a sports thing.

Also, who sits around holding their phone up to video the TV news? Somebody hoping that there will be a blooper? Or someone who TiVos/Rokus the news but can't figure out how to capture video to a file?
2014-08-03 01:50:50 PM  
What do you tell a woman you just knocked out on an elevator?  Nothin'.  You done tried already to tell her once.

Dear Ray Rice,

Save your violence for the football fields.  Stop abusing your spouse.  Right now.  Physical violence is reprehensible.  If you don't like what you're feeling, or if you feel like you're going to explode, just leave.  I've walked away from women, from bar fights, and from situations that, believe me, it was embarrassing to do so.  (And I know how to fight.)

DISCLAIMER:  Unless you're on an elevator, of course, and can't leave.  Then, whale away, you perfectly tuned, 220 pound world-class athlete.  Have a farking ball.  Wither that perky, lovely 105 pound girl.  GIRL.  You farking idiot - you worthless dreg.

CSB - My oldest brother knocked me cold when I was ten years old; he was twenty.  He outweighed me by at least 100 pounds.  Dumbass bragged and laughed about it forty years later, until I reminded him of the weight class difference.

My Dad always told me, "You will be big one day, and you can give it back to him."  Yeah, right, Dad.  When I'm twenty and he's thirty.  Very mature.

I detest physical violence, whether it's presented through fists, guns, cudgels, or other means.  Explosive anger is prone to incorporate all, and more of these,

Stop hitting one another.  It shows a great lack of imagination, like excessive cursing shows a lack of a workable vocabulary.

There is nothing, however, like a satisfying argument.  Yes, there is.  No there isn't.
2014-08-03 07:43:37 PM  
2014-08-04 12:39:18 AM  
Not happy that he got a two game suspension but players who get caught smoking pot get suspended for up to a year
2014-08-04 04:59:03 PM  

Cloudchaser Sakonige the Red Wolf: Not happy that he got a two game suspension but players who get caught smoking pot get suspended for up to a year

Drugs are bad, but assaulting loved ones, animal cruelty, or other violent acts?

A-OK in the sports world.
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