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(Facebook)   My local animal shelter, the Animal Rescue League of Iowa, is 100 votes behind in a contest that will feed every animal in their shelter for 33 days Can the power of Fark push us over the top?   ( divider line
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325 clicks; posted to FarkUs » on 31 Jul 2014 at 9:41 PM (3 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2014-07-31 05:19:49 PM  
There was an exclamation point after "33 days" when I submitted the link...Whoops
2014-07-31 05:20:09 PM  
Yeah! Fark those other shelters!

/Or whatever it is that you're up against. I don't Facebook.
2014-07-31 05:24:43 PM  
Ha, The nice thing about the contest is that either way, Wahl Pets is donating $5k to an animal shelter. This shelter has a special place in my heart because it's where I got this little monster.
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/Also, apparently I bunged up the thread by making it a contest thread. Sorry y'all.
2014-07-31 05:55:40 PM  
I'd love to help but evidently you need a FB account to "like" something.
2014-07-31 06:49:57 PM  
I appreciate what you're doing, and "that little monster" is an awesome pup. No disrespect or anything but I'm going to keep my money local, where my "monster" came from:

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2014-07-31 07:15:19 PM  
Voted, but I hope all of them get the support and resources they need.

/We should take all the money given to CEOs and give them to animal shelters.
//Enable voting for this entry?
2014-07-31 08:01:10 PM  
Is Boulder Humane Society in the lead?  I can't tell, I don't Facebook.
2014-07-31 08:20:57 PM  

My work here is done.

Good day.
2014-07-31 08:32:34 PM  
Sorry, as much as I support Iowa animal shelters (my daughters volunteers at one) I can't help you because I don't FB.
2014-07-31 09:16:52 PM  
Blocked because I don't have a FB account (and possibly due to other security/privacy measures). Really, I would like to have helped you. But don't use FB or other invasive "social media" to promote your cause.
2014-07-31 10:19:36 PM  
2014-08-01 01:29:34 AM  
Argh, why Facebook.  :/

Oh, well, I'll do a plug anyway (not subby).  I live not far from this shelter, used to volunteer there.  They recently built a gorgeous new facility, thank FSM, because in the old tiny closet of a building the cat cages and small dog cages used to be housed in the same smallish room, and the poor cats probably wanted to off themselves from all the damn barking.  Now the dogs and cats are nicely segregated and the animals have bigger, quieter cages.  They also have what you might call "dormitories" where cats who are more cooperative with one another share a larger space with more room.

Anyway, they're a caring bunch worth a "like."  Adopted a wonderful lifetime friend there many years ago who sez: Help my friends, please!

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2014-08-01 05:35:54 AM  
Has anyone mentioned that you need  a FB account to participate?  Now, if this were a contest to identify the coolest animal shelter/bar run by one of Drew's buds, you would witness the power of Fark.
2014-08-01 10:49:51 AM  
By voting for one you are choosing that another does not get the food. Who am I to play god?
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